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ARP Relief, Quarterly Requirements and revoking elections

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Here are the details:

Calendar year plan.

2019 MRC before ARP Relief = $1,000,000

$200,000 quarterly contribution requirement satisfied by credit balance election on 4/15/2019. Remaining contributions satisfied timely with cash, but after 4/15/2019. 

ARP shortfall relief is elected for 2019 plan year reducing MRC to $500,000. New quarterly contribution = $112,500. The sponsor wants to revoke the original election to apply credit balance per guidance on ARP relief. Since all contributions for 2019 are after the first quarterly deadline, would revoking the prior election result in a later quarterly as of 4/15/2019 in the amount of $112,500? I didn't see any relief in Rev Notice 2021-48 but this seems like a ridiculous result - which might actually make it perfectly in line with everything else related to credit balance. 

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