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Found 4 results

  1. To present a hypothetical situation, Myra R----- works at Entity W and enters retirement plan 3. She later transitions to work at Entity T, an entity within the controlled group in which Entity W occurs. Entity T has not endorsed plan 3; she attains normal retirement age while at Entity T. To prevent ambiguity, Myra R----- transitioned from Entity W prior to having attained unequivocal vesting, though with a sufficient balance to thwart § 401(a)(31)(B) distributions. Must she receive full vesting while employed at Entity T?
  2. My acappella group sings “When I’m sixty-four” in our charity appearances, especially at a retirement community. I wonder whether Lennon’s and McCartney’s choice of 64 relates to what in the 1960s was a relevant age under England’s law, whether for a State pension or an occupational superannuation scheme. Does anyone have an answer more confident than my hunch?
  3. A non-electing church plan wishes to increase normal retirement age for most participants, effective for already accrued benefits. I know the plan is not subject to 411(d)6, so no cutback issue. Any other issues besides potentially upsetting participants?
  4. We are having a "discussion" about the wording of the Normal Retirement age in a couple of new documents I have been asked to review. Do you think the following choices are the same or different - and why do you think that? Choice #1: Attainment of Age 65 and 5 Years of Participation. Choice #2: The participant's 65th birthday or the 1st day of the plan year containing the participant's 5th anniversary of joining the plan, if later.
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