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Church-sponsored plans

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Supreme Court Broadly Interprets Scope of ERISA's Church Plan Exemption (PDF)
Church Retirement Plans and Retired Ministers May Be Impacted by District Court's Housing Allowance Ruling
St. Joseph's Healthcare Settles Challenge to Church Plan Status
St. Joseph's Nurses Get Initial OK for $42M ERISA Settlement
[Guidance Overview] A Primer on Church Retirement Plans (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Comparison of Retirement Programs Available to Church and Church-Related Employers (PDF)
Ascension Health Grants $29.5M Backstop for Wheaton Pension
Diocese Failed to Make Contributions to Hospital Employees' Pension Fund for Years
Rhode Island Hospital Pension Seeks OK for 40 Percent Benefit Cuts
Pension Fund for Hospital Nurses Placed in Receivership
Supreme Court Church Plan Ruling May Bring Wider Interpretation in the Future
Another Question is Answered in the Who's the Employer Q&A Column
Hospitals' Supreme Court Victory Leaves Unresolved Questions for Church Plan Sponsors
Supreme Court's Church Plan Decision Restores Order (PDF)
Supreme Court Decision Offers Some Relief to Church-Affiliated Nonprofits Using ERISA Church Plan Exemption
New Questions for Church-Affiliated Organizations After Supreme Court Addresses ERISA Church Plan Exemption
Another Question is Answered in the Who's the Employer Q&A Column
Moody's: Supreme Court Ruling on 'Church Plans' Positive for Faith-Based Hospitals
Supreme Court Ruling Ends the Battle But Not the War: What Church-Affiliated Church Plan Sponsors Need to Know and Do Now
Highest Court Recognizes Highest Power: Church-Owned Businesses Secure Supreme Court Win (PDF)
ERISA 'Church Plan' Exemption Applies to Religiously Affiliated Hospital Plans
Church Plan Sponsors Should Take Action to Shore Up Exemption
Church-Affiliated Hospitals Fall Within ERISA's Church Plan Exemption
Supreme Court Interprets 'Church Plan' Exemption in Favor of Religious Charities
Supreme Court Finds 'Church Plans' Need Not Be Established by Churches (PDF)
Supreme Court: 'Church Plans' Include Those Established by Church-Affiliated Organizations
Unanimous Supreme Court Decision in Favor of 'Church Plan' Defendants But Is More Litigation Coming?
Church-Affiliated Employers Get Win As SCOTUS Clarifies ERISA Exemption
Supreme Court's 'Church Plan' Decision Leaves Key Issue Undecided
Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds ERISA Exemption for Church-Affiliated Pension Plans
Text of Supreme Court Opinion: DB Plan of Church-Affiliated Organization is 'Church Plan' Regardless of Who Established It (PDF)
Bon Secours Agrees to $98 Million Settlement in Church Pension Funding Suit
Another Health System Settles Church Plan Challenge
In Absence of Help from Archdiocese, New Jersey Hospital Pensioners Put Faith in U.S. Supreme Court
[Opinion] Notes (and a Prediction) on the Supreme Court Argument on Church Plans
Audio of Supreme Court Oral Argument in Consolidated Church Plan Cases
Supreme Court Hears Church Plan Consolidated Cases
[Opinion] Pensions at the Supreme Court: Church Plans
Hospital Pension Plans Seek Relief in Supreme Court
Justices Seem Hesitant About Extending ERISA to Church-Affiliated Pension Plans
Transcript of Supreme Court Oral Argument in Consolidated 'Church Plan' Appeals (PDF)
Religious Exemption Confounds High Court
Oral Argument March 27 on Definition of 'Church Plan' -- What Issues Are in Play?
Can Smaller Plan Sponsors Dream Big? Yes! A Case Study
Supreme Court to Consider Application of ERISA to Church-Affiliated Pension Plans
Another ERISA Church Plan Class Action Settles
University's Links to Catholic Church Not Sufficient to Exempt Its Disability Plan From ERISA
Church Plan Cases: Federal Agencies Finally Speak
[Opinion] Church Plan Crisis Looming
Feds Break Silence, Back Hospitals in Battle Over Church Plan Status
Text of Amicus Brief of U.S. to Supreme Court on Definition of Church Plan (PDF)
Supreme Court to Rule on Church Plan Status, Possibly Affecting Welfare Benefits and DC Plans
Brief of Hospitals to Supreme Court in Consolidated Church Plan Cases (PDF)
Fate of Hospital Pensions Rests with Supreme Court (PDF)
Schenectady Hospital Retirees Wonder Who Will Pay After 'Church Plan' Fails
Supreme Court's Docket Includes Church Plan ERISA Exemption Cases (PDF)
Puerto Rico Catholic School Teachers Win Round in Pension Suit
Looking Back at ERISA Litigation in 2016
Supreme Court to Hear Church Plan Litigation
Supreme Court Set to Rule on Church Plan Status

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