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Relius Documents - Export of all Plan Checklists

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I'm supposed to be able to dump into Excel or whatever format a listing of all plan provisions.  It's under "Data Export".  Anyone know how to do that?  I cannot get it to work.  I'm waiting for Relius to provide some direction but figured I would ask y'all!

FYI I am trying to very efficiently figure out which clients dont have Roth or who are affected by LTPT rules.

Austin Powers, CPA, QPA, ERPA

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Reports>checklist data report. Choose create new query, select product on the top (for example Cycle 3). Check off any options you don't want included under output filters. I usually exclude amendment projects since you only want the exports from your documents I'm assuming.

You will then need to choose the question in the checklist for Roth for example. Not sure what type of Relius Documents you use but for us that would be question under 22.0. Click on the checkbox for that question and then save, it will ask you if you want to save the query name so you can run the report again in the future. Click on next, on the top right-hand corner you will see three icons, excel, pdf, and csv. Choose excel...I usually receive an error message that the file may be corrupted but i click open anyway. 


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