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401(k) plans

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Voya Scores Win in ERISA Suit Over Robo-Adviser Fees
Retirement Assets Total $26.1 Trillion in First Quarter 2017
Making ESG a Part of Your DC Plans: Sustainability Could Help Plan Participants Reach Their Goals (PDF)
Pension Plan Procrastination Perils Proper Personal Planning
[Opinion] ARA Recommendations for the 2017-2018 IRS Priority Guidance Plan (PDF)
Putnam, Fidelity Win 401(k) Lawsuits
Amazon/Whole Foods Merger Likely to See 401(k) Consolidation
[Discussion] Mid-Year Change to Compensation Definition Under Safe Harbor Plan
California's Bold DB-to-DC Pension Reform: Five Years In
What Are the Best Funds for Your 401(k) Plan?
[Discussion] Calculation of Earnings on Late Deposits
The Economics of Providing 401(k) Plans: Services, Fees, and Expenses, 2016 (PDF)
Differences of Opinion Between Section 457 Plan Sponsors and Section 401(k)/403(b) Plan Sponsors
Another Money Manager's Investment Menu Draws Lawsuit by Its Employees
Popular 401(k) Funds Are Packed With Tech Stocks
[Discussion] Different Eligibility Provisions for Different Job Classes
Does Front-Loading Taxation Increase Savings? Evidence from Roth 401(k) Introductions (PDF)
Closing the Retirement Income Gender Gap: The Opportunity Is Now (PDF)
Northrop Grumman Settles 401(k) Fee Class Action for $16.8M
How to Evaluate Your 401(k) Investment Advisor
[Discussion] Amend Plan to Exclude Certain Employees Who Already Participate
The Lawyer on a Quest to Lower Your 401(k) Fees
The 401(k) Plan Investment Policy Statement
[Discussion] Spousal Attribution as Applied to SEP Sponsorship
[Discussion] Need Aspirin for a Plan Loans Headache
[Opinion] ARA Comments to IRS on Mid-Year Amendments to Safe Harbor 401(k) and 403(b) Plans (PDF)
[Discussion] Bottom-Up QNECs
[Discussion] Vest Top Heavy Contributions Separately from Profit Sharing Contributions?
Human Resources Perspective: A Survey of Larger 401(k) Plans
Defined Contribution Plan Participants' Activities, 2016 (PDF)
Questions to Ask When Your Company Changes Its 401(k)
Chevron Again Defeats Lawsuit Over Its $19 Billion 401(k)
[Discussion] Does High Minimum Investment Threshold Raise a 'Benefits, Rights and Features' Issue?
401(k) Distribution Rules: Frequently Asked Questions
Time to Bench Some 404a-5 Notice Benchmarks
Impact of Smart Design and Reenrollment
Form 11-K Requirements for 401(k) Plans Offering a Company Stock Fund
[Discussion] Expenses Associated with Purchase of Primary Residence, for Hardship Withdrawal Purposes
Wells Fargo Scores Rare Win in 401(k) Fee Litigation Series
401(k) Loan Program: How to Make Yours State-of-the-Art
[Guidance Overview] Are You Computing Your Maximum Participant Loan Amount Correctly (or in the Best Interest of Your Plan Participants)?
The Investor Revolution: A 'Best Interests' Checklist for Investors and Fiduciaries
[Discussion] Safe Harbor Non-Elective Contribution Still Not Made; How to Fix?
Safe Savings Rates with Real-World Income Growth
[Guidance Overview] Time is Right to Contact Recordkeepers About Hardship Substantiation
Use of Indexed Funds Growing in DC Plans
[Discussion] Counting Service for Vesting Purposes After an Acquisition
[Discussion] Do Rules on Truth-In-Lending Notices Apply to 401(k) Loans?
Solving for Data Transparency in the Retirement World
How 401(k) Advisers Can Create Effective Financial Wellness Programs
The Effect of Rising Interest Rates on Stable Value Accounts
Managed Account Use Poised to Jump in 401(k) Plans
[Discussion] Safe Harbor Contribution After Date of Plan Termination?
[Opinion] The Incredible Shrinking DOL Fiduciary Rule
The Power of Defined Contribution Plan 'Wellness' (PDF)
Default Deferral Rates for DC Plans Get a Nudge Upward
[Discussion] Fixing Unallocated Contributions: How to Handle Earnings?
Principal Life Must Defend Class Action Over 401(k) Funds
How 401(k) Plan Design Can Increase Retirement Savings
Listen to Your Participants: Don't White Label 401(k) Investment Funds

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