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Found 1 result

  1. I am a caregiver for a 55-year-old woman disabled by mental illness since 2003. Her husband divorced her as soon as she became disabled, and she received alimony until he retired six months ago. She was independent for the first several years I was with her, but I lived in her home as a safety measure because she was heavily medicated at night to keep her from having hallucinations that caused her to sleepwalk and even drive. She handled her own finances and I knew little except that even with disability and alimony she struggled financially due to the cost of her medications and paying for my room and board, which was the payment for my help. After an accident in 2013 caused injuries to her brain and internal organs she became more dependent on me, and at the loss of driving privileges she became a recluse. As soon as she receives her portion of her husband's retirement plan through a QDRO, I will be helping her find a residential care facility, as I am nearly 70 years old and ready to go. I apologize for the background, but it is necessary to my question. She has recently told me in a rare lucid moment that she has not paid income taxes in eight years. I did not mention to her that the IRS could levy her QDRO before she even receives it. Am I right? I think she slipped under the radar since she has not received even a letter from them (I pick up our mail), Her distribution will be $100k so they might take notice now, I'm afraid. Thank you.
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