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Found 7 results

  1. I tried looking for answers on this and haven’t found one that gives the plan sponsor view of what it is like to change recordkeepers. We are knee deep in converting our plan and the hurdles keep coming to us. We seems to take one step forward but then 15 steps backward each day. Any advise or previous experience in converting? This is a massive change in a very condensed timeframe and very small team.
  2. Hoping to be able to import this existing document from Sungard into FT William. Any ideas are appreciated!
  3. Have a bit of a weird scenario here and unsure how to proceed. We are getting ready to onboard Company X, who will be offering its employees a 401k for the first time. However, Company X acquired Company Y recently in a total stock purchase. Company Y has an existing Safe Harbor plan. Our belief is that Company X is now the sponsor of that plan. Is that correct? It isn't a merger of plans because there was no plan at Company X to merge with. If Company X is in fact now the sponsor of that Company Y plan, how can we get rid of the Safe Harbor provisions (Company X did not want a Safe Harbor plan)? Are Company X's employees eligible for the plan right now if they meet the general eligibility requirements? We believe yes. Can the SECURE Act provisions around Safe Harbor be utilized here for making a midyear change? Thanks in advance for any insight or suggestions!
  4. Curious to see thoughts on this - client is switching recordkeepers, and has a guaranteed fund with a market value adjustment option for termination. Client wants all assets to come over... the guaranteed fund contract states: "Unless the Company (listed as the guaranteed fund provider) receives payment of any applicable market value adjustment from the Group Contractholder (listed in the document as plan sponsor) prior to the Distribution Date, Company will remit to the Group Contractholder or its designee the lesser of the Guaranteed Fund Value or Guaranteed Fund Value adjusted pursuant to the Market Value Adjustment Factor." The recordkeeper has given the sponsor the option to wire the amount of the MVA prior to the distribution of assets, so that no plan assets will be adjusted. Would this be considered a contribution, even if no assets are moving into the plan and no assets are being adjusted from the plan?
  5. Last year, I had significant capital losses in a cash management account held at Merrill Lynch. I used the $3,000 last year as a way to reduce my taxable income and I still have several thousands that I can roll into 2019 tax year. My question is, can I use those losses to offset a conversion of funds from my traditional IRA to my roth IRA? Assuming I transfer 10,000 dollars from my traditional IRA into my roth, and assuming I have a tax rate of 25%, that $2,500 would essentially be nullified by my $3,000 capital loss carryover? Am I correct with this assumption or do the capital losses have to come from one of the ira accounts?
  6. The plan does not allow in-service withdrawals at any time. The plan does allow in-plan Roth rollovers. The plan also allows distribution from in-plan Roth rollover accounts at any time. The plan would like to change that so the in-service distribution options for the in-plan Roth rollover account are the same as the rest of the plan (withdrawals from rollover accounts are not permitted at any time). Is the distribution from in-Plan Roth rollover accounts a protected benefit? Can it be completely eliminated so that the in-plan Roth distributions are the same as the in-service distributions?
  7. Is there any reason an employer participating in a multiemployer pension plan couldn't convert its contribution structure to a defined contribution (money purchase) arrangement?
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