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How to get a copy of a Determination Letter from the IRS

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I am working on a takeover plan and am trying to find out if the Plan, which was adopted 11/21/94,was ever submitted for a Determination Letter. Years ago, I had a contact at IRS who would locate the latest DL and FAX it to me, but he is no longer available. I am hoping that someone has a contact at the IRS for this purpose. Thanks for all input.

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Guest Jeff Kropp

The IRS (Employee Plans/Exempt Organizations) will fax the lastest determination letter to you. The number is 877-829-5500. Keep the number in a handy spot.

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Guest anygig
Assuming that you have a 2848 Power of Attorney, right?

From the IRS' website:

How do I obtain a copy of my prior determination letter?

Call the Employee Plans toll-free telephone number at 1-877-829-5500, and provide:

The Document Locator Number (DLN) or the Employer Identification Number (EIN),

Plan number,

Form number, and

Plan sponsor's name.

NOTE: A copy of a prior letter is available to the public if the plan has more than 25 participants.

Determination letters for plans with 25 or fewer participants may only be disclosed to plan participants, authorized representatives of plan participants, the plan sponsor and/or the sponsor's power of attorney.

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