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Disability plans

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Ninth Circuit Holds That Substantial Contribution Standard Applies to AD&D Policy Exclusion
Disability Benefits Claims May Settle Faster Under New Claims Procedures Regs
[Guidance Overview] New DOL Claims Procedures for Disability Benefits: Action Items to Stay in Compliance
[Guidance Overview] DOL's Final Rule on Disability Claim Procedures Take Effect
Two Ways the New DOL Disability Claims Regs Will Change Litigation
[Guidance Overview] New DOL Disability Claims Regs Now Effective
[Guidance Overview] Expanded Disability Claims Procedure Rules Become Effective in Three Days
Sixth Circuit Affirms Finding That AT&T Did Not Violate Current DOL Disability Claims Regs
Part-Time Employee Entitled to Disability Benefits
[Guidance Overview] Prepare to Address Disability Claims Under All Types of Benefit Plans Differently, Starting April 1, 2018
Don't Amend Executive Comp Plans Yet for New Disability Claims Rules
[Guidance Overview] Will Your Plan Need to Follow the New Disability Claims Procedures on April 1?
Third Circuit Adopts Plan-Friendly Interpretation of a 'Mental or Nervous Disorder' Limitation
[Guidance Overview] Are Your Qualified and Nonqualified Employee Benefit Plans in Compliance with the New ERISA Disability Claims Regs?
[Guidance Overview] New Disability Claims Procedures Take Effect April 2, 2018
[Guidance Overview] New Disability Claims Procedure Regulations Take Effect on April 1, 2018
Is Your Short-Term Disability Program Covered by ERISA?
[Guidance Overview] New ERISA Claims Procedures for Plans Providing Disability Benefits Effective April 1, 2018
[Guidance Overview] New ERISA Disability Benefit Claims and Appeals Rules Take Effect April 2, 2018
[Guidance Overview] DOL Says New Disability Claim Regs to Apply April 1
Claim Denial Letter Is Only as Good as the Analysis Contained in the Medical Examiner's Report
Compliance Issues That Should Be on Your Radar Screen for 2018
[Guidance Overview] New Claims Procedures for Disability Benefit Claims Take Effect
[Guidance Overview] April 1, 2018 Is Fast Approaching -- Are Your Disability Claims Procedures Ready?
[Guidance Overview] No Further Delays for Enhanced Disability Claims Procedures
[Guidance Overview] Don't Overlook Death and Disability Benefits in Reporting Potential Payments Upon Termination of Employment or Change in Control
Facebook Has a New Friend: Disability Insurers
[Guidance Overview] Disability Claims and Appeals: How the New Regs Affect Retirement Plans
[Guidance Overview] New Disability Claims Procedure Rules Take Effect April 1 (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] New York Paid Family Leave Is Now in Effect
[Guidance Overview] DOL Changes Disability Claims and Appeals Regs
[Guidance Overview] No More Delays! DOL Says New Disability Claims Rules Take Effect April´┐Ż2
[Guidance Overview] Disability Claims Regs Become Effective April 1, 2018
Updates for the New Year in Benefits and Executive Comp
No Further Delay for Disability Claim Procedure Rules, DOL Says
[Guidance Overview] DOL Sets April 1 as Applicability Date for Final Disability Claim Regs
[Guidance Overview] DOL Green-Lights Disability Claims Regs
[Opinion] American Benefits Council Letter to DOL on Claims Procedure for Plans Providing Disability Benefits
Short-Term Delay in Disability Claims Procedures Includes Very Short Fuse
Missing an Appeal Decision Deadline Can Change Policy Terms
[Guidance Overview] Implementation of Final Rule on Disability Claims Procedures Formally Delayed
Disability Claims Procedure Regs Delayed ... for the Last Time?
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL Final Regs: Delay of Applicability Date for Claims Procedure for Plans Providing Disability Benefits
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL Additional Relief for Employee Benefit Plans, Participants and Beneficiaries Impacted by Hurricane Maria and October 2017 California Wildfires
New ERISA Disability Claims Procedures: Action Steps for Plan Sponsors (PDF)
Text of Fifth Circuit Opinion Rejecting Insurer's Argument That Discretionary Authority Transfers to SPD (PDF)
Timing Is Everything: Tenth Circuit Overturns Insurer's Disability Decision as Arbitrary and Capricious
[Opinion] Joint Comment Letter to DOL on Proposed Extension of Applicability Date for Regs Governing Claims Procedure for Plans Providing Disability Benefits
DOL Proposes 90-Day Delay of Disability Claims Regs
District Court Rules That Disability Claimant Is Entitled to Discovery About Insurance Company's Attorney-Client Communications
DOL Proposes 90-Day Delay of Disability Claims Procedures Rules
Beware of These Four Disability Insurance Contract Details
[Guidance Overview] DOL Publishes Proposed Rule to Delay Implementation of New ERISA Disability Claims Regs
[Guidance Overview] What to Do -- or Not Do -- with the Disability Claims Rules?
DOL Proposes Delaying Implementation of Disability Claim Regs
Long-Term Disability Insurance Gets Little Attention But Can Pay Off Big Time
Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security Disability Insurance Program, 2016
[Guidance Overview] DOL Final Regs on Disability Claims Procedures: January 1 Implementation May Be Best Practice
New Expectations for Vocational Assessments of 'Any Occupation'
Insurer Owes Disability Benefits Despite LinkedIn Posts

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