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LTPT - eligibility period

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An over age 21 employee is hired 3/1/23 and works between 501-999 hours in the 12 months after her initial date of hire.  She then works between 501-999 in calendar year 2024.  

Lets say she reached 501 hours on June 1, 2024.  Am I correct then that her LTPT plan entry date is 1/1/25 and not 12/1/24 (6 months later) since not only is the LTPT eligibility period 12 months but if she goes over 1000 hours later in 2024, she would be eligible to enter as a "regular" participant on 1/1/25 and would not classify as a LTPT?

Thank you

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Does the plan use the rule to switch the eligibility computation period to the plan year?

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