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Market/interest in financial education services

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I am researching the market for providing financial education services (versus financial counseling or financial advisory services)--i.e., whether there is an interest by employers, associations, nonprofits, etc., to provide these types of services to their employees, members, or the public at reduced or no cost, with the employer, association or nonprofit paying the difference between the education service providers' fees and the amount paid by the recipient. Alternatively, if the public would pay for these services, seeing it as an alternative to the debt counseling and financial planning services that serve a different need.

Is there an interest in this type of service (we probably all agree there is a need!)? If so, any suggestions on charges, how to reach the payer or recipient groups for providing such services, etc.? Any thoughts on a dedicated part-time arrangement with a church, employer, etc., would be helpful as well. Any thoughts???

Thank you!

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