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Non-Governmental 457(b) SECURE Amendment - RMDs

Christine Roberts

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Has anyone seen language from FIS Relius?  (Yes, I posted on that board as well.)  Or any other source?  I believe FTWilliam has a SECURE Amendment for its NQ plans but have not seen it; am also wondering if there is other amendment language available out there.  The amendment is due to be adopted by year end.  

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Greetings, Friend!


We (FuturePlan) use Relius corporately and I am on a call this afternoon regarding his among other things.  I will let you know if I hear anything different than Belgrath's post.


Patricia Neal Jensen

Vice President and Nonprofit Practice Leader

| QBI, an Ascensus company

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Woodland Hills, CA 91364

E patricia.jensen@QBILLC.com

P 818-449-6096

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