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BenefitsLink Announces 'Simple Search' Engine -- Easier to Use, Better Results
#MeToo: Sexual Harassment and Executive Compensation (PDF)
Moving the Bonus Plan Goalposts: Be Smart or Be Sued
Fears Over Downside to Clawbacks May Be Unwarranted
White House Nominates Senate Aide as SEC Commissioner
[Guidance Overview] SEC Provides Updated Guidance on Proxy Disclosures for Compensation Plan Proposals
Preventive Care for Executive Compensation Programs
Taxes, Culture, and Big Investors: Effects on Executive Comp
Six CEO Pay Packages That Explain Soaring Executive Compensation
Two Cheers for Deferred Taxation of Qualified Equity Grants
To Require Arbitration or Not to Require Arbitration
Executive Compensation Planning for Owner Executives of Private Business After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
How Does Your Pay Compare to the Bottom Half of Your Company?
Financial Stability Board Consults on Compensation Data Reporting to Address Misconduct Risk
[Guidance Overview] SEC Issues FAQs on Compensation Plan Proposals Included in Proxy Statements
2018 Trends and Developments in Executive Compensation
[Guidance Overview] New Excise Tax on Excess Compensation Paid by Tax-Exempt Employers
How Are Companies Faring in the Current Pay-for-Performance Environment?
Initial Readings of the CEO Pay Ratio
Third Circuit Dismisses Employees' Class Action Suit and Finds Chemours' Severance Plan Is Not Subject to ERISA
IPOs and Spin-Offs: Take a Fresh Look at Purpose and Executive Compensation
The Next Critical Action Item After Filing Your Proxy Statement
Delaware Court of Chancery Excuses Pre-Suit Demand for Derivative Complaint Alleging Wasteful Compensation
[Guidance Overview] 2018 Update for Internal Revenue Code Section 162(m) Changes
Executive Compensation as Corporate Waste? Delaware Court Allows a Lawsuit to Continue
Just Because Your Company Is Privately Held Doesn't Mean the SEC Isn't Watching
New Target of 'Shareholder' Strike Suit Litigation
Advantages to Pre-Tax Deferral of Income in an Uncertain Tax Environment: 2018 Updates (PDF)
Embracing the Quasi-Clawback
Stock Awards Behind Most CEO Pay Hikes
California (Re)Introduces Pay Ratio Corporate Tax Bill with Unique Calculation
IRS Filing Deadlines and Stock Compensation Planning for 2018
[Guidance Overview] Tax-Exempt Executive Compensation Under Fire
Credit Karma Settles with SEC over Alleged Stock Option Disclosure Failures
[Opinion] Navigating the Pay-Ratio Quagmire
Should Compensation Committees Seek CEO Input When Deciding CEO Pay?
Managing an NQDC Plan Investment Menu
Employee Stock Purchase Plans: The Biggest Tax-Return Mistakes to Avoid
[Guidance Overview] Expanded Disability Claims Procedure Rules Become Effective in Three Days
Big Question Under CEO Pay Ratio Rule: Who Is Your Median Employee?
Common U.S. Securities Problems with Canadian Stock-Based Compensation Plans
Five Primary Components of an Effective Long Term Incentive Plan
Comparing CEO Pay Ratios: What the First 200 Filings Show
Companies Show No Love for Hard-Won Exemption to Pay Ratio Rule
[Opinion] Does Tax Deductibility Affect CEO Pay? the Case of the Health Insurance Industry
Restricted Stock/RSUs and Tax Returns: Eight Costly Mistakes to Avoid
Don't Amend Executive Comp Plans Yet for New Disability Claims Rules
Emerging Trends in Pay Ratio Disclosure
Using Executive Benefit Plans to Attract Reward and Retain Top Talent (PDF)
2018 Proxy Season: Early Trends in Pay Ratio Disclosure (PDF)
Pay Ratio Disclosures Mislead Investors
The ABCs of NQDCs: They're Not DC Plans, Despite the Similarities (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Rethinking Executive Compensation While Awaiting Section 162(m) Guidance (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] State Tax Implications of Federal Tax Changes to Section 162(m)
Update on Top Hat Plan Litigation
CEO Pay Ratio Checklist (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Implications of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for Public Company Executive Compensation Programs
Walt Disney Shareholders Reject Executive Compensation in Non-Binding Vote
Private and Public Company Executive Compensation Practices: Where They Merge and Diverge

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