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Public Pension Reporting and Disclosure: The Current State of Practice, and Examples of What Works Well
Understanding Public Pensions: A Guide for Elected Officials
[Opinion] Are State Pension Systems Failing to Deliver?
[Opinion] Laws of Unintended Consequences: Pension Reform Gone Awry (PDF)
Puerto Rico Pension Participants Sue to Stop Cuts
Looking for a Retirement Lifeline in Puerto Rico
[Opinion] Watching the Money Run Out: Applying a Simulation to a Chicago Pension Fund
State and Local Government Spending on Public Employee Retirement Systems (PDF)
Appeals Court Unanimously Vindicates San Diego's 2012 Pension Revisions
Evaluating Pension Reform Options with the Public Pension Simulator
Public Pensions Matter -- Just Ask Michigan and West Virginia
South Carolina Legislature Passes Pension Reform Bill
De-Risking Strategies for Governmental Pension Plans
Rhode Island Treasurer Proposes Bill to Help Municipal Plans Join State Retirement System
Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions: Fourth Quarter 2016
[Opinion] NJ Pension Proposal Would Exacerbate Pension Problems
New Jersey Credit Rating Cut for 11th Time Under Gov. Christie
[Opinion] Pension Crisis Too Big for Markets to Ignore
Illinois Governor Vetoes Bill to Help Improve Funding Ratio for Two Chicago Pension Plans
Managing Risk While Investing for Governmental Retirement Plans
[Opinion] Stupid Public Pension Trends: Divestment Expands
[Guidance Overview] GASB Omnibus Statement Addresses Pension and OPEB Issues
Annuity Options in Public Pension Plans: The Curious Case of Social Security Leveling
Urban Institute Provides Online Public Pension Simulator
CalPERS Forced to Declare Southern California Agency in Default of Pension Obligations
Public Pension Assets Quarterly Update, Q4 2016
Puerto Rico Oversight Board Approves Fiscal Plan with Pension Changes
In Puerto Rico, Teachers' Pension Fund Works Like a Ponzi Scheme
The State of State Teachers' Pension Plans
[Opinion] Attention, South Carolina: Closing a Pension is Never a Good Idea
Indiana House Advances Bill for Offering 401(k)-Style Plan to New Teachers
Illinois Senate Passes Contribution Bill for Chicago Teachers Pension Plan
CalPERS Investment Priority Shifts to Avoiding Loss
In Puerto Rico, Pensions' Decline Pits Retirees Against Lenders
Detroit Mayor Proposes Trust Fund to Cover Future Pension Payments
Investment Return Volatility and the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension Plan (PDF)
Public Pension Plan Investment Return Assumptions (PDF)
CalPERS Passes Risk Mitigation Plan to Further Lower Assumed Rate of Return in the Future
CalSTRS Cuts Misreported Pensions for Hundreds of Teachers
[Opinion] Public Pensions: Actuarial Assumptions and Professional Ethics
[Opinion] Moving Maryland Workers Into a 401(k) Plan Would Harm Retirement Security
Jacksonville Police, Fire Unions Reach Tentative Pension Deal
Retiree Benefits: A Tale of Two Cities (States)
[Opinion] The Pension Monster that Devoured Education
Michigan Leads Effort to Shift State Workers Away from Defined Benefit Plans
[Opinion] California Pension Reform Has Made a Difference
Connecticut Legislature Approves Plan to Restructure State Pension Obligations
Public Pension Funded Ratio Falls Back During Q4, Landing at 70.1% (PDF)
CalSTRS Lowers Earnings Forecast from 7.5% to 7%
Appropriateness of Risk-Taking by Public Pension Plans (PDF)
[Opinion] California Crumbling?
Maryland Governor Proposes 401(k)-Style Retirement Plan for State Employees
CalSTRS May Set State and Teacher Rates for the First Time
California Court Affirms that PEPRA Does Not Limit County's Right to Repeal COLA Pickup
Public Pension Funds Continue to Recover from Recession
[Guidance Overview] New California Law Requires Public Pension and Retirement Systems to Disclose Compensation and Expenses
CalPERS Explains Impact to Employer Contributions Due to Reduction in the Assumed Rate of Return
[Opinion] The Dallas Pension Fiasco Is Just the Beginning
[Opinion] Environmentalism Provides Moral Cover for New Taxes to Fund Pensions
[Opinion] Future of California Pension Reform Now Up to State Supreme Court

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