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Ft Williams / Walter Klowers resource?

Tax Cowboy

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Wasn't sure which section to post so I apologize in advance for duplicate posts. 

Is Ft Williams the best (or just one of a few) in marketplace to help create esop plan documents? Are they owned by Wolters Kluwer? 

I'm looking for a resource (or service provider. Ie attorney/TPA) familiar with esop plan document design and plans with participants in excess of 100. Along with knowledge in participant notice requirements for material changes. 

Not looking for freebies. And willing to pay to consult. 

Thank you in advance. 

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I don't know about their ESOP docs but Fort William* does a great job with everything else.  Their customer service is superb.

*No "s"/not Fort "Williams."  We're in a detail-oriented business and that's a detail.

Yes they are owned by Wolters Kluwer.  Customer service was not affected one bit by the acquisition some time ago.

Ed Snyder

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