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Found 4 results

  1. I have a brand new start-up plan that started 1/1/19. The owner is just now calling me 12/11/2019 wanting to amend the plan to a SH plan because the company did well and he has extra funds to put to work (and not get taxed on). Obviously it is too late for that. And it is too late to change to SH for 2020. BUT... the owner is saying that his accountant, other attorneys and colleagues of his are saying we should be able to back date this and be able change the plan to SH for 1/1/2020 plan year. I can tell you that my Trust Co. and our TPA partner would never go for ever doing something like that. But since the feedback he is getting is that should be okay he thinks there should be no problem doing that, especially if each employee signs off that they received their SH notice. Thoughts/opinions on how to handle? His other question is something I do not know the answer to. He asked if he terminated his plan and went to another company and started a new Safe Harbor plan elsewhere - that would be effective for 2020 - would be allowed to do that??? OR if decided to terminate services with us and convert the plan to a new provider and changing it to a SH Plan - what are the dates and deadlines for that? Could he in fact do that and have it be effective some time in 2020?? Any feedback will helpful! TIA!
  2. Hello, so quick question regarding a late 5500-SF: Recently when going through finances I noticed that I forgot to file my 5500-SF on the efast.dol.gov website in 2015 and 2016. (Well, I didn't "forget" but rather I missed a special link in my payroll, which passes the final electronically-filled form to efast...). I have filed 5500-SFs in years prior, and had planned to continue do so. However I am a one participant plan with assets < $250K, so it is my understanding that it is was technically not necessary to file. The other day out of panic, when I noticed those 2 years weren't filed in efast I submitted them anyway. However I realized afterward there is a substantial penalty for late filing, and these late forms are now visible from within efast... My questions are as follows- 1) Will the fact that I submitted late 5500-SF forms to the efast website trigger an audit? 2) Will I be charged a penalty? And if so, is there a way I can pay any fees in a advance of receiving a bill from the govt? I noticed in the DFVCP penalty calculator it states "Form 5500-EZ filers are not eligible for the DFVC program." which concerns me greatly... I have yet to receive any late filing notice but I fear the clock might be ticking... Any advice would be appreciated!!
  3. I'm curious what the penalties are, if any, for a first year PBGC Premium Filing that is submitted after its due date. Assuming the first year filing had no payment due, would there be a penalty charged for a late submission? This is what I found on the PBGC website: The late payment penalty charge is established by us, subject to ERISA's restriction that the penalty not exceed 100 percent of the unpaid premium amount. Subject to this cap, the penalty is a percentage of the unpaid amount for each month (or portion of a month) it remains unpaid with a minimum penalty of $25. So if the unpaid premium amount is $0, would there be any fees?
  4. Are there regulations covering the timely deposit of funds for non-electing church 403(b) plans?
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