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Loan to "disqualified person" & violation of Code 72(p)


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Issue: A loan made to a “disqualified person” (owner/participant) that; 1) exceeds the maximum amount permitted under Code section 72(p), and 2) exceeds the maximum payment period under Code section 72(p). Because the loan was made to the owner (“disqualified person”) over the maximum amounts there is also a prohibited transaction. So, there are two issues.

1. Violation of 72(p) which results in a deemed distribution and can only be corrected under EPCRS/VCP where the maximum period for repayment of the loan has not expired. To permit the Plan Sponsor to report the loan as deemed distribution in the year of the correction instead of the year of the failure or to request relief of reporting the loan as a deemed distribution at all is only available upon request in the VCP application.

2. Fiduciary violation under ERISA where correction is permitted under the DOL’s VFC Program. In addition, the Applicant (Employer), can request relief of the excise tax under IRC section 4975(a). Upon receipt of a compliance letter from the EBSA, the EBSA will not impose the penalty under section 502(l) of ERISA on the amount repaid to the plan.

I understand the correction method under EPCRS and the VCP application. My main questions are regarding the VFCP and coordination of these two correction programs.

1. Can you confirm that a Form 5330 would be required for each year of the loan failure. Example; loan originated 2014 and was corrected in 2016. Would there be a Form 5330 in 2014 for 15% excise tax and then an additional 100% since the PT was not corrected in taxable year and the same for 2015 and 2016?

2. When correcting loan failures in regards to the VFCP application are the correction methods set forth in EPCRS Section 6.07 appropriate? Are there any additional earnings calculations that are required?

3. Should the VCP application be done and a compliance statement be received from the IRS prior to submitting the application for VFCP? How does one coordinate these applications?

4. In order to request exemption for the excise tax under 4975(a), I understand that a notice to interested parties within 60 calendar days of the application must be provided; do I also prepare all Forms 5330s showing the amount for the exemption (but not submit them to the service w/payment)?

5. Is there anything that I am missing? For example; is there excise tax besides the one under 4975(a)?

Thank you!

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