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Disability plans

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When Social Security Disability Benefit Decisions Do Not Have to Be Considered for ERISA Disability Claim
LTD Claim Denial Subject to Stricter Standard of Review Due to Untimely Decision
[Official Guidance] Text of Draft Instructions for 2020 IRS Forms 1099-R and 5498: Distributions from Pensions, Annuities, Retirement or Profit-Sharing Plans, IRAs, Insurance Contracts, Etc., and IRA Contribution Information (PDF)
Late Decision on Court-Ordered Remand of Disability Claim Results in De Novo Review
The Time Between Disability Onset and Application for Benefits: How Variation Among Disabled Workers May Inform Early Intervention Policies
Prominently Displayed, Fundamental Discrepancy In Benefit Calculation Triggered Contractual Limitations Period
Can Plan Administrators Get Into Trouble by Deciding a Disability Claim Too Quickly?
Trends in Social Security Disability Insurance
Fifth Circuit Finds Limitations Period for Miscalculation Claim Began to Accrue Upon Notice of Benefit Calculation
District Court Says Cause of Disability Not Necessary to Claim Benefits
Fifth Circuit Provides Guidance on 'Regular Occupation' Definition
Only 4 in 10 Employees Protect Their Paychecks with Disability insurance
Deciding 'Own Occupation' Disability Claims: When an Attorney's Headaches Are Not Disabling
Second Circuit Holds Attorney's Lawsuit for Disability Benefits Time-Barred under Policy's Limitations Period
In Employee Classification Dispute, Tenth Circuit Holds That LTD Plan's Provisions Failed to Confer Discretion
Eighth Circuit: When Malingering Justifies Disability Claim Denial
[Guidance Overview] DOL Reaffirms ERISA Preemption of State Wage Withholding Laws
District Court: Employee Not Entitled to Disability Benefits for 'Disability' Requiring Workplace Accommodation
Court Upholds Denial of Insurer's Disability Benefits Due to Pre-Existing Condition
Longterm Disability, 'Un-Retirement' and Pension Plans
Insurer's Acceptance of LTD Insurance Premiums Does Not Guarantee Coverage
Court Rules that Payment and Acceptance of Long-Term Disability Insurance Premiums Does Not Guarantee Coverage
Scope of ERISA and Occupation-Specific Disability
Trends in Social Security Disability Insurance Enrollment (PDF)
What Are the Content Requirements for a Disability Claim Denial Notice?
Third Circuit Applies Materiality Endorsement Standard in DOL Voluntary Plan Safe Harbor Analysis
Neutralizing the Effects of 'Conflict of Interest' in Disability Determinations
Individual Disability Insurance Policies May Create ERISA-Covered Plan
District Court Compels Unum to Produce Information About Its Alleged Forecasting and Targeting of Disability Claims for Termination
Bifurcated Trials: A Road Map for Better Results for Insurers Facing ERISA Disability Claim Litigation
District Court Provides Guidance on Video Surveillance in Disability Cases
Two Key Ways to Limit Overbroad Discovery in Disability Cases
Tenth Circuit Provides Roadmap for Plan Administrators in Analysis of AT&T Disability Benefit Denial
[Guidance Overview] New Disability Claims Procedures Affect Retirement Plans and Deferred Compensation Plans Too
Court Provides Tips on Effective Use of Video Surveillance in Disability Claim Decisions
One Sure-Fire Way to Engage Employees in Voluntary Benefits
District Court Finds Two-Decade Pattern of Insurer's 'Extraordinary' Steps to Deny Disability Claims
Court Focuses on Definition of 'Regular Occupation' in Disability Benefits Dispute
Employer's Endorsement of Long-Term Disability Policy Created ERISA Plan
Migraine Impacts Employers in Both Health Care Spend and Lost Productivity
Insurer's Payment of Reduced Benefits Not a Fiduciary Breach
Ninth Circuit Holds That Substantial Contribution Standard Applies to AD&D Policy Exclusion
Disability Benefits Claims May Settle Faster Under New Claims Procedures Regs
[Guidance Overview] New DOL Claims Procedures for Disability Benefits: Action Items to Stay in Compliance
[Guidance Overview] DOL's Final Rule on Disability Claim Procedures Take Effect
Two Ways the New DOL Disability Claims Regs Will Change Litigation
[Guidance Overview] New DOL Disability Claims Regs Now Effective
[Guidance Overview] Expanded Disability Claims Procedure Rules Become Effective in Three Days
Sixth Circuit Affirms Finding That AT&T Did Not Violate Current DOL Disability Claims Regs
Part-Time Employee Entitled to Disability Benefits
[Guidance Overview] Prepare to Address Disability Claims Under All Types of Benefit Plans Differently, Starting April 1, 2018
Don't Amend Executive Comp Plans Yet for New Disability Claims Rules
[Guidance Overview] Will Your Plan Need to Follow the New Disability Claims Procedures on April 1?
Third Circuit Adopts Plan-Friendly Interpretation of a 'Mental or Nervous Disorder' Limitation
[Guidance Overview] Are Your Qualified and Nonqualified Employee Benefit Plans in Compliance with the New ERISA Disability Claims Regs?
[Guidance Overview] New Disability Claims Procedures Take Effect April 2, 2018
[Guidance Overview] New Disability Claims Procedure Regulations Take Effect on April 1, 2018
Is Your Short-Term Disability Program Covered by ERISA?
[Guidance Overview] New ERISA Claims Procedures for Plans Providing Disability Benefits Effective April 1, 2018
[Guidance Overview] New ERISA Disability Benefit Claims and Appeals Rules Take Effect April 2, 2018
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