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Family and medical leave, incl. FMLA

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Airlines Association Challenges State of Washington Paid Sick Leave Requirements
Sick Pay Is Not 'Wages' Under Massachusetts Law
Tasking Employee While She Was on FMLA Leave Could Constitute Interference
Annual Report of ABA Subcommittee on the FMLA: 2017 Court Cases (PDF)
FMLA Leave Not Available Following Pet's Death
[Guidance Overview] Maryland Paid Sick Leave Act Goes Into Effect
Happy Birthday, FMLA! 25 Years Later -- Where Are We Now?
Wisconsin Legislature Poised to Exempt Certain Employers from State FMLA
Paid Family Leave Proposals Gaining Attention at Federal Level, Possibly Momentum
Massachusetts High Court Says Sick Pay Doesn't Constitute Wages
Senate Republicans Readying Paid Family Leave Bill
State Sick Leave Laws Raise Questions for Out-of-State Employers
[Guidance Overview] Puerto Rico Bars Use of Legitimate Absences in Performance Review, Adds Catastrophic Illness Leave
[Guidance Overview] Puerto Rico Establishes Paid Leave for Employees Suffering from Catastrophic Illnesses
The FMLA and Intermittent Leave: Proceed with Caution
[Guidance Overview] New Tax Law Provides Employer Tax Credit for Compensation Paid to Employees While on Family and Medical Leave
[Guidance Overview] Maryland Adopts Paid Sick and Safe Leave Law
[Guidance Overview] Tax Reform Offers New Incentive for Employers Providing Paid FMLA Leave
Family Crisis or New Joy? Get Paid Time Off for It
[Guidance Overview] Maryland Continues National Trend with Paid Sick Leave Law
Fighting Back: FMLA Fraud and Abuse
TIAA Expands Paid Parental Leave
When Is an Employer Required to Check for FMLA Eligibility? The Answer May Surprise You!
First Sick Leave Settlement Reached in Minneapolis
Delay Proposed for Maryland Paid Sick Leave
Trends in Paid Parental Leave Come to Law Firms
Despite Letter Referencing FMLA Leave, Employee Was Not Eligible
[Guidance Overview] Maryland Becomes Ninth State to Require Paid Sick Leave
[Guidance Overview] Maryland's Healthy Working Families Act Requires Employers in the State to Provide Sick/safe Leave
[Guidance Overview] New Sick Leave Law Affects All Maryland Employers
Tax Code Revisions Will Affect Employer Policy and Litigation Strategy Decisions (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Maryland Senate Overrides Governor's Veto of Paid Sick Leave Law
[Guidance Overview] Assessing the New Maryland Paid Sick Leave Law
[Opinion] Maryland Grants Access to Paid Sick Days to 700,000 Employees and Their Families
Walmart Adds Adoption Benefit, Expands Parental Leave
[Guidance Overview] Want to Reduce Your Tax Liability? Offer Paid Family Medical Leave
Is Your Company Eligible for a Tax Credit for Paid Leave?
[Guidance Overview] New York Paid Family Leave: Q&As for Employers
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL Inflation-Adjusted Civil Penalties for 2018, Including Those Under ERISA and FMLA
[Guidance Overview] Tax Bill Includes Employer Tax Credit for Family and Medical Leave
[Guidance Overview] Tax Reform Provisions Affecting Employer-Provided Compensation and Benefits (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Recent Amendments to Seattle's Paid Sick and Safe Time Ordinance Will Take Effect on January 1, 2018
Tax Reform Law Includes Paid Leave Provisions
[Guidance Overview] New Year's Surprise: Seattle Changes Paid Sick Leave Law at Last Minute
Nevada Employers Prepare to Provide Leave for Domestic Violence Victims
[Guidance Overview] Prince George's County, Maryland Enacts Paid 'Safe' Time Law
Paid Leave, Other Job-Related Measures Stay in Tax Bill
Differing State and Local Paid Leave Laws Driving You Crazy? Help from Congress May Be on the Way
[Guidance Overview] New Year Brings Paid Sick and Safe Leave to Washington State
[Guidance Overview] Expansions to New York City's Sick Time Law Coming in May 2018
[Guidance Overview] New Year, New Leave Policies
Employee Can't Sue Employer's Defense Counsel for FMLA Interference or Defamation
[Guidance Overview] Nevada Employers Prepare to Provide Leave for Domestic Violence Victims
[Guidance Overview] Rhode Island Is Newest State to Require Paid Sick Leave
New York Paid Family Leave: How Do We Determine Tax Obligations?
Paid FMLA Tax Credit Included in Senate Reform Bill As House Holds Hearing on Paid Leave
Using Employer Leave Programs to Attract and Keep Top Talent
Can an Employee Be Terminated After Racking Up Both FMLA and Unexcused Absences?
New York Releases Paid Family Leave Statement of Rights and Model Policy Language
A Federal Solution to the Paid Leave Compliance Maze?

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