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"Normally works more than 20 hours per week"

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What kind of time frame are we looking at here?

If someone has been working 18 hours a week for half the year, but then summer kicks in and they work 25 hours a week for a few months, are they in the plan?

Also, how do you measure?  Is it an average?  Over how long?

What if someone works 35 hours a week every other week?

It averages 17.5 hours a week.  But each week they actually do work, it's 35.


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Hi BG - with the editorial comment that the "less than 20 hour" exclusion is administratively hateful, I think this link will answer your questions. For the first year, as long as the employer "reasonably expects" the employee to work less than 20 hours per week then even if that employee goes over the 1,000 hour mark, the first year exclusion is still valid. Thereafter, if the employee has ever worked 1,000 hours in a prior year, that exclusion is no longer valid. Hope this helps. Also there's the usual caveat re specific document language.


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