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Found 2 results

  1. There's a cash balance plan with the annual benefit going to the owners (HCE's) in the plan that is above their 415 limits. If their benefit is limited, the thought is to have the plan buy each of them an annuity with a X% surrender charge. This would make the taxable distribution effectively identical to the 415 limit. The annuity would be transferred to them for conversion to an IRA after IRS approval was received. We would offer this identical distribution to the other participants. Any thoughts on this?
  2. If an age 50+ participant contributed $18,000 for the 2015 Plan Year, can the employer make a Profit Sharing contribution of $41,000 and remain in compliance with 415 limits? The participant had elected to contribute the maximum 401k + catch up limit of $24,000 for 2015 PY, however the payroll company ceased withholding Oct 2015... end result is only $18,000 deferred in 2015. Starting Jan 2016, withholding commenced again. In light of the fairly recent IRS 3 new safe harbor procedures correcting missed elective deferrals, this employer seems to meet the 3 month correction period, therefore no makeup contribution required. To make this participant whole, the employer would like to contribute $41,000 in Profit Sharing provided the $18,000 deposited can be characterized as $12,000 401k and $6,000 in catch-up by making such a contribution -- the reasoning being the "recharacterization" is necessary to comply with 2015 415 limits. Thoughts? Thank you.
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