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Do Deferred Benefit Cuts for Current Employees Increase Separation?
Navigating the Government Pension Offset Rule for Social Security Spousal Benefits
State and Local Government Spending on Public Employee Retirement Systems (PDF)
Retirement Readiness: What Does Full Funding Look Like?
Navigating the Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision with a Government Pension
Overview of Public Pension Plan Governance (PDF)
How Reliant Are Older Americans on State and Local Government Pensions?
[Opinion] Will Illinois Botch Local Pension Consolidation?
Bill to Consolidate Public Safety Pension Funds of Illinois Localities Passes State Legislature
[Guidance Overview] 2020 PEPRA Compensation Limits for CalPERS and CalSTRS Pension Plans
DOL Releases Proposed Electronic Disclosure Safe Harbor
[Opinion] Take Politics Out of Public Pension Plans
State and Local Employees' Views on Their Jobs, Pay and Benefits (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] How California Public Agencies Can Reform Pension Benefits
California Governmental Employers Should Take Care When Cost-Sharing Under CalPERS
Public Pension Plans Continue to Shift Into U.S. Stocks
Recent Changes in Pension Benefits for State and Local Workers Not Covered by Social Security
A Look at Teachers' Job Requirements, Employer Costs, and Benefits
Peaceful Coexistence: The Facts About Pensions and Education Funding (PDF)
Second Chance for Major Ruling on Pension Cuts
[Opinion] With Proxy Reforms the SEC Takes a First Step in Improving the Health of U.S. Pension Funds
Defined Benefit Pension Primer: Public, Private Single Employer, Multiemployer, and Church Plans
[Opinion] Illinois Bright Idea: Put a Bunch of Underfunded Pension Plans in One Pile
[Opinion] Pension Obligation Bonds May Soon Have Their Moment
San Diego Labor Unions File Suit to Invalidate Prop B Pension Cut
How a Financial Wellness Expo Became the Hottest Ticket in Town
Post-Employment Benefits in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut: The Case for Reform (PDF)
Funded Status of State and Local Pension Plans in FY 2018 (PDF)
[Opinion] Teachers Want Higher Pay, But Pensions Swallow Up the Budget
Summary of the Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions, 2019 Second Quarter (PDF)
Class Action Challenging Hospital Authority's Governmental Plan Exemption Dismissed
Proactive Pension Management: An Elected Official's Guide to Variable Benefit and Contribution Arrangements (PDF)
Illinois Pension Debt Now a Quarter-Trillion Dollars and Counting
The Improper Use of Governmental 'Pre-Approved' Plans
Health Insurance Costs 'Wildly Inflated' for Government Workers in California
The Cost and Adequacy of Teacher Pensions in Texas
Employee Contributions to Public Pension Plans (PDF)
The Golden Handshake: Pension 'Air Time' Lives On
How Do Public Plans Value Their Assets?
California Court of Appeals Further Clarifies STRS' Authority to Collect Overpayments Made to Retirees
[Opinion] Are Public Pensions in a Crisis? Part 4: On Closing DB Plans and Replacing with DC
[Opinion] Are Public Pensions in a Crisis? Part 3 -- Is It Just an Accounting Problem?
How Many 457(b) Plans Do You Need?
[Opinion] Are Public Pensions in a Crisis? Part 2 -- Is Pay-as-You-Go Sustainable?
[Opinion] Are Public Pensions in a Crisis?
[Opinion] No, Public Pension Reform Experiments Have Not Failed
Oregon Government Employees Sue to Stop New Pension Law
Examining the Experiences of States That Closed Pension Plans
Does Public Pension Board Composition Impact Returns?
Here's How Much Your State Spends on Pension Funds
California Pension Costs Grew Six Times as Fast as Nation
Pension Investing: An Alternative Strategy for Public and Church Defined Benefit Plans
Analysis of Disability Benefits in Public Retirement Plans (PDF)
CalPERS Loss Triggers More Debt Payment Reform
Reach for Yield by U.S. Public Pension Funds
Why Public Pensions Are Taking More Risk
The Sustainability of State and Local Government Pensions: A Public Finance Approach (PDF)
[Opinion] The Case for New Public Pension Accounting Standards (PDF)
Final Report on Connecticut Pension Sustainability (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Non-Federal Governmental Plans and MHPAEA (PDF)
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