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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, everyone! I am not in the business but am a solo practitioner looking to set up a DB + 401k paired plan. The annual fees can erode the returns quite a bit. I was wondering if anyone can recommend lower cost offerings? Idealluy, below $2k annually. Thanks for any recommendations!
  2. A participant owns 50% of the company and recently retired. The participant wants to take a full distribution. Per the most recent annual report, the account balance is about 44% of the total plan assets. I'm concerned that a full distribution from the pooled account might affect the rest of the participants’ account balances negatively. Any concerns or issues with allowing the distribution? Thanks in advance.
  3. We recently received a census from a client where she indicated that all terminated employees separated from service. No deaths, no disabilities, no retirement. She reconfirmed this by phone. At least in her mind, nobody was retired. However, one person who quit fit the parameters to be considered "retired". He is well over age 65 and had 5 years of service. Our computer software is picking him up as retired instead of just separated from service. In this plan, he will be eligible for a match and a profit sharing contribution he would not otherwise have received. Does it make any difference that the employer considers him to be a person who merely quit? Is it correct that once a person has satisfied the age 65 and 5 years of service this plan requires, and he leaves, he is retired, regardless of the circumstances when he terminated employment? Thanks as always for any help here.
  4. I am a recent college graduate and just landed my first full-time job, so am very new to understanding 401(k)'s and retirement plans. My company says that they will match "up to the first 6% of your pre-tax contributions each pay period." For example, if I contribute $100 every pay period, they will match $6? EDIT: The rate is as follows: 200% on the first 2% that you contribute per pay period 50% on the next 4% that you contribute per pay period
  5. I divorced 20+ years ago and we had a QDRO filed for my no ex-husbands retirement. He cannot retire until he is 62. However with my job, I am eligible to retire at 55. In our original QDRO, it states that I can only receive funds if my EX, retires, dies, or quits his job. What I want to know is: Can I request that the QDRO be amended, so that I can roll it over into my own CALPERS retirement? It has now sat in an account for 20 years and continues to sit there drawing NO INTEREST at all. Please let me know if anyone has challenged this issue and won, how did you do it? Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.
  6. What's the deadline for making a profit sharing plan contribution for a calendar year plan for a nonprofit org? Is it the same as for profits?
  7. Employee is 72. His last day at work was 12/31/14 and he worked a full day. He did not go back to work in 2015. What is the "calendar year in which the employee retires from employment"? 2014 or 2015? I don't find any support anywhere, but I would contend that in 2014 he was still working. In 2015 he was retired, making his required beginning date 4/1/16. Thoughts? Support?
  8. My wife and I are independent consultant and both own 50% each of our LLC. What would be the best retirement plan to setup for the LLC to contribute to a plan and use that as a tax deductible business expense to the LLC before profit. The LLC is taxed as a Corp. and we do not issue any W2's to anyone, We issue 1099's for contractors to pay their taxes via their individual 1040's, if there is any profit as a result of the LLC we will issue W2s to ourselves, but its very little. [edited for better clarity] The LLC make about $10,000 - $15,000 per year. Would like to have the flexibility to contribute when times are good and not when there is no profit.
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