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Found 2 results

  1. I am starting a new TPA firm and wondering if anyone is willing to share some essentials to get started. I am not looking to steal anyone’s clients or information but could use some inspiration in creating my documents. If anyone is willing to share, I am looking for help on the following: Engagement letter/agreement Form letters New client checklists Takeover letters/checklists Year end census collection Administration checklist
  2. I have the opportunity to start my own TPA firm and I really need some help. I have been a pension admin for some time now and have a firm grasp of the administration side. I have been offered an opportunity to join a CPA firm and partner with them to start a TPA firm. I have done the grind and put together all the paperwork for new clients, takeover plans, safe harbor notices, etc... I have ASC coming and installing their programs and I will accompany that with Pension Pro software. So I have almost everything lined up to move forward. My question is: #1 - Do I have to have certain credentials to be able to start my own TPA firm? I have one more test to get my APA designation, but is there something that would stop me from being able to open my own firm? #2 - Besides all the proper paperwork and setting up the software, is there something i could be missing that would be a road block or set back? #3 - What advice can you give me that would help me avoid pitfalls or help me not miss something while setting up the new firm. #4 - Would someone be willing to have a conference call with me and go over the steps they went through to start their own firm? In a nut shell, I just need some guidance so I don't have a surprise pop up that would not allow me to open the new firm. I would really appreciate all the help i can get to start off on the right foot. Thanks!!
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