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Death benefits, incl. life insurance

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Fourth Circuit Finds Insurer Not Liable for Employer's Mistake
Fifth Circuit Rules in Favor of Life Insurance Beneficiary Based on Expert Report Insurer Failed to Disclose During Claims Process
Insurer's Payment of Reduced Benefit Not a Fiduciary Breach
Court Awards Benefits Based on Flawed Eligibility Procedures for Dependent Life/AD&D Insurance
Denial of Supplemental Life Benefit Overturned Due to Poor Claims Administration
Mortality Data Show Declining Longevity Improvements
Life Insurance: The Bonus Plan for the Executive Who Has Everything
Sixth Circuit Declines to Adopt 'Substantial Compliance' Test for Requirements of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order
Life Insurance: The Versatile Tool for Retirement Protection (PDF)
Are You Up to Date on Qualified Plan Beneficiary Rules?
Text of Ninth Circuit Opinion Attributing Employer's Actions to Insurer in Award of Life Insurance Benefits (PDF)
ERISA Preempts State Law Revoking Beneficiary Designation Upon Divorce
Who Is Entitled to Death or Survivor Benefits from an ERISA Plan or from a Federal Employee Benefit Plan?
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Form 8925: Report of Employer-Owned Life Insurance Contracts (PDF)
Employers Pull Back on Popular Life Insurance Benefits
Less Than Half of Employed Americans Have Workplace Group Life Insurance
For the First Time, More Americans Are Covered by Employment-Based Life Insurance Than by Individual Life Insurance
[Discussion] Can a Dependent Life Insurance Policy Pay Death Benefits to a Beneficiary Other Than the Employee?
A Manslaughter Conviction May Not Prevent Receipt of ERISA Life Insurance Benefits
Court Supports Plans' Freedom to Craft Own Process for Beneficiary Designations
Court Faults Employer for Failing to Provide Accurate Information Regarding Life Insurance Conversion
Second Circuit Upholds Dismissal of ERISA Claims Against Plan Defendants for Alleged 'Cross-Subsidization' Scheme
Plan Administrator's Failure to Notify Beneficiary of Life Insurance Conversion Rights Was Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Employer Liable for Failing to Provide Life Insurance Conversion Information to Disabled Employee
Avoid Costly Litigation Over Beneficiary Designations
Avoiding Beneficiary Befuddlement
How to Avoid Costly Beneficiary Designation Litigation: Helpful Hints for All Benefit Plans
Are Your 'Voluntary' Benefit Plans Subject to ERISA?
Avoid Disaster When Designating Beneficiaries on Your Retirement Plan
Tax Implications for Non-Discriminatory Employer-Paid Life Insurance Coverage That Exceeds $50,000 (PDF)
Evidence of Insurability Requirement Does Not Bar Beneficiary's Life Insurance Claim; Premium Payments Sufficient to Establish Coverage Amount
Allstate Can't Nix Retiree Lawsuit Over Lifetime Benefits
Court Finds Employer, Not Group Life Insurer, Liable for $314,000 Death Benefit
The Implications of Carrying Higher Housing Debt Into Retirement (PDF)
Employer Who Self-Administered Life Insurance Plan Held Liable for Coverage Provided in Error
Court Nixes Class Action Suit Alleging Fiduciary Breach for Supplemental Life Pricing
Plan Administrator Must Pay Over $300,000 for Misrepresenting Level of Life Insurance Coverage
Many Employers Want Guidance From Financial Advisors About Voluntary Benefit Options
Basic-Supplemental Life Insurance Plan Pricing Structure Upheld in ERISA Class Action
Life Insurance and Retirement Plan Benefits: Are Your Clients Achieving Their Intended Goals?
Planning for the Dementia Factor in Retirement: Options to Consider If an IRA Beneficiary May Develop a Mental Disability
Interpleader Can Prevent Overpaying for Death Benefits
State Law Claims Under Group Life Insurance Policy Were Preempted by ERISA
[Guidance Overview] Tax Implications for Non-Discriminatory Employer-Paid Life Insurance Coverage That Exceeds $50,000 (PDF)
Death and Employee Benefits: How to Prepare for the Worst
[Guidance Overview] After-Tax Purchases of Optional Group Term Life Insurance Avoid Imputed Income
Improving Retirement Preparedness for the Next Generation (PDF)
Individual Absent Due to Illness on Effective Date of Life Insurance Policy Was 'Actively Employed' on That Date, Says California Court
Voluntary Benefits: Filling the Deductible Gap in the ACA Landscape
Are Group Life Insurance Plans Worth the Risk of Litigation After Cigna Corp. v. Amara?
Some Federal Employee Life Insurance Rates to Rise; Others to See Decrease
What Communications Do Employees Value Most When Selecting Their Benefits?
[Opinion] ACLI Comments to DOL on Proposed Fiduciary Regs and Prohibited Transaction Exemptions, and Regulatory Impact Analysis (PDF)
Improving Employees' Life and Disability Insurance Benefit Decisions: Results of an Employer Survey
How Do People Decide on Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability Insurance Coverage?
Are Employee Benefits for Public School Teachers Governed by ERISA? Yes!
Participant's Estate Fails to Show a Claim For Failure to Give Notice of Right to Continue Life Insurance Coverage
Failure to Establish Clear Beneficiary Designation Procedures Forces Retirement Plans Into Avoidable Litigation
Matrimonial Attorneys Should Follow the Bouncing Ball of Beneficiary Designations (PDF)
Death Benefit-Only Plans (PDF)

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