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Chronology of recent VCP submission

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We'd wondered how long the IRS is taking during this pandemic to process VCP applications, and thought others might be interested.  Here is data from one of ours:


January 23, 2019     submitted

June 11, 2019          acknowledgement from IRS

April 17, 2019           IRS requests additional information

May 18, 2019            We respond

May 19, 2020            VCP compliance statement (1 year after last contact)


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Our last 2 VCP submission both took right at 12 months to receive the Compliance Statement. The most recent reviewer mentioned that he was an EB auditor who had been reassigned to the VCP program to help with their backlog. Good news was that since he was an experienced field auditor he was flexible in getting to a mutually agreeable creative solution to a difficult situation that didn't fit precisely within the normal correction methodologies.

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