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Family and medical leave, incl. FMLA

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Failure to Renew FMLA Request Leads to Dismissal of Claims
[Guidance Overview] Rhode (Island) Rage: New Paid Sick and Safe Rules May Frustrate Employers
New Hampshire Employers, Are You Ready for Potential Paid Family Leave Law?
[Guidance Overview] New York City Employers Must Take Immediate Steps to Comply with Expanded Sick Leave Law
How Yearlong Paid Leave Works
[Guidance Overview] San Francisco Revises Rules for Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
[Guidance Overview] New Jersey Governor Signs Mandatory Sick Leave Bill Into Law
[Guidance Overview] IRS Issues FAQs Clarifying New Employer Tax Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave
[Guidance Overview] Seattle Proposes Revisions to Its Paid Sick and Safe Time Rules: Some Are Controversial
Temp Agencies Moving to Comply with New Jersey Paid Leave Law
Post-FMLA Leave Not Required Under ADA
Next Time Your Employee Requests FMLA Leave, Choose Sincerity with a Touch of Empathy
[Guidance Overview] New Jersey Passes Laws on Sick Leave and Pay Equity
[Guidance Overview] Paid Sick Leave Now Mandatory Throughout the State of New Jersey
[Guidance Overview] Safe and Sick Time Law: New York City Publishes Revised Notice of Employee Rights
[Guidance Overview] IRS Provides Guidance on Paid Family and Medical Leave Tax Credit
[Guidance Overview] Austin Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Ordinance: The First of Many in the Lone Star State?
Supreme Court's Inaction Establishes That Post-FMLA Medical Leave Is Not Required Under ADA
[Guidance Overview] IRS Tax Tip: How the Employer Credit for Family and Medical Leave Benefits Employers
[Guidance Overview] New Jersey Enacts Statewide Paid Sick Leave Law
Employee Handbook Leads to Dismissal of FMLA Claims Against Tennessee Employer
Court Allows Terminated Employee to Pursue ERISA Section 510 Claims Tied to Son's Large Medical Expenses
[Guidance Overview] New Jersey Passes Paid Sick Leave Law
Paying for Parental Leave with Future Social Security Benefits
California Paid Sick Leave Notice Requirements: Why Employers Should Still Be Nervous
[Guidance Overview] Employer Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave Under 2017 Tax Reform
[Guidance Overview] IRS Issues FAQs About Tax Credit for Paid Family Leave
Paid Sick Leave Requirements Beginning to Resemble a Crazy Quilt of Legislation
[Guidance Overview] DOL Issues Opinion Letter Allowing Employers to Avoid Payment for Excessive 15-Minute FMLA Breaks; Employers Yawn
New Jersey Legislature Passes Paid Sick Leave Bill
[Guidance Overview] IRS Issues Initial Guidance on Paid FMLA Tax Credit
DOL Opinion Letter Provides Guidance on Compensability of FMLA Protected Leave
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS FAQs on Section 45S: Employer Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave
Airlines Association Files Another Lawsuit Challenging Massachusetts Paid Sick Leave Law
Even Senators Can Have Babies: After Giving Birth, Sen. Tammy Duckworth Presses Senate to Adjust Floor Rules
[Opinion] ERIC's Written Testimony on New Jersey's Paid Sick Leave Bill
Paid Family Leave in the United States (PDF)
Texas Court Holds Attendance Issues Can Preclude Disability Claims
Previous Inaction on Performance Issues, Positive Reviews, Cast Doubt on Motivation for Post-FMLA Firing
Anticipatory Resignation Was Not Constructive Discharge; FMLA Claims Fail
Court Says Employers Need Not Approve Multiple Leaves of Absence Where Employee Could Not Provide a Definite End Date to the Leave
Your Employee Is Absent More Often Than Indicated on His FMLA Medical Certification. Now What?
Austin Enacts First Paid Sick and Safe Leave Law in Texas
The Impacts of Paid Family Leave Benefits: Evidence from California Administrative Data
[Opinion] Three Bad Arguments for Government Paid Leave
[Guidance Overview] Maryland Provides New Information on Healthy Working Families Act
FMLA Claim Advances Because of Insufficient Documentation
How Can Employers Navigate Multiple Leave Laws?
Employer Tax Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave
New Employer Tax Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave Is Available for 2018 and 2019
[Guidance Overview] Austin Adopts Paid Sick and Safe Leave
[Guidance Overview] Austin, Texas Mandates Paid Sick Leave
Next Time You Want to Conduct FMLA Surveillance on Your Employee, Have a Good Reason Why
Tapping Social Security for Parental Leave
[Guidance Overview] Federal Tax Reform Adds Tax Credit for Paid FMLA Leave
How to Calculate the Paid-Leave Tax Credit
[Guidance Overview] Austin, Texas, Adopts a Paid Sick Leave Law Covering All Employers
Austin's Earned Sick Time Ordinance: Things You Need to Know
Maryland Enacts Paid Sick and Safe Leave Law
[Guidance Overview] March 1 Deadline to Notify Washington State Employees of Paid Sick Leave Law

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