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1099-R coding for rollover of taxable amount to Roth IRA


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The 1099-R instructions aren't clear to me for my situation below. for this don't seem clear to me.  Maybe it's simpler than I think it should be. 

We have a client with some employees rolling small DB distributions a Roth IRA.  Code H does not apply since the instructions say that is for Roth source to Roth IRA.  I'm wondering if that is just a G code with boxes 1 and 2 completed with the rollover amount.  am I missing something?

Thank you in advance!


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7 minutes ago, Tom said:

I'm wondering if that is just a G code with boxes 1 and 2 completed with the rollover amount.

This is correct.

If you're looking for it in the 1099-R instructions, it's under the heading "Qualified rollover contributions as defined in section 408A(e)."


For a direct rollover of an eligible rollover distribution to a Roth IRA (other than from a designated Roth account), report the total amount rolled over in box 1, the taxable amount in box 2a, and any basis recovery amount in box 5. (See the instructions for Box 5, later.) Use Code G in box 7. If the direct rollover is made on behalf of a nonspouse designated beneficiary, also enter Code 4 in box 7.


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