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SEPS, SIMPLES, ETC. - Anybody do this as a main part of their business


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Seems to me these are underutilized for small start-up companies. No consulting firm that I know of wants to talk about them. Brokers don't want them because there's little money.

So, I would think that means the only people selling or advocating them them may be pushing for clients to do alternatives. Any programs out there that offer these plans with reasonably objective advice?

Anybody out there do business by advising on such programs?

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Guest amfam2

I was doing some research on Benefitslink and came across your question.

My company is an insurance company which offers qualified plans, SEPs & SIMPLEs to the small employer market. Through our insurance brokers we do in fact cater to the "small" market. We are finding this niche relatively profitable and plan to continue offering & expanding our services in this area.

Jessica Grant

American Family Insurance Company

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I just ran across this message board, my TPA firm does handle simple IRA using the 5304-simple, we do not record keep the 5305 version. We charge the employer a nominal annual charge and each participant a small charge as well. We also offer an unlimited option of Funds. If you wish to get more info you can email me at taft@quadsweb.com.


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Guest AFRICA6796

You may also want to check with any brokerage firm that clears through Pershing, Division of DLJSC ( Now CSFB), for example CSFB Direct.

They offer plans mainly for small employers. This includes yhe SEP and the SIMPLE

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