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Health plan costs - misc

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Planning for Health Care Costs in Retirement (PDF)
Healthcare's Next Cost Challenge: Tackling Rising Fees by Providers and Facilities
Unwieldy Health Costs Often Stand Between Teachers and Fatter Paychecks
HHS Secretary Pressed by Senate Committee on Administration's Drug Pricing Plan
Appeals Court Finds Insurers Not Entitled to Risk Corridor Payments
Insurers Not Owed Risk Corridor Payments
[Guidance Overview] Repeal of the Michigan Health Insurance Claims Tax
The Effects of Actuarial Value Changes on New Yorkers with High-Cost Medical Needs
Insurers Can Continue Silver Loading for 2019
PCORI Fee Due July 31, 2018
Drivers of 2019 Health Insurance Premium Changes (PDF)
Migraine Impacts Employers in Both Health Care Spend and Lost Productivity
Behind the Numbers 2019: Healthcare and Medical Cost Trends (PDF)
Employers Hope to Shield Employees from Increased Health Coverage Costs
[Guidance Overview] Association Health Plans, Part 4
Nevada Supreme Court Rejects Interpretation of 'Health Insurance' That Would Nullify State Wage System
Differential Treatment and Health Outcomes by Insurance Coverage Among Nonelderly Adult Patients with Heart Attack
Trends in Healthcare Expenditures Among U.S. Adults with Hypertension: National Estimates, 2003-2014 (PDF)
Most Americans Miss Out on Preventive Healthcare
[Opinion] Can Low-Intensity Care Solve High Health Care Costs?
Biggest Chunk of the Health Care Dollar Goes to Prescription Drugs
Insurer's Limited Reimbursements to Air Ambulance Provider Protected by Safe Harbor
The Impact of the $0 Individual Mandate Penalty (PDF)
Mercer and American Benefits Council Testimony to House Subcommittee Hearing on Consumer-Directed Health Plans (PDF)
[Opinion] Fiduciary Responsibility in Healthcare Plans, Part Five
The HSA in Your Future: Defined Contribution Retiree Medical
HHS to Continue to Allow Insurers' Workaround on 2019 Prices
Tracking 2019 Premium Changes on ACA Exchanges
New Jersey Enacts Individual Health Insurance Mandate
Reference-Based Pricing: Another Self-Insured Option for Employers
Some Employers Are Giving More Health Care Help to Low-Wage Workers
Medicare Trustees Report Shows Lower Spending Projections for Medicare Part D
Big Data and the Role of the Actuary (PDF)
Declines in Hospital-Acquired Conditions Save 8,000 Lives and $2.9 Billion in Costs
[Opinion] The Value of Health Insurance Brokers
Level Funding Opens the Door to Cost-Saving Health Claims Information
Nevada Supreme Court Determines Definition of Health Insurance for Nevada's Minimum Wage Laws
A Hospital ER Charges an 'After-Hours' Fee. Who Has to Pay It?
Take-Up, Drop-Out, and Spending in ACA Marketplaces
Reclassification Risk in the Small Group Health Insurance Market
The Reshaping of the ACA (PDF)
Massachusetts Business Groups Seek to Pare Back Emergency Room Visits
House Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on Lowering Costs and Expanding Access to Health Care Through Consumer-Directed Health Plans
IRS Increases ACA Employer Mandate Affordability Threshold for 2019
Is Your Workplace Prepared for the Opioid Epidemic?
[Opinion] Ideas to Make Health Care Affordable Again (PDF)
How to Cover the Costs of Employee Health Plans without Getting Sick About It
Insurance Industry Licks Its Chops at Possible Third Delay of Health Insurance Tax
No, Your Insurer Doesn't Care If You Have High Claims. In Fact, They Like It That Way
Why Your Health Insurer Doesn't Care About Your Big Bills
Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] How the 2019 ACA Affordability Increase to 9.86% Affects Employers
[Guidance Overview] Affordability Threshold Set to Jump Significantly in 2019
Federal Subsidies for Health Insurance Coverage for People Under Age 65: 2018 to 2028
DOL Annual Report to Congress on Self-Insured Group Health Plans (PDF)
Anthem to Acquire Aspire, Joins Plans Purchasing Providers
Pros and Cons of High Cost Sharing for Employer Health Plans
Insurer Reduces Breast Pump Reimbursements, Could Mean Fewer Mothers Will Breastfeed
Why More Small and Midsize Employers Are Turning to Level Funding for Health Benefits
A Wellness Program Is Lacking Without Disease Management

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