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Text of CBO Answers to Questions from Senate Budget Committee on Funding Estimates for Federal Employee Pensions (PDF)
CBO: Postal Reform Would Bring Cheaper Health Insurance Premiums to All Federal Employees
[Opinion] Presidential Pensions as Broken Windows
Supreme Court Addresses Division of Military Retirement Benefits
D.C.-Area Lawmakers Vow to Fight Proposed Federal Retirement Benefit Cuts
[Opinion] Trump Leads Attack on Retirement Security
Trump's 2018 Budget Reportedly Targets Federal Retirement Programs
Testimony on the Costs of Federal Civilian Personnel: A Comparison With Private-Sector Employees (PDF)
200,000 Postal Workers Would See Pay Raises, Benefit Cuts Under New Labor Contract
[Opinion] Is the Thrift Savings Plan Shortchanging U.S. Government Workers?
Text of Supreme Court Opinion: Federal Employees Health Benefit Act Preempts Missouri Law Barring Subrogation and Reimbursement (PDF)
[Opinion] Sensible Medicare and Federal Employees Health Benefits Reform for All Annuitants
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Publication 721: Tax Guide to U.S. Civil Service Retirement Benefits, for Use in Preparing 2016 Returns (PDF)
White House May Favor Cutting Federal Employee Retirement, Health Benefits
OPM Asks FEHBP Carriers to Focus on Rising Prescription Drug Use and Costs
[Official Guidance] FEHB Program Carrier Letter for 2018 Contracts (PDF)
CRS Report: Background and Recent Developments in Military Retirement (PDF)
Administration Makes Long-Desired Change to Postal Service Pensions
[Official Guidance] Text of OPM Proposed Regs: Federal Employees' Retirement System; Government Costs
CBO Report Identifies Changes to Federal Retirement Benefits That Would Help to Reduce Deficit
Most Federal Employees Could Save $2000 or More by Switching Health Insurance
[Official Guidance] Text of OPM Final Regs: Coverage for Certain Firefighters and Intermittent Emergency Response Personnel under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (PDF)
Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress (PDF)
As Costs Go Up, FEHBP Benefits Don't Keep Pace
TRICARE Lowers Mental Health Care Co-Pays, Expands Treatment Options
The Fed Offers A Generous Retirement Plan, But Funds It Responsibly
Federal Employees Will Pay 6.2 Percent More Toward Health Care Premiums in 2017
[Opinion] Postal Service Health Benefits and the FEHBP: The Urgent Case for Getting Reform Right
Military's New Hybrid Retirement Plan a Mixed Bag
[Official Guidance] Text of OPM Proposed Regs: FEHB Employee Premium Contributions for Employees in Leave Without Pay or Other Nonpay Status
Group Proposes $333 Billion in Cuts to Feds' Pay and Benefits
Are Federal Pay and Benefits Too Generous?
Department of Defense Gives Phased Retirement Program Green Light, Ending Lengthy Delay
Worse Than It Looks: The True Burden and Risks of Federal Employee Pension Plans in Canada (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of OPM Final Regs: Family and Medical Leave Act for Federal Employees; Definition of Spouse
OPM Will Give Health Insurance Companies New Rules for Reporting Cyberincidents
Cypen & Cypen Newsletter, March 31, 2016
Public Pensions in Flux: Can the Federal Government's Experiences Inform State Responses?
Former Presidents: Pensions, Office Allowances, and Other Federal Benefits (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of FEHB Letter to Carriers: Updated Expectations for Design and Operation of Health and Wellness Programs (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Will Your Sick Leave or PTO Policy Satisfy DOL's Paid Sick Leave Regs for Federal Contractors?
The Retirement and Social Security Benefit Claiming of U.S. Military Retirees
TVA Retirement Board Approves Counterproposal on Plan Changes
Pension Benefit Cuts Planned at TVA, Breaking a Federal Firewall
[Official Guidance] Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Carrier Letter for 2017 Contracts (PDF)
Health and Retirement Study Shows Declining Wealth and Work Among Male Veterans
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL Proposed Regs: Establishing Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors
Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program: An Overview (PDF)
Feds Made Fewer Hardship Withdrawals From TSP in 2015
House Votes to Give Former Presidents a Pension Cut
Questions and Answers About Federal Employee Health Insurance
Senate Approves Final Defense Bill with Military Retirement Reforms
New York Governor Cuomo Announces Pension Plan Credit for Military Service
[Official Guidance] Text of OPM Final Regs: Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program Eligibility Changes
[Official Guidance] Text of OPM Final Regs for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program: Enrollment Options Following the Termination of a Plan or Plan Option
Federal Employees Would Pay More Toward Pensions Under Proposal
New FEHBP Enrollment Option Will Result in Winners and Losers
Federal Employers Address Phased Retirement, Consider Automatic Escalation of TSP Contributions
[Official Guidance] Text of OPM Final Regs: Federal Employees Health Benefits Program 'Self Plus One' Enrollment Type

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