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Health plan costs - healthcare delivery

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[Guidance Overview] Telehealth Expansion Finally Comes to Texas
From Hotspot to Health Hub: How Communication and Data Can Help Solve the Growing Health Divide
Which Markets Are Most Likely to Be Disrupted by New Care Delivery Models
Why the Utilization Conversation in Telemedicine Is Bigger Than Dollars and Cents
The Future is Now: Healthcare Delivery Systems
[Opinion] Healthcare is Complicated: Is it Fixable?
[Opinion] Health Care Can Be Patient-Centered, Accessible and Affordable
A Factor in Higher Healthcare Costs: When Evidence Says No, but Doctors Say Yes
Managing Hospital Employee Health Costs Can Help Prepare for Value-Based Care
CMS Announces 45 ACOs Are Now Participating in Next Generation Model
UnitedHealth Group to Buy Outpatient Surgery Chain for $2.3 Billion
Specialty Pharmacies Say Benefit Managers Are Squeezing Them Out
Why Are Hospital Prices Different? An Examination of New York Hospital Reimbursement (PDF)
Catholic Health Initiatives Pulls Out of Insurance Business
Telehealth Alone Will Not Increase Health Care Access for the Underserved
Narrow Provider Networks for Employer Plans
Reference-Based Pricing: The New Frontier of Cost Control?
Insurers' Flawed Directories Leave Patients Scrambling for In-Network Doctors
National Health Spending: Faster Growth in 2015 as Coverage Expands and Utilization Increases (PDF)
Turbulent Times for Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation
What Health Plans Need to Know About Millennial Customers
The Sandbox Bully: Health Savings Accounts, Onsite Clinics, and Telemedicine
High Value Cancer Care: Guidance for Employers (PDF)
Kaiser Now Interacts More with Patients Virtually Than In-Person
Report on the Proposed 2016 Cancer Claim Cost Valuation Table (PDF)
Calculating Shared Savings: Administrative Formulas Versus Research-Based Evaluations
Hospital Health Plans Growing as Providers Want More Control Over Care
[Opinion] The Time for Telehealth Is Now
Medicare Accountable Care Organization Results for 2015: The Journey to Better Quality and Lower Costs Continues
Call Me Maybe? Telemedicine ROI
Does Digital Health Need Reimbursement?
Should Big Insurance Become Like Walmart to Lower Health Costs?
[Opinion] Orszag and Emanuel Do Not Seem to Understand Bundled Payments
Telemedicine Arrangements: Beware of Inadvertently Dialing Up an Excise Tax
Do You Know How Good Your Surgeon Is?
CMS Releases Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS) Public Use File
Paying for Value: Progress and Obstacles (PDF)
House Committee Leaders Press Last Surviving Obamacare CO-OPs for Updates on Viability
50-State Survey on Telemental Health Laws in the United States
Telemedicine and the Long-Tail Problem in Healthcare
Healthcare Benefit Designs: How They Work
Medicare Pays Bonuses to 231 Hospitals with Lower Quality Because of Cheaper Costs
[Opinion] Confronting Consolidation (PDF)
Rewarding High Quality: Practical Models for Value-Based Physician Payment (PDF)
Is On-Site Health Care Right for Employers?
CMS Escalates Primary Care Reform
Health Plans Help Providers Convert to Quality, Value Model
CMS Introduces New Primary Care Payment Initiative for Healthcare Providers
The Power of the Patient-Centered Medical Home in Workplace Health and Wellness Centers
Innovations in the Setting for Health Care Delivery: Will Expanding Care Options Increase or Decrease Costs?
Latest Battlefront for Closing Health Insurance CO-OPs? The Courts
AHIP Tests 'One Stop' Provider Directory Model as Fines Threaten Insurer Inaccuracies
Maine Community Health Options, the Only Profitable CO-OP in 2014, Posts Major Losses
Health Care Market Consolidations: Impacts on Costs, Quality and Access
Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) Program: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
No Evidence That Insurance Market Consolidation Leads to Greater Innovation
Texas Telemedicine 2015 Year in Review
Designing an Accountable and Integrated Value-Based Health Plan
Paying Providers For Value: The Path Forward
Alternative Payment Model (APM) Framework White Paper and Addendum (PDF)

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