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Found 5 results

  1. My ex and I divorced 8 years ago. He never would file QDRO paperwork so I, as alternate payee, could receive my portion of benefit set out by law in divorce decree from Ford directly. Instead he pays me every month for 8 years. His benefit is reduced when he reaches 62. Finally he begins the process and files paperwork with Ford. QDRO department tells me my portion is being held aside every month it takes during approval process. They tell me twice that my funds are there for me. It's been a year. Ex stopped paying me when paperwork filed and said my amount was being held aside for me, as QDRO department says. It finally gets to pension department for the payment and they see employee amount has been reduced since 2019 and it shouldn't have been and send check to him. His amount was reduced by virtue of the QDRO process. Why would pension department change what QDRO department set in motion. I believe they got dates mixed up. My amount started accruing for me in Oct 2019 and it's been a year and finally it went through all departments and pension sends MY accrued benefit to my ex...WHAT? It's like the departments do not talk, but to straighten this out, QDRO needs to communicate with Pension. Can anyone PLEASE HELP ME???
  2. A QDRO alternate payee has left their transferred balance in a qualified group 401k plan, essentially becoming a non-contributing participant. assets were transferred during 2018, and the alternate payee was already over 70 1/2. does the alternate payee take a 1st RMD from the plan for 2019, by 12/31/19 or by 4/1/20? thanks for any guidance!
  3. Meeting with ex-W tomorrow. She is plan participant, age 65, retired. She and ex-H divorced 10 years ago, both pro se. Judgment provided for division of her retirement account, but no QDRO was ever drafted. Husband died recently. Daughter of couple is designated as beneficiary. Estate is seeking to recover portion of W's retirement account based upon divorce judgment. Valid claim?
  4. An alternate payee would like an application prepared so that they can start receiving their benefit. Plan Sponsor is ok with this as long as the alternate payee pays for the application to be prepared…is this allowed? Document does not provide much help.
  5. My divorce from ex-wife was in June of 2012. The valuation date of 401/k was 9/28/2012. Because of my ex-wife and her attorney, the QDRO has not be settled yet. I got the most recent QDRO from them today. I need help understanding two items. Line 8 of the order says that " The Alternate Payee's interest in the plan shall be $195,000.00 of the Participant's total vested account balance under the Plan as of Valuation Date. " Then line 9 it says, " The Alternate Payee's award is entitled to earnings ( dividends, interests, gains and losses) from the Valuation date to the date the award is segregated from Participants account. " Does this mean only the earnings of the $195,000.00 or all earnings of her part of my entire account to date. Since she has been delaying the QDRO it doesn't seem fair she should get anymore than what was in there at date of Valuation. My attorney quit practicing to work for a charity organization so I'm flying alone on this. I live in Houston, Texas and I appreciate any advice you can give to help me understand this better. -J
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