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U.S. Biopharma Companies Segment Long-Term Incentives by Function, with Focus on R&D
[Guidance Overview] Insights Into Tax Reform's Radical New Game Plan for Tax Exempt Organizations (PDF)
Corrections and Substantive Fixes Needed with Respect to Employee Benefit Changes Made by the 2017 Tax Act
How Compensation Committees Should Treat the CEO Pay Ratio Disclosure
[Guidance Overview] Are Your Executive Compensation Arrangements Safe from the New Disability Regs?
The Next Generation of Compensation Clawback Policies
[Guidance Overview] Clarifying the Use of Nonqualified Plans to Mitigate Lost Deduction Under the New 162(m) Regime
[Guidance Overview] Don't Overlook Death and Disability Benefits in Reporting Potential Payments Upon Termination of Employment or Change in Control
[Guidance Overview] Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Section 162(m)
Overarching and Operating Principles of Executive Compensation (PDF)
The Purpose and Importance of Executive Compensation (PDF)
How Executive Compensation Changes Affect Employers
Delaware Court Case May Have Far Reaching Effects on Director Compensation
[Guidance Overview] New Tax Law Strengthens Limits on Excessive Compensation
Don't Disband That Compensation Committee of Outside Directors Just Yet
[Guidance Overview] Annual Reporting Requirements for Incentive Stock Options and Employee Stock Purchase Plans
Executive Comp Performance Metrics Will Change Under Tax Reform
[Guidance Overview] Tax Cut and Jobs Act Adds Significant New Tax on Exempt Organizations
[Guidance Overview] How the Tax Act Upsets the Dynamic Between the Board of Directors and the Executive Compensation Committee (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: New Executive Compensation Rules
Delaware Supreme Court Revives Lawsuits Over Directors' Compensation
Executive Compensation Performance Metrics Will Change Under Tax Reform
Impact of Compensation-Related Litigation on Public Companies
[Guidance Overview] 2018 Deadlines Approach to Furnish ISO and ESPP Information Statements and Returns
[Guidance Overview] Tax-Exempt Organizations Face New 21% Excise Tax on Compensation in Excess of $1 Million
[Guidance Overview] How the Changes to Section 162(m) Executive Comp Rules Impact Your Company (PDF)
Bringing Pay-for-Performance Into Focus Requires the Right Lens
[Guidance Overview] Impact of Section 162(m) Changes and Transition Relief on Excessive Compensation (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Qualified Equity Grants by Private Companies Under New Section 83(i) (PDF)
Are ISOs Back?
[Guidance Overview] Executive Compensation Changes Under Tax Reform: An Update for Plan Sponsors (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Tax-Exempt Organizations Face New Executive Compensation Rules Under Tax Reform
[Guidance Overview] New Code Section 83(i): Qualified Equity Grant Programs Permit Employees to Elect to Defer Income Taxes on Stock Options or RSUs (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Nonprofits and Governments Face Compensation and Benefits Issues Under the New Tax Law
[Guidance Overview] Does Repeal of the Section 162(m) Performance-Based Exception Signal the End of Performance Pay?
How Can a Tax-Exempt Employer Manage the New Excise Tax on Executive Comp?
Looking for a Silver Lining in the 162(m) Tax Act Changes
[Guidance Overview] New 'Excess' Compensation Excise Tax for Tax Exempt Organizations
New Excise Tax on 'Excess' Executive Compensation Paid by Tax-Exempt Employers
Tax Reporting for Stock Comp: Understanding Form W-2, Form 3922, and Form 3921
[Guidance Overview] Impact of Tax Reform on Some Private Company Equity Awards: Limited Income Tax Deferral Opportunities for Employees
With Participation Rates Flat, Some NQDC Plan Sponsors to Make Changes
[Guidance Overview] 2018 Tax Reform: Executive Compensation Changes for Publicly Held Entities
Initial Tax Disclosures Regarding 162(m) in Proxy Statements
[Guidance Overview] Section 162(m) After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What to Do Now
How State Legislatures Might Rock the World of Employee Compensation in Response to the Recent Federal Tax Law
[Guidance Overview] New Deferral Opportunity for Stock Awards
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Raises Executive Comp Questions
[Guidance Overview] Executive Compensation Arrangements for Tax-Exempt Organizations
[Guidance Overview] New Opportunity to Defer Tax on Certain Equity Awards and Repeal of Performance-Based Exception to 162(m)
[Guidance Overview] Immediate Action Needed Due to Reduction in Maximum Tax Withholding on Equity Compensation
[Guidance Overview] Tax Act Provides Planning Opportunities for Deferred Comp Plans and SERPs
[Guidance Overview] New Tax Law Brings Penalties for Top Paid Non-Profit Executives
[Guidance Overview] Benefit and Compensation Provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
[Guidance Overview] The New Tax Rules for Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits
Pay Ratio Disclosure: How to Tackle the SEC Rule
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS CCM 201752008: Allocating Deduction Limitation Under Section 162(m)(6) (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Tax Reform Provisions Affecting Employer-Provided Compensation and Benefits (PDF)
Year-End Checklist of Items to Review, Know, and Consider About Your Stock Compensation
Pay Ratio Disclosure Checklist

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