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6.0 and svc pack 2 is now available.


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loaded svc pack 2 at 6.0

haven't had too much time to look at, but here are some comments:

had one error message while running the svc pack - nothing to indicate it was serious. In fact, the rest of the svc pack appeared to load fine. fortunately I contacted support and asked about it. turned out to be a problem. had excellent help, (no, it was super help) the person was able to walk an idiot like myself through the process of restoring the backup, deleting whatever bad file was sitting there, etc. support person even called back and said there should have been a better warning message attached to the error I received.

Make sure you have a recent backup - I had last night's and I ran the svc pack before anyone else was on QTECH, so there are two great words of advice!

anyway, there is a 415 report - but my note of caution would be it is hardcoded at 30,000 annual addition. since I expect the limit to be 35,000 next year, you may have to edit the report for future use. I already have a version that looks for 415 limit and does the 15% plan limit as well, someday I will make it available on our website.

Looked a little bit at the ADP/ACP crystal report. I am spoiled and prefer mine sorted by name (sorting by comp made sense when the def of HCE was the top 1/3 paid ees, but now I prefer alphabetical)and landscaped rather than portrait. I added an 'excluded from acp test' note to print next to people who are excluded. hopefully I can add the 'shift' logic I have been using on my custom reports. That really shouldn't be hard, it is just finding the time to do it.

sorry, thats about all I have looked at for now.

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