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Kentucky Pension Crisis: Governor's Proposal Would Move Workers to 401(k) Plans
[Opinion] Teachers and Schools Are Well Served by Teacher Pensions
How a 40-Year-Old Bill Is Key to This Local Pension Lawsuit in California
Pension Costs in Context (PDF)
Public Pension Spending and Crowd-Out of Governmental Services in California, 2003-2030 (PDF)
[Opinion] California's Pension Costs Cause Reduction in Services by Local Governments
[Opinion] South Carolina Can't Afford Its State Pension System
Wisconsin Governmental Entities Now Prohibited from Offering Domestic Partners Benefits
Summary of the Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions: Asset Growth Continues in Second Quarter 2017 (PDF)
Ohio's Public-Employee Pensions Face Cutbacks
Employee Contributions to Public Pension Plans (PDF)
University of California Hands Out Generous Pensions While Students Pay the Price with Higher Tuition
[Opinion] Kentucky Pension Blues: Let's Get This Fire Started
[Opinion] Revisiting the Three Rs of Teacher Retirement Systems: Recruitment, Retention, and Retirement (PDF)
CalPERS Considers Paying Down New Debt Faster
Public Pension Assets Quarterly Update, Q2 2017
[Opinion] The Push for Full Funding of Public Pensions: Is It Worth It?
Rhode Island General Assembly Passes Bill Requiring Transparency from Investment Managers
[Opinion] Public Pension Storm Warning
[Opinion] Pensions Leaving Workers Behind by Focusing on Messaging, Politics
California Pension Reform: The San Jose Model
[Opinion] What Is the New Hampshire Decennial Retirement Commission?
Using a Section 115 Trust to Help Manage Pension Obligations
Texas Teacher Retirement System Adjusts Proposed 403(b) Rule Amendments
CalPERS Said to Mull Outsourcing Its Private-Equity Investments
This Missouri City Just Switched Employees from a 401(k) to a Defined Benefit Plan
[Opinion] New Math Hits Minnesota's Pensions?
Commonwealth of Kentucky Pension Performance and Best Practices Analysis: Recommended Options (PDF)
Puerto Rico Oversight Board Sues, Wants Governor to Enforce Pension Reforms
Puerto Rico Governor Signs Pension Reform Law
[Opinion] The 'Pension Crisis' Is a Myth, Part Three
Public Pension Funded Ratio Continues to Improve Through Second Quarter, Now at 73.0% (PDF)
[Opinion] The 'Pension Crisis' Is a Myth, Part Four
An Update on Retirement Plan Choices for Public Employees and Employers (PDF)
[Opinion] Switching to 401(k)-Type Plan for Kentucky Public Employees Would Cause More Harm (PDF)
District Court Rejects Union's Challenge to CalPERS Amendment Increasing Retirement Age
Three Pension Funds Sue Major Banks in Stock Loan Case
Abandoning the Pension Rat Race for Absolute Returns
Public Pensions: Why Do 100% Required Contribution Payers Have Decreasing Fundedness?
[Opinion] Public Pensions: A Good Deal for Taxpayers (PDF)
New York's Soaring Pension Bills
University of California Leads on Pension Loans, Are 401(k) Plans Next?
Fifth Circuit Remands Settlement of Pension Funding Class Action Case
[Opinion] Pew Misleads States by Pushing Cash Balance Plans
[Opinion] Public Pension Assets: Our Funds Were in Alternatives, and All We Got Were These Lousy High Fees
State and Local Pension Plan Funding Sputters in FY 2016 (PDF)
Public Pension Plan Investment Returns Are In for FY 2017
Judge Rules Against Contribution Cap for Arizona Plan
Public Universities Offer Superior Retirement for Professors
Task Force Struggles to Cut $5 Billion from Oregon Pension Costs
[Official Guidance] Text of GASB Proposed Implementation Guide: Accounting and Financial Reporting for Postemployment Benefits Other Than Pensions
[Opinion] Public Pensions Are Under Attack in Iowa
[Opinion] California Is Still Facing a Pension Crisis Even with Good Stock Market Returns
State and Local Pension Plans Funding Sputters in FY 2016
Illinois Pension Payments to Eat Up Entire $5 Billion Tax Increase, and More
CalPERS 2017 Investment Return Exceeds Expectations
[Opinion] Michigan Weakens the Retirement Security of Public School Employees
[Opinion] Public Plans Data Takeaway: Bad Actuarial Assumptions
New Jersey Approves Budget, Shifting State Lottery to Pension Fund
[Guidance Overview] IRS Form 14581-C: Medicare Coverage Compliance Self-Assessment for State and Local Government Employers (PDF)

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