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Health plan admin - HIPAA

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[Official Guidance] Text of IRS and DOL 'Extension of Time Frames' for Employee Benefit Plans, Participants and Beneficiaries Affected by Hurricane Maria
Discretionary Clauses in ERISA Health and Disability Plans: Are They Still Viable? (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] ACA's Nondiscrimination Taglines and Notices Require Updating Your Notice of Privacy Practices
HHS Withdraws Proposed Regs Requiring Health Plans to Certify HIPAA Compliance
[Guidance Overview] HIPAA Compliance Checklist for Employer-Sponsored Health Plans (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of HHS Withdrawal of Proposed Regs for Certification of Compliance for Health Plans
HIPAA Compliance: Protecting Employee Information
Aetna Accidentally Exposed Customers' HIV Status
Attempting to Avoid the High Cost of a Reported HIPAA Breach
Making Sense of Employee Health Record Privacy Regs (PDF)
Heightened Transparency in Breach Notification Tool Nudges HIPAA Compliance
HIPAA 'Wall of Shame' Gets Update from OCR
Tracking EEOC Rules for Wearables in Wellness Programs
Assessments, Policies, and Training Are Key to HIPAA Compliance
HHS Provides Cyberattack Checklist for HIPAA-Covered Entities
Fiduciary Obligations to Safeguard Plan Participants' Data
[Official Guidance] OCR Cyber Attack Checklist for HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates (PDF)
Molina Healthcare Investigates Breach of Patients' Data
HIPAA Is Here to Stay
Two HHS Settlements for HIPAA Violations Include Penalties Totaling Over $5 Million
Multimillion Dollar HIPAA Settlements Focus on Encryption and Unauthorized Disclosures
$2.4M HIPAA Settlement Warns Health Plans and Providers Against Sharing Medical Info with Media, Others
Button Up Your HIPAA Business Associate Agreements or Pay the Price
Top Five HIPAA Myths That Arise in Higher Education
OCR Announces First HIPAA Settlement with Wireless Health Services Provider
HIPAA Risk Analysis Lapses Lead to OCR Enforcement: How Is Your Security Management Process?
Latest HIPAA Resolution Agreement Drives Home Importance of Maintaining Current, Signed Business Associate Agreements
The Costly Consequences of Failing to Enter Into Written Business Associate Agreements
$2.5 Million Settlement Shows That Not Understanding HIPAA Requirements Creates Risk
2016 Was Biggest Year Yet for HIPAA Monetary Settlements
$400,000 HIPAA Settlement Highlights Importance of Risk Assessment and Management Plans
FBI Warns Healthcare Facilities about Cyber-Vulnerable FTP Servers
[Guidance Overview] HIPAA Guidance Issued on Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
OCR Settlement Emphasizes Need for Swift Breach Response
Recent HIPAA Privacy and Security Settlements, and Lessons Learned
[Guidance Overview] Q&A on HIPAA Compliance for Group Health Plans and Wellness Programs That Use Health Apps (PDF)
The Potential Perils of Collecting Biometric Data About Employees
Are You Prepared for a HIPAA Audit?
HIPAA Phase 2 Audits Are Here. Are You Ready?
Are HIPAA Audits Moving Into Enforcement Territory?
Do You Have Audit Controls to Ensure Access for Terminated Employees is Ended?
$5.5M Settlement Reminds Health Plans to Implement and Audit HIPAA Compliance
[Guidance Overview] HIPAA for HR: Some Good News for Employers
[Guidance Overview] HIPAA Small Breach Notifications Due to OCR March 1
[Guidance Overview] HIPAA Small Breach Notification Due March 1
[Opinion] Call for State Privacy Laws to Align with HIPAA
Key Lessons to Be Learned from $3.2 Million HIPAA Penalty
How Does an Employer Comply with HIPAA's Privacy Rule When Reporting Health Plan Enrollment Information on Form 1095-C?
[Guidance Overview] End-of-Administration Changes: 21st Century Cures Act, Disability Claims Procedures, and More
Stolen Pen Drive Results in $2.2 Million HIPAA Settlement
OCR Announces First HIPAA Enforcement Action for Untimely Breach Notification
Time Waits for No One: OCR Announces First HIPAA Settlement for Lack of Timely Breach Notification
[Guidance Overview] Who is a HIPAA 'Business Associate'?
First HIPAA Enforcement Action for Lack of Timely Breach Notification Settles for $475,000
Beware of Phishing Email Disguised as Official OCR Audit Communication
[Guidance Overview] HHS Increases Penalties for HIPAA Violations (PDF)
HHS Alert: Phishing Email Disguised as Official OCR Audit Communication
Malware Infiltration Results in $650,000 HIPAA Settlement
Shared Information Compliance: After HIPAA Comes FTC Act
[Guidance Overview] New Guidance on Cloud Computing and the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules (PDF)

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