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Found 3 results

  1. An ESOP has a standard distribution policy, 5-year wait, payment thereafter in 5 equal installments (no acceleration below $5K, no segregation of stock accounts, fees fully paid by the Sponsor). Last year the installments were incorrectly counted and participants who should have received their 4th installment (i.e. 50% of the available balance), their payment was calculated based upon a 3rd installment and received only 33% of the available balance. While this may be an operational failure for not following the terms of the document, is there a correction to be made? If future company stock gains are neutral or positive, I don't see that the participants were disadvantaged in any way that would produce a basis for a correction. What about a participant who was due their 5th installment(100%) but only received 50% of their available balance and now will need an additional distribution? Are they harmed vs a comparison to the broader stock indexes? How should future installment amounts be calculated, does the missed amount all get made-up in the next payment, or are they calculated normally based on the remaining periods?
  2. I have an issue that just arose, I was notified by my previous employer plan sponsor that I was overpaid when I left my 401k. I was overpaid roughly $6000 due to an error by the plan administrator back in 2016. I have since rolled those funds into my own personal IRA and now Vanguard is requesting I give those funds back. I dont feel that I am obligated to return those funds as I was not the one who made the mistake and in most lines of work you are held accountable for mistakes and not allowed to pass them off to someone else. Additionally I dont feel I should have to pull those funds from my IRA which would be an early distribution (additional tax consequence) and I would then need to amend my tax return from 2016 which is time and resources spent when that would not be necessary had this error not occurred. I am curious if anyone has insight into what my rights and options are? I can obviously not respond but dont want to have a law suit on my hands and dont want to have this issue come up in 20 years when they claim some crazy thing like I now owe them $50,000 because of inflation and interest.
  3. A plan's loan policy had a limit of 5 years for participant loans. The vendor issued a loan a couple weeks ago for a 15-year primary residence loan. The plan sponsor does not want to adopt a new loan policy that allows for primary residence loans. The loan is not in default, the end of the cure period hasn't passed. One payment just occurred. Has an actual error occurred that would necessitate VCP? Could this be self-corrected by re-amortizing the loan now to not go outside 5 years or by having the participant pay off the loan now and borrow from outside the plan?
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