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Flexible work time

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More Companies Now Offer a 'Summer Friday' Perk
[Guidance Overview] Is Your California Public Agency Aware of These Lesser-Known Job-Protected Leaves?
The Caregiving Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities for Employers (PDF)
[Opinion] ERIC Comments on Maryland's Proposed Paid Leave Bills
Employers' Perspectives on Delayed Retirement
Taking Phased Retirement Options to the Next Level
[Guidance Overview] A New Primer on Voting Leave Requirements: Are You Ready for the Elections?
[Guidance Overview] A New Primer on Voting Leave Requirements: Are You Ready for the Elections?
Election Time and the Minnesota Voter Leave Law
When Can an Employee Take Leave to Vote?
Employers Weigh in on Telecommuting, Paid Parental Leave and Other Absence Management Trends
Plan Carefully When an Employee Asks for a Phased Retirement
Employer-Provided Quality-of-Life Benefits, March 2016
Parental Leave Around the Globe: Organizations Expand Policies to Accommodate Needs of Workforce
Employers Offer Flexible Retirement Options to Keep Older Workers
[Opinion] A Sound Starting Block: Why Paid Leave Is a Winning Policy
How Employers Perceive Older Workers
Department of Defense Gives Phased Retirement Program Green Light, Ending Lengthy Delay
[Guidance Overview] IRS Issues Clarification on Phased Retirement Payments
Labor Force Transitions at Older Ages: Burnout, Recovery, and Reverse Retirement (PDF)
Growing Number of Employers Offering Paid Paternal Benefits to New Dads
'Panda Days' and Paid Time Off: What Perks Perk Up Employees
Puerto Rico Supreme Court Addresses Conditions for Breastfeeding in the Workplace
Number of Paid Sick Leave Days in 2015 Varies by Length of Service and Establishment Size
More Companies May Start Helping Employees Buy Homes
[Guidance Overview] Colorado Issues New Guidance on 'Use-It-or-Lose-It' Vacation Policies, But Questions Remain
IRS Scrutinizes Public Employer PTO Plans
D.C.'s 16-Week Paid Family Leave Plan Would Be Most Generous in U.S.
Attitudes Shift on Paid Leave: Dads Sue, Too
Millions of Employees Don't Get Paid Time Off for Holidays or Vacation
As Workers Delay Retirement, Some Bosses Become More Flexible
The Paradox of Unlimited Paid Leave
[Guidance Overview] Philadelphia Paid Sick Leave Law Takes Effect (PDF)
New Jersey Cities Pass Paid-Sick-Leave Laws Despite Governor's Opposition
[Guidance Overview] California Labor Commissioner Revises Sick Pay Notice Obligation
Paid Time Off, Vacations, Sick Days and Short-Term Caregiving in the United States: 2014 National Study of Employers
Employee Participation in Wellness Programs and Flexible Work Arrangements is Increasing
How Paid Sick Leave Can Be Healthy for Pensions
[Guidance Overview] The Proliferation of Paid Sick Leave in New Jersey
[Guidance Overview] New California Sick Leave Law Requires Employers' Immediate Attention
White House Pushes Bill Requiring Paid Sick Leave
[Opinion] Who Has Paid Sick Leave, Who Doesn't, and What's Changing
[Opinion] The NCPA Fact Checks Obama's Health Policy Address During the State of the Union
Proposal for Paid Sick Leave for Home Health Workers Returns to California Legislature
Phased Retirement Can Benefit Workers and Employers
New York Employers Must Provide Unpaid Leave to Volunteer Emergency Responders During Declared Emergencies
[Guidance Overview] Update to Regs under New Jersey Family Leave Act
[Guidance Overview] Massachusetts Becomes the Latest Jurisdiction to Require Paid Sick Leave
[Guidance Overview] Do You Have California Employees? Action Required by January 1, 2015 to Comply with California's New Paid Sick Leave Law
California's New Paid Sick Leave Law
Flex Time Doesn't Need to Be an HR Policy
Philadelphia Mayor's Task Force Recommends Mandatory Paid Sick Leave
[Guidance Overview] California Imposes Mandatory Sick Leave Law
[Guidance Overview] California Guarantees Paid Sick Leave to Employees
Government Workers Get First Crack at Phased Retirement
Voters Approve Paid Sick Leave Initiatives by Healthy Margins (PDF)
New Jersey Considering Requirement for Mandatory Paid Sick Leave
'Work Martyrs' Turning U.S. Into 'PTO Graveyard'
GAO Report: Additional Guidance Needed to Improve OPM Data on Federal Paid Administrative Leave
[Guidance Overview] Changes Coming to Connecticut's Paid Sick Leave Law on January 1, 2015 (PDF)

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