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Kentucky Budget Director Sues State Pension Coalition to Keep Actuarial Analysis Under Wraps
Michigan Reveals Post-Detroit Pension Woes
CalPERS Payouts Approach $21 Billion, Up 43% Over Past 5 Years
California Courts Split on Pension Vested Rights Analysis
Oregon Legislature Passes Bill to Reduce $74.6 Billion Unfunded Liability of Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund
CalPERS Reduces Amortization Period with Impacts to Employer Contribution Rates
[Opinion] There Is Finally a Pension Bill in Kentucky, and It's Bad
West Virginia Bill Would Criminalize Failure to Make Public Pension System Contributions
How Is Liability-Driven Investing Different?
Kentucky Pension Reform Bill Would Move Future Teachers Into Cash Balance Plan
California Cities' Pension Bills May Rise with CalPERS Move
When Do CalPERS Rates Become 'Unsustainable'?
Retirement Reform Lessons: The Experience of Palm Beach Public Safety Pensions (PDF)
2017 NCPERS Public Retirement Systems Study (PDF)
The Cost of Healthcare for California Government Workers When They Retire Rises Sharply
CalPERS Raises Pensionable Compensation Caps for 2018
[Opinion] California Government Pension Contributions Required to Double by 2024 -- Best Case
[Opinion] The Pension 'Hail Mary' That Should Never Have Happened
Illinois Ponders Pension Fund Moonshot: A $107 Billion Bond Sale
Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions for Q3 2017
Restructuring a Multi-Manager Plan: A Case Study (PDF)
California Governor Brown Goes to Court to Finish Pension Reforms
[Opinion] Garden State Crowd-Out: How New Jersey's Pension Crisis Threatens the State Budget (PDF)
New Tax Law Means Fighting Over Underfunded State Pension Plans Is About to Get Worse
Conflicting Decisions in California as to 'Vested Rights' of Public Employees: Where Will the State Supreme Court Land?
Baltimore Fire and Police Pension Changes Ruled Unlawful
High Hurdle for Pension Cuts in New California Court Ruling
New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Requiring Stress Tests, Fee Transparency at State Pension Funds
The Funded Status of Local Pensions Inches Closer to States (PDF)
KKR, Blackstone Sued Over Fund Sales to Kentucky Retirement System Pension Plan
[Guidance Overview] Tax Reform Legislation Addresses UBIT and Segregation of UBTI Investments
Push Grows to Use Pension Funds to Address Climate Change
Sometimes It's Good to 'Be a Little Bit Country' -- The Benefits of Rural Cooperative Status
[Guidance Overview] CalPERS Board Adopts New Regs on Compensation Counted in Pension Formula
Puerto Rico Ordered to Make Interest Payments on Pension Bonds
Appeals Court May Allow California Governmental Employers to Decrease Rate of Future Benefit Accruals
Report Says CalPERS Investments Too Focused on Environmental and Social Activism
[Opinion] Slanted 'Study' on the Role of ESG Falls Completely Apart
NASRA Issue Brief: State Hybrid Retirement Plans (PDF)
2018 California PEPRA Compensation Limits
[Opinion] Public Pensions Can Meet Their Obligations
Public Pension Assets Quarterly Update (Q3 2017)
Panel Says Only Cuts to Employee Medical Benefit Can Fix New Jersey Pension Fund
Government Plan Sponsors Seek Employee Communication from Providers
CalPERS Sees Unfunded Liabilities Rise $27 Billion
Tax Reform and Public Pensions: Minor Provision Causes Major Trouble
[Opinion] Are Hedge Funds or Private Equity Investments Appropriate for Public Pension Funds?
[Opinion] Moving to 401(k)-Style Retirement for Kentucky Teachers Will Reduce Costs
[Opinion] Don't Dismantle Public Pensions Because They Aren't 100 Percent Funded (PDF)
Cost-of-Living Adjustments in State and Local Government Pension Plans (PDF)
[Opinion] The 'Pension Crisis' Is a Myth, Part 6
Oregon Task Force Identifies Measures to Reduce Unfunded Pension Liabilities by About $5 Billion
Colorado Governor Proposes Increase in Required Employee Contributions to State Pensions, Cap on COLAs
2017 Public Pension Funding Study (PDF)
CalPERS Identifies Income Sources of Public Employee Pensions
[Opinion] Coping with the Public Employee Pension Albatross
[Opinion] Pension Pursuit: How State and Local Governments Are Underfunding Pension Obligations
[Opinion] American Academy of Actuaries Letter to Missouri State Retirement Board on Terminated-Vested Member Buyout Program (PDF)
How Have Municipal Bond Markets Reacted to Pension Reform? (PDF)
For Public Employees, Health Care Premiums Just Keep Going Up

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