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[Guidance Overview] 2019 Brings Mini-COBRA to Arizona
Employer Pays High Price After Court Finds Change in Method of Collecting Premiums is COBRA Qualifying Event
Change in Premium Payment Method Was a Loss of Coverage for COBRA Purposes
When Is Medicare Entitlement a COBRA Qualifying Event?
Don't Forget to Set Your HRA COBRA Premiums!
COBRA Notice Penalties Awarded in FMLA/Leave of Absence Litigation
[Guidance Overview] Wellness Promotion/Prevention: Overcoming Legal and Compliance Hurdles (PDF)
Avoiding Unexpected Liability for Former Employees' Medical Expenses
Interaction of COBRA and Medicare: Just How Do Those Rules Work Again?
Marriott Worker Wins Class Status in Health Plan Notice Lawsuit
New Rule on Short-Term Health Plans Could Affect COBRA Choices
Capgemini to Pay $1M to Settle Continued Health Coverage Lawsuit
Who Is Responsible for COBRA Coverage in an M&A Transaction? (PDF)
Employer Defeats COBRA Claims of Employee Offered Subsidized Coverage in Severance Agreement
Personal Liability for COBRA Penalties Extends Only to ERISA Plan Administrators
Notice Sent to Employee's Old Address Satisfied COBRA Requirements
TPA's Recordkeeping Was Enough to Show Employer Met COBRA Notice Requirements
DOL Extends Relief for Victims of Hurricane Maria and October California Wildfires (PDF)
No COBRA Notice? No Harm, No Foul, Court Says
No Penalties for COBRA Violation Absent Proof of Employee's Harm or Employer's Bad Faith
How Would End of DACA Affect Employees' Health and Welfare Benefits?
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS and DOL 'Extension of Time Frames' for Employee Benefit Plans, Participants and Beneficiaries Affected by Hurricane Maria
Court Considers Whether Employee Who Refused Drug Test Was Terminated for Gross Misconduct for Purposes of COBRA
Equitable Tolling of COBRA Election Applies Only for Period Beneficiary Is Incapacitated
District Court Holds That Incapacity Can Extend, But Not Re-Start, COBRA Election Period
Court Cases Challenge English-Only COBRA Election Procedures
[Guidance Overview] More Hurricane Relief and Expansion of DOL Relief for Irma Victims
Court Rejects Hospital's Attempt to Elect COBRA for Patient Years After His Period of Incapacity
[Guidance Overview] IRS and DOL Provide Relief for Plan Sponsors and Participants Affected by Hurricane Harvey
[Guidance Overview] First Round of Hurricane Harvey Relief Guidance
[Guidance Overview] Agencies Provide Guidance for Plans and Participants Affected by Hurricane Harvey
[Official Guidance] DOL Issues Compliance Guidance for Employee Benefit Plans Impacted by Hurricane Harvey
Sound Process and Good Recordkeeping Demonstrate Compliance with COBRA Notice Requirements
COBRA and Severance Agreements: A Gift or a Curse?
Loss of COBRA Subsidies: A Marketplace Conundrum
Employer Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Because of Vague Language in COBRA Notice
Theft Was Gross Misconduct, But Inconsistencies May Make COBRA Ineligibility Less Clear
Recordkeeping Evidence Leads Eleventh Circuit to Conclude That Former Employer Met COBRA Obligations
Undisputed Evidence of COBRA Notice Procedures Defeats Claim of Non-Receipt
Court Finds No Obligation to Provide COBRA Notice in Language Other Than English
[Guidance Overview] COBRA and Second Qualifying Events
Duration of COBRA Election Period When Beneficiary Is Incapacitated
Including COBRA Coverage in a Severance Package May Be Too Much of a Good Thing
Over 30 Years Later, COBRA Still Has Fangs
Why COBRA Might Be Making a Comeback
Employers Should Beware of the COBRA Bite
The American Health Care Act: Key Takeaways for Employers and Plan Sponsors
How COBRA Intersects with Medicare and Retiree Health Plans
Avoiding COBRA's Bite: Measures to Counter COBRA Class Actions
COBRA Administration: Back to Basics
New Broker Rules Might Help Employers
How COBRA Intersects with Medicare and Retiree Health Plans
Non-Compliant COBRA Election Notices May Be Costly
Can Employer Recover Health Coverage Costs If Employee Doesn't Return from FMLA Leave?
Did You Consider the COBRA Implications of Your Severance Arrangement?
IRS Letter Affirms Notice Obligation of Qualified Beneficiary Seeking Disability Extension
Warning for Employment, Severance, and Change in Control Agreements and Plans
[Guidance Overview] Can We Allow Laid-Off Employees to Spend Down Their Health FSAs Without Electing COBRA?
[Guidance Overview] DOL Permits Additional ACA Marketplace Information as Part of COBRA Election Notice (PDF)
Is Healthcare FSA COBRA Continuation Really Required?
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