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Disability plans

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Missing an Appeal Decision Deadline Can Change Policy Terms
[Guidance Overview] Implementation of Final Rule on Disability Claims Procedures Formally Delayed
Disability Claims Procedure Regs Delayed ... for the Last Time?
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL Final Regs: Delay of Applicability Date for Claims Procedure for Plans Providing Disability Benefits
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL Additional Relief for Employee Benefit Plans, Participants and Beneficiaries Impacted by Hurricane Maria and October 2017 California Wildfires
New ERISA Disability Claims Procedures: Action Steps for Plan Sponsors (PDF)
Text of Fifth Circuit Opinion Rejecting Insurer's Argument That Discretionary Authority Transfers to SPD (PDF)
Timing Is Everything: Tenth Circuit Overturns Insurer's Disability Decision as Arbitrary and Capricious
[Opinion] Joint Comment Letter to DOL on Proposed Extension of Applicability Date for Regs Governing Claims Procedure for Plans Providing Disability Benefits
DOL Proposes 90-Day Delay of Disability Claims Regs
District Court Rules That Disability Claimant Is Entitled to Discovery About Insurance Company's Attorney-Client Communications
DOL Proposes 90-Day Delay of Disability Claims Procedures Rules
Beware of These Four Disability Insurance Contract Details
[Guidance Overview] DOL Publishes Proposed Rule to Delay Implementation of New ERISA Disability Claims Regs
[Guidance Overview] What to Do -- or Not Do -- with the Disability Claims Rules?
DOL Proposes Delaying Implementation of Disability Claim Regs
Long-Term Disability Insurance Gets Little Attention But Can Pay Off Big Time
Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security Disability Insurance Program, 2016
[Guidance Overview] DOL Final Regs on Disability Claims Procedures: January 1 Implementation May Be Best Practice
New Expectations for Vocational Assessments of 'Any Occupation'
Insurer Owes Disability Benefits Despite LinkedIn Posts
Paid Family and Medical Leave Programs: State Pathways and Design Options (PDF)
ERISA Does Not Preempt Montana's Mental Health Parity Law
[Guidance Overview] Here in 14 Weeks: New Rules For Disability Benefit Claims (PDF)
Discovery of Claims Procedures to Assess Compliance with DOL Regs? Not So Fast.
Court Finds Pregnancy is Not a Pre-existing Condition for Subsequent Disability Claim
[Guidance Overview] Nonqualified Plans May Need to Be Updated for New Disability Claims Procedure Regs
Eleventh Circuit: Healthy Pregnancy Is Not a Pre-Existing Condition for Disability Caused By Stroke (PDF)
When Bad Surgery Results Create New Disabling Conditions: Still Excluded from Disability Plan Coverage by the Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion?
Are Your Plans Impacted by the New Regs on Disability Claims?
The DOL's Final Rule on Disability Claims Procedures: What Changes Do You Need to Make?
DOL to Review Disability Claims Procedure Regs
DOL Announces Review of Regs on Disability Claims
State Offset Statutes Put Brakes to Insurer's Effort to Half Disability Benefits
[Guidance Overview] Administration Looks to Delay or Amend Disability Claims Regs
[Guidance Overview] Disability Claims Procedures Must Comply with New Regs Starting in 2018
District Court Allows Veteran to Proceed with Claim Employer Reduced His Salary by Disability Benefits Amount
Disability Plan Can't Offset Pension Benefits Rolled Into IRA
[Guidance Overview] The Case for Tackling the New Disability Claims Procedures Before Year-End
Anatomy of an ERISA Disability Benefit Claim (PDF)
Why Do More New Englanders Receive Disability Insurance Benefits for Mental Disorders?
CalPERS Announces New Disability Retirement Mandates and Local Agency Audits
Geographic Patterns in Social Security Disability Receipt
Second Circuit: New York Law Prohibits Insurance Company from Offsetting Personal Injury Settlement Against Long Term Disability Benefits
ERISA Plan Choice-of-Law Provisions: Disability Claim Reviewed Under Abuse of Discretion Standard of Review
Court Questions Insurer's About-Face on Paying Disability Benefits
[Guidance Overview] DOL Final Rule Regarding Disability Claims and Appeals Now in Effect
Quick Responses to Claimant's Typical Challenges to Disability Benefit Denials
Last Week's Notable ERISA Decisions, from a Plaintiff's Perspective
Lincoln National Ducks Political Consultant's ERISA Lawsuit
Most Americans Not Protecting Their Paychecks with Disability Insurance
[Guidance Overview] Action Required Before Year-End: Disability Plans Claims and Appeals Procedures
ERISA Benefits and a Claimant's Bankruptcy: When Judicial Estoppel Requires Dismissal of Lawsuits Seeking Long Term Disability Benefits
Disability: The Underappreciated Risk
[Guidance Overview] Death of the Substantial Compliance Doctrine?
[Guidance Overview] New Claims Procedure Requirements for Disability Claims
[Guidance Overview] The DOL's Revised Regs Applicable to Disability Benefit Claims
[Guidance Overview] DOL Boosts Disability Claimant Protections
Disability Plans Must Follow Claims Procedures Final Rule
[Guidance Overview] DOL Finalizes Regs on Disability Plan Claims Procedures (PDF)

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