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[Opinion] Rising Pension Costs are California's Biggest Problem
[Guidance Overview] SEC Fact Sheet: Business Conduct Standards for Security-Based Swap Dealers and Major Security-Based Swap Participants
U.S. Public Pensions Return 6.8% in 2014 for Six Years of Gains
Experts Tell CalSTRS Earnings May Fall Short
CalPERS to Exit Hedge Funds, Divest $4 Billion Stake
[Guidance Overview] GASB 67/68: Beginning Implementation and Overview by Public Pension Plans (PDF)
[Opinion] U.S. Public Pension Funds Should Follow Canadian Lead, Seek Cost Savings in Investment Management
[Opinion] Twenty Myths About Public-Sector Pension Plans
CalPERS Files Notice of Appeal in San Bernardino Bankruptcy
[Guidance Overview] Quick Reference Guide for Public Employers, Feb. 2013 Edition (PDF)
Public Pension Plans Need to Know About Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (PDF)
Quarterly U.S. Census Bureau Summary of the Finances of Selected State and Local Government Employee Retirement Systems (PDF)
CalPERS Leaders Call Federal Indictments Against Former Officials 'Another Step on the Road Toward Justice'
[Opinion] Comparing Public Employee Benefits to the Private Sector: The Welch Factor
Public Pension Plan Investment Return Assumptions, Updated January 2013 (PDF)
On Socially Responsible Investing, Pension Costs and Debt: An Interview with New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli
State Pension Plans Better Funded Than Local Counterparts
Philadelphia Pension Board Sets Reform Standards for Continued Investment in Gun Industry Stocks
Pensions Dump Gun Stocks, But Will It Make a Difference?
Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund Will Divest Shares in Assault Weapons Makers
The Last Remaining Store of Real Wealth
How Do Public Pensions Invest? A Primer
Chicago Mayor Orders Pension Funds to Review Holdings in Weapons Companies
CalSTRS Investments Get Hard Look After Connecticut Tragedy
Orange County Rewarded as Pension-Bond Issues Boom
Census Bureau Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions: 3rd Quarter 2012
Health and OPEB Funding Strategies from the 2012 National Survey of Local Governments (PDF)
Bondholders' Challenge to Stockton Bankruptcy Deal Protecting Employee Pension Obligations Could Lead to U.S. Supreme Court
2012 Milliman Public Pension Funding Study Finds Top 100 Plans Funded at Only 67.8%, Not 75.1% as Reported by Plans
Public Pension Plans and Short-Term Employees
State Judges and Public Pension Laws: Classic Conflict of Interest
West Coast Defined Contribution Conference - San Francisco Nov. 4-6
The latest on employee benefit issues + Top IRS & DOL Speakers
California's Retiring State Workers Cash in Accumulated Unused Vacations for Big Bucks
DATAIR! Better Than Ever - Flexible Pricing - Superior Validation
New & Innovative. A Conference Developed Just for You!
Slides and Handouts for Upcoming Meeting of National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators
[Opinion] NAGDCA Helps to Tame Wild, Wild West of 403(b) and 457 Offerings
How a Plan to Help Stockton Fund Pensions Backfired
Designing Public Pension Plans for the Twenty-First Century
Don't Kill In-State Investment Plan, CalPERS Panel Urges
At 2.44%, Oklahoma PERS Tops Benchmark for Fiscal Year
[Opinion] Text of Speech by SEC Commissioner to National Association of Public Pension Attorneys: 'Pension Funds as Owners and Investors: A Voice for Working Families'
[Guidance Overview] Minutes of GASB Meeting Elaborate on Upcoming Revised Pension Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards
GASB Improves Pension Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards
U.S. Public Pension Portfolios More Aggressive Than Private Plans or European Counterparts
CalPERS Provides First State-Required Report on Placement Fees
Unions File Lawsuits Against San Jose's Voter-Approved Pension Reforms
Pension Fund Asset Allocation and Liability Discount Rates: Camouflage and Reckless Risk Taking by U.S. Public Plans?
Should Governmental Plan Sponsors Follow the Fee Disclosure Regs? If so, How?
New York State Pension Fund Posts 5.96% Return for Fiscal 2012
[Official Guidance] Final SEC Regs on Definition of 'Swap Dealer' and 'Securities-Based Swap Dealer' Under Dodd-Frank Act Including Swap Positions Maintained by an ERISA Plan or Governmental Plan (PDF)
CalPERS Looks at Investments in Job-Creating Infrastructure
[Opinion] Ohio Public Retirement Systems Need Overhaul, Not More Tweaks
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