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401(k) plans

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Have You Checked Your Plan's Definition of Compensation Lately?
[Opinion] The Dirty Little Secret of Auto-Enrollment?
The Complete Guide to 401(k) Corrective Distributions
Can a Company Freeze a 401(k) Account If an Employee Is Suspected of Stealing from the Company?
What Plan Sponsors Can Learn from the Thrift Savings Plan
Common Compliance Issues in 401(k) Plans
Some Lessons for Corporate 401(k) Plan Sponsors from the Litigation Explosion
Participants Challenge Plan's Decision to Switch to New Aon Hewitt Funds
Defined Contribution Plan Participants' Activities, 2017 (PDF)
Using a Snapshot of Retirement Plan Account Balances to Analyze Plan Health
Target Date Funds and Managed Accounts Produce Better Returns for Participants
Why Plan Sponsors Should Regularly Benchmark Retirement Plan Investments
Coordinating an ESOP with Other Qualified Plans
Avoiding the Curveball of a Taxable 401(k) Loan under the New Tax Act
Frequent 401(k) Audit Findings: Late Remittances
[Guidance Overview] Recent Legislation Includes Hardship Withdrawal Provisions
Less Than Half of U.S. Workers Willing to Pay More for Better Health Care Benefits
Making a Complex Investment Problem Less Difficult: Robo Target Date Funds
Many Small-Business Leaders Express Limited Knowledge of Retirement Plan Fees
Advisors, Sponsors Cutting 401(k) Fees
Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting, Lowe's 401(k) Plan Latest Target of ERISA Lawsuit
401(k) Lawsuits: Causes and Consequences (PDF)
Lowe's, Aon Hewitt Targeted Over $100M in 401(k) Losses
[Guidance Overview] See QLAC Rules to Understand How 401(k) and IRA-Based Lifetime Income Works
Wells Fargo's 401(k) Practices Probed by DOL
Scoring the Progress of Retirement Savers (PDF)
[Opinion] Why Life Annuities Belong in 401(k) Plans
Ex-American Airlines Workers Want Class Status in 401(k) Fee Suit
Case Study: Providing Adequate Retirement Income for Employees Through Cash Balance Plans
401(k) Trends: Where We've Been, Where We May Be Headed -- Part 2
Priorities for Retirement Plan Sponsors: Plugging Leakage, Enabling Auto-Portability
403(b)s Are Not 401(k)s: Higher Education Organizations Come to the Defense of 403(b) Plans
Keep Track of 401(k) Participants So They Don't Go Missing
Improve 401(k)/403(b) Participant Education Efforts
401(k) Trends: Where We've Been and Where We May be Headed, Part 1
[Guidance Overview] IRS Updates Substantiation Procedures for Hardship Distributions
Defined Contribution Consulting Support and Trends Survey
401(k) Lawsuits Increasingly Involving Retirement Plan Advisers
Tax Reform, Federal Budget Agreement and Employee Benefits: The Tinkering Trend Continues
Plan Design Has Made Participants Better Investors
[Guidance Overview] Budget Act Brings Much Needed Hardship Relief (PDF)
Signs of a Successful 401(k) Plan
Home Depot 401(k) Plan Latest Targeted with ERISA Fiduciary Breach Lawsuit
Strategies to Help Your Executives Maximize Their 401(k) Contributions
[Official Guidance] List of IRS-Approved Nonbank Trustees as of April 1, 2018 (PDF)
Who Participated in Retirement Plans, 2014 (PDF)
Revenue Sharing Simplified
Tax Act Compels Fresh Review of 'Uncomfortable' Fiduciary Obligations of Participant Loans
Loosened Rules at Odds with Efforts to Cut Loans, Hardship Withdrawals
Tax Cut and Jobs Act Loosens Certain Restrictions on Hardship Distributions from 401(k) and 403(b) Plans (PDF)
Tough Questions to Ask Your 401(k) Financial Advisor
Frequently Asked Questions About Prevalence of 401(k) Plans
[Guidance Overview] February Federal Budget Deal Revisits Previously Proposed Changes to Qualified Retirement Plan Rules
[Guidance Overview] New Tax Act Extends Time for Rolling Over the Plan Offset Amount from an Outstanding Plan Loan to Avoid Adverse Tax Consequences
401(k) Plans See Steady Increase in Automatic Features
Gannett Hit with Lawsuit Over Ex-Parent Company Stock in 401(k)
Roth Usage Doubled in Past Decade
Fewer GenXers Have Retirement Savings
[Guidance Overview] Draft Instructions for 2017 IRS Form 8915A: Qualified 2016 Disaster Retirement Plan Distributions and Repayments (PDF)
Retirement Program Designs of the Future: Beyond Automatic Plan Features

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