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ESOPs: Legislative Updates
The Road Ahead: Considerations for Tax Reform's Impact on Your ESOP
Prior to Distribution, ESOP Lacked 'Actual Knowledge' of Participant's Developmental Disability
ESOPs and the Tax Act
DOL Continues to Watch ESOP Valuations with Recent Trustee Settlements
ESOP Benefits for Defense Contractors
Tax Reform's Secondary Impacts on ESOPs
DOL Settlements Set Prudence Standard for ESOP Trustees
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS CCM 201747007: Provisions in ESOP Document Designed to Prevent Occurrence of a Nonallocation Year Under Section 409(p) (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) LRM and Information Package, October 2017 (PDF)
First Bankers Trust Settles Three ERISA Suits
How to Undertake an ESOP Repurchase Obligation Study (PDF)
ESOPs: An Alternative Exit Strategy for Family-Owned Businesses
A Lender's Primer on Leveraged ESOPs and Recent Litigation (PDF)
DOL Settlement Agreements Provide ESOP Transaction Guidance
District Court: Suspension of ESOP Diversification Elections Pending Interim Stock Valuation Was Arbitrary and Capricious
The Importance of an ESOP Distribution Policy
The Board of Directors Responsibility in Addressing ESOP Repurchase Liability
ESOP Class Actions: An Existential Threat to the ESOP Community
Bill Would Boost ESOPs
The Nuts and Bolts of ESOP Loans (PDF)
ESOPs: Issues to Consider Before Converting from C-Corp to S-Corp
S Corporation Denied Deduction for Amount Payable to ESOP Participants
Three More U.S. States Move Forward with Pro-ESOP Initiatives
ESOPs Can Provide Liquidity to Facilitate Division of a Family-Owned Business Upon Divorce
Measuring a 'Year of Participation' for ESOP Diversification
ESOP Trends in the Marketplace (PDF)
Communicating Your ESOP
Will DOL Continue to Make ESOPs a Compliance Priority?
What Is Your Strategic Vision for Your ESOP?
District Court Awards ESOP $9.4 Million After Fiduciary Caused Participants to Overpay for Company Stock
Communicating Your ESOP Distribution Policy
DOL, First Bankers Move Closer to Trial Over ESOP Transaction
Employee Stock Ownership Plans 101
ESOPs: A Powerful Tool for Closely Held Banks
Seventy Seven Energy Sued Over Chesapeake Stock in 401(k)
Importance of Accuracy in ESOP Data Collection
Timing of Refunds Due to 415 Limitation Violations: What Every 401(k) Plan Sponsor Should Know
Employee Stock Ownership Plans: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks?
Study Shows Great Success with ESOP Acquisitions
ESOP 'Light' -- A Creative Succession Strategy for the Small Business
ESOP Loans: Internal vs. External
Fiduciary Must Surrender Luxury Cars Over Plan Mismanagement
Using a PTE 80-26 Loan to Convert ESOP Terminated Participant Accounts
Valuation for Purchase of Former Employee's ESOP Stock Did Not Violate ERISA
Tax Incentives for ESOPs
The Benefits of an ESOP for Construction Companies
Cash Flow Required to Fund an Internal ESOP Note
ESOP Fiduciaries Held Personally Liable in Bungled Plan Termination
Employee Stock Ownership Plan Participant Cannot Pursue Fiduciary Breach and Bad Faith Claim Against Insurer of Plan Fiduciaries (PDF)
Growing Number of Employees Rank a Company Stock Plan as Their Top Workplace Benefit
How to Prevent a Section 409(p) Failure by an S-Corp ESOP
District Court Rules on ERISA Liability of Board and ESOP Advisory Committee Members in ESOP Transactions
How States Can Save Jobs and Address the Wealth Inequality Gap Through ESOPs (PDF)
Communicating Plan Changes (PDF)
Text of Seventh Circuit Opinion: ESOP Participants Not Required to Plead Inadequate Consideration in Claim of Prohibited Transaction (PDF)
Fifth Circuit Focuses on Process in ESOP Valuations (PDF)
Seventh Circuit: ERISA Permits Indemnification or Contribution Among Fiduciaries
Court Prohibits ESOP Participants From Selling Company Stock
ESOPs Have Risks: What Participants Can Do

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