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LTPT entry date


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Our plan eligibility computation period is anniversary/plan year.


  • Calendar plan year
  • Normal entry is 1000/12: Monthly entry
  • Over age 21

For LTPT entry with 500-999 hours / 12 months over 2 or 3 consecutive years.

When will the plan entry date not be January 1 of the following year that the employee met the requirements?








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I take it that "our plan eligibility computation period is anniversary/plan year" means the second ECP shifts to the plan year that begins during the employee's first 12 months of employment.  We will look for 3 (for 2014) or 2 (for 2015 and later) consecutive years to determine whether an employee is LTPT.  The shift will happen before the employee reaches an entry date, so the entry date will always be after the end of a plan year, so I agree it will always be January 1.

It is worth observing that the shift can result in an LTPT entering your plan after 2 yrs + 1 month (for 2014) or 1 year + 1 month (for 2015 and later).  Consider a new hire on December 1, 2014 who works between 500-999 hours on or before November 30, 2015.  They get 1 year under the anniversary ECP, and then 1 year under the ECP shifted to the calendar year 2015.  The entry date would be January 1, 2016.

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