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415 limit for 2001 (integrated plan)


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I actually have a plan in which the following might occur for the year 2001. well, some of us actually do look ahead in the planning stage to see what might happen.

Plan is a SARSEP.

ee makes 15%, plan is integrated.

so I figure 415 limit is

for the owner

lesser of

15% * 170,000 = 25,500

or 30,000 - (80,400 * 5.7%) = 25417.20


if ee defers 10,500 then if contribution was 6% + 5,7% in excess, ee gets capped at the lower figure?

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The DC limit for 2001 is $35,000. Thus, the maximum statutory reduction of $4,582.80 ($80,400 x 5.7%) does not cause the DC limit to be exceeded; that is, $25,500 is less than $35,000 reduced by $4,582.80.

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