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Distributions - QDROs

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Shared Payment vs. Separate Interest QDROs
Sixth Circuit Affirms Denial of Attorneys' Fees to Successful ERISA Plaintiff in QDRO Dispute
Plan Sponsors Should Have a Model QDRO
[Guidance Overview] Military Retired Pay and Benefits Considerations in Divorce Proceedings
Appellate Court Affirms Award of 401(k) Plan Benefits Under QDRO Issued After Participant's Death
[Opinion] Dividing Retirement Benefits at Divorce Shouldn't Be This Hard
Sixth Circuit Provides Lessons for What Constitutes a QDRO
[Discussion] Hardship Distribution for an Alternate Payee?
[Discussion] Am I Practicing Law When I Draft a QDRO?
[Discussion] Delayed Receipt of QDRO Qualification
ESOPs Can Provide Liquidity to Facilitate Division of a Family-Owned Business Upon Divorce
Fact Sheet: What Is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order and Why Should I Care?
Beware the Retroactive QDRO
ESOP Disqualified for an Improper Transfer of Assets After Divorce
Death and Taxes for Qualified Plans
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Submission of Information Collection for OMB Review and Comment Request: Qualified Domestic Relations Orders Submitted to PBGC (PDF)
'Till Death Do Us Part? Second Circuit Affirms Validity of After-Death QDROs
Until Divorce Do Our Plan Benefits Part
[Guidance Overview] A Little Refresher Course on QDROs and Governmental Plans
D.C. Court of Appeals: Survivor Benefit in Undistributed Benefits Irrevocably Vests Upon Retirement; ERISA Pre-empts State Law Constructive Trust Effort (PDF)
Text of District Court Opinion: Wife's Claim for Share of Husband's Retirement Plan Was Included in Her Bankruptcy Estate Because Not Reduced to a QDRO at Time of Bankruptcy Filing (PDF)
QDROs Demand the Attention of CPAs
QDROs for Unmarried Cohabitants in Alaska?
After Windsor, Same-Sex Marriage Laws Continue to Present Challenges for Retirement Plan Sponsors (PDF)
The Seven '403(b) Administrative' Sins (Part 2)
[Guidance Overview] 2013 Q&As: DOL Meeting with ABA Joint Committee on Employee Benefits, May 8, 2013 (PDF)
[Official Guidance] DOL Technical Release No. 2013-04: ERISA Definition of Marriage Includes Same-Sex Persons Validly Married in State Where Marriage Was Celebrated
[Guidance Overview] The Demise of DOMA's Core: Employer Response Avenues in the Wake of Windsor (PDF)
[Opinion] The Retirement Equity Act and Beyond
[Official Guidance] IRS Revenue Ruling 2013-17: Federal Tax Treatment of Same-Sex Spouses and Domestic Partners (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Individuals of the Same Sex Who Are Married Under State Law (PDF)
8th Circuit Finds Prenuptial Agreement Did Not Waive Surviving Spouse's Right to Deceased Participant's 401(k) Account (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Supreme Court Rules Part of DOMA Unconstitutional; Employer Action Steps Suggested
Third Circuit Finds Increased Retirement Benefit Offered Under Reduction-in-Force Plan Is Early Retirement Subsidy Subject to QDRO (PDF)
[Opinion] Supreme Court Marriage Decision Affects Retirement Plans
[Guidance Overview] Effect on Benefits Plans of the Supreme Court Decision on DOMA
QDRO Cannot Change Existing Beneficiary of Joint and Survivor Annuity
Participant's Spouse's Interest in QJSA Vests on the Annuity Start Date and Cannot Be Divested by Subsequent QDRO (PDF)
ERISA Does Not Bar Post-Distribution Action to Enforce Waiver Against Beneficiary
Delay in Providing QDRO to Plan Causes Ex-Spouse to Lose Survivor Benefits Awarded Under Divorce Decree
Workforce Reduction Supplemental Benefits Counted as Subsidized Early Retirement for QDRO
Today in ERISA History: Retirement Equity Act of 1984 Signed Into Law
[Official Guidance] PBGC Wants Comments on Revisions to Booklet About Submission of QDROs (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Basics of QDROs and QMCSOs for Plan Sponsors (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Spousal Consent Requirements for Qualified Retirement Plans
[Guidance Overview] Spouse Waived Right to Proceeds from 401(k) Plan of Former Spouse Who then Did Not Replace Named Beneficiary
Ensure your Plan Participants are Prepared for a Secure Retirement
Avoid the Common Mistakes Affecting Plan Loans Webcast
When Divorce Unravels Retirement Plans
[Guidance Overview] Creative Divorce Planning: Applying the QDROtic Equation
Ex-Husband Not Liable for Retirement Account's Drop in Value, Says Court
[Guidance Overview] Despite Phony Divorces, Pension Plan Must Pay Spousal Benefits
[Guidance Overview] Fifth Circuit Agrees That Plan Administrator Cannot Revoke QDRO for Suspected Lack of Good Faith Divorce
The 'Splitting' [Pension] Headaches of Late-Life Divorce
[Guidance Overview] The Boundary of Fiduciary Responsibility
[Guidance Overview] Think Your Employee's Divorce is a Sham to Get at Retirement Benefits? Don't Out-Think Yourself
[Guidance Overview] 5th Circuit Affirms Decision in Continental Sham Divorces Case
Determination of Pension Benefits
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