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Found 1 result

  1. I work for an Esop Company and it appears we are being sold although no one has been formerly told. The signs are all there. In 2008 our stock price was worth double what it is today. The owners have hired their families and friends and showed favoritism in wages and advancement while telling the rest of us there wasn't much profit so here is a 2% raise. Then they turn around and hire another family member or friend at a high wage. They also have a separate company that they have owned for years which they purchase warehouse building that they lease back to our company essentially letting our company pay for them. They setup the leases so that our company is responsible for all maintenance and repairs, so when they buy a building through their one company, they thy renovate it and make the Esop company pay for it. They have also turned in numerous expenses that probably had nothing to do with business. When they purchased the one building that the Esop leases, they gave themselves a $333,333.00 bonus each (There are 3 primary owners)to pay to have the building built that they then turned around and leased to the Esop. Recently they fired a 30 year employee and layed off a 25 year employee with Muscular Dystrophy. I think they did it in order to obtain their shares of Esop stock. They also have donated thousands of dollar in material to different organizations that they are affiliated with for the prestige I am sure. This has taken from our Esop profits. The Trustee is a long time friend of theirs. On top of all these things, they have made many bad decisions that have affected our stock price. I fear that an announcement will be made in a few weeks that they have sold the company and many of us will lose our jobs. Do we have any recourse? Can we do anything after the sale goes through, or are we just screwed?
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