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DC Plan Administrator

The Benefit Advantage
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Defined Contribution Plan Administrator

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DC Plan Administrator
Heritage Administrative Services, LLC
(Woodbury NY)
Retirement Plan Administrator

Group RHI
Defined Contribution Plan Specialist

(Alpharetta GA / AL / NC / Telecommute)
Defined Benefit Plan Administrator

AimPoint Pension
ESOP Administrator

Blue Ridge ESOP Associates
(VA / Telecommute)
Pension Systems Administrator
DeMars Pension Consulting Services, Inc.
(Overland Park KS)

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Life Expectancy and Mortality Rates in the United States, 1959-2017
The Effects of Job Characteristics on Retirement
Employment of People Ages 55 to 79
Proposals to Keep Older People in the Labor Force (PDF)
Using Actuarial Experience in Managing a Public Pension Plan
Retirement of Baby Boomers Stresses Social Security
Labor Force Participation Rates, and Composition of the Adult Population, by Age and Gender (PDF)
Helping Employers Become Age-Ready (PDF)
Longevity and Liabilities: Bridging the Gap
Labor Force Transitions at Older Ages: Burnout, Recovery, and Reverse Retirement (PDF)
How Many Poor Elderly Americans Will There Be in 2050?
Honda Motor Co. Raises Retirement Age to 65 for Japanese Workers
Giving in Retirement: America's Longevity Bonus (PDF)
Retiree Lifetime Income Initiative: Living Longer Without Income for Life
Goldman Says Older U.S. Workers Poised for a Comeback
Pension Finance Watch, July 2015
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Submission to OMB and Comment Request: Reportable Events -- Notice of Failure to Make Required Contributions
Lifetime Job Demands, Work Capacity at Older Ages, and Social Security Benefit Claiming Decisions
Old Pensions Continue to Top New Headlines with Purchase of Group Annuity Contracts
Substantial Health and Economic Returns from Delayed Aging May Warrant a New Focus for Medical Research
The Challenges of an Aging Workforce
Defined Benefit Plans Outperform Defined Contribution Plans Again
Just Over Half (56%) of Americans Say They're Financially Prepared to Live to the Age of 75
Barriers to Later Retirement: Increases in the Full Retirement Age, Age Discrimination, and the Physical Challenges of Work (PDF)
The Changing Causes and Consequences of Not Working Before Age 62 (PDF)
Aspirin Seen Costing Pensions $100 Billion As Lifespans Increase
In 2012, for Every Person Aged 65 or Older, There Were Four People of Working Age in the EU27
[Opinion] Our Coming Deficits Are Driven by Old People, Not Health Inflation
Employers Slowly Enrich Programs for Older Workers
Most Investment Clients Don't Want 'Vacation Retirements'
Employment Duration and Shifts into Retirement in the European Union
Aging and Pension Reform: Extending the Retirement Age and Human Capital Formation
Many Aging Boomers Balk at Retirement
Many Executives Re-Examine Their Retirement Intentions
Retirement Readiness: A Reality Check
More and More, It's an Older Women's World
Five Ways Older Workers Benefit a Business
Why Age 70 Isn't the New 65
Measures of Retirement Benefit Adequacy: Which, Why, for Whom, and How Much? (PDF)
How Will Older People's Participation in the Labor Force Be Affected by the Coming Increase in the Full Retirement Age for Social Security?
[Opinion] Prevent Debt in Future by Making Changes to Social Security Now
[Opinion] Pension Underfunding Is Part of Much Larger Problem: Too Few Young Workers
Tax Elasticity of Labor Earnings for Older Individuals
U.S. Census Bureau Projections Show a Slower Growing, Older, More Diverse Nation a Half Century from Now
Retirement Anxiety Rising Among Older Workers
Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning in Australia
CBO's Long-Term Projections for Medicare and Medicaid Spending in the United States
Toyota Makes Early Retirement Offers to 2,000 Workers
Many National Pension Systems Will Be Stressed As Working Age Populations Shrink by 2020
Changing Sources of Income Among the Aged Population
Delayed Retirement Means an Aging Work Force
Examining Barriers to Later Retirement: Increases in the Full Retirement Age, Age Discrimination, and Physical Challenges (PDF)
Middle Class Americans Teeter on Edge of Retirement Cliff -- More than a Third Could Live At or Near Poverty in Retirement
U.K. Pension Schemes See Increasing Longevity As Biggest Risk To Funding Levels
More People in Their 30s and 40s Worrying about Financing Retirement
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