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Health plan costs - prescription drugs

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[Opinion] Lower Drug Costs: The Next Frontier for State Flexibility
Prescription Drug Coupons: A One-Size-Fits-All Policy Approach Doesn't Fit the Evidence
Reforming Biopharmaceutical Pricing at Home and Abroad (PDF)
How Do Prescription Drugs Affect the Use of Other Health Services?
As States Target High Drug Prices, Pharma Targets State Lawmakers
HHS Nominee Sees PBMs as Tool to Lower Drug Costs
Consumers, Healthcare Organizations Unaligned on Value-Based Drug Pricing
Drug Companies, Under Attack for High Prices, Have Started Industry War with PBMs
[Opinion] A Call to End Drug Rebates
Drugmakers Raise 2018 Prices by More Than Inflation Rate But Stay Within Self-Imposed 10 Percent Limit
Managing the High and Rising Cost of Prescription Drug Coverage: Prior Authorization Denial Rates for Specialty Drugs Vary Widely Among PBMs (PDF)
FDA Chief Says He's Open to Rethinking Incentives on Orphan Drugs
Drug Industry Spent Millions to Squelch Talk About High Drug Prices
UnitedHealth Beats Would-Be Class Action Over Drug Costs
District Court Dismisses Class Action Challenge to UnitedHealth PBM Payments (PDF)
This Old Drug Was Free; Now It's $109,500 a Year
Teva's New Plan Is to Raise Drug Prices, But It Won't Be Easy
Pharmacy Management: Carving In vs. Carving Out -- What's Right for Your Business? (PDF)
House Health Subcommittee Hearing Reviews Complex Drug Supply Chain
Experts Tell Congress How to Cut Drug Prices
Are Drugs Cheaper Using Cash?
[Opinion] The Prescription Drug Supply Chain 'Black Box': How It Works and Why You Should Care (PDF)
Prescription Drugs May Cost More with Insurance Than Without It
[Opinion] NCPA Comments to FTC Shine Spotlight on PBMs
[Opinion] Will CVS-Aetna Merger Lower Costs?
CVS-Aetna Merger Could Change How Employers Buy Health Benefits
CVS-Aetna Deal to Change How Big Employers Buy Health Benefits
Follow the Dollar: Understanding How the Pharmaceutical Distribution and Payment System Shapes the Prices of Brand Medicines
The Specialty Drug Challenge: An Executive Overview (PDF)
Drug Pricing Crisis and the Role of the Intermediary: How Did We End Up Here? (PPT)
Employer Premiums Rise Nearly 7% in 2017 as Employees Absorb More of Health Insurance Cost
[Opinion] How Ethics and Transparency Can Solve the PBM Crisis
[Opinion] Start with Pharmacy to Reduce Healthcare Costs
Anthem's In-House Drug Plan: What Should Employers Expect?
Lower Rx Cost Trend Increases Projected for 2018
A Path Toward Understanding and Lowering U.S. Prescription Drug Spending
Health Insurer Anthem Brings Pharmacy Business In-House, Taps CVS to Help
[Opinion] NCPA Statement for House HELP Committee Hearing on the Cost of Prescription Drugs: How the Drug Delivery System Affects What Patients Pay (PDF)
Combatting the Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis
California Governor Signs Drug Pricing Transparency Law
[Opinion] Municipality Sues Over Drug Cost Increase: $40 Vial Now Costs $35,000
Insurers Are Slow to Approve Pricey New Cholesterol Drugs
Value-Based Contracting for Drugs and Medical Devices: An Innovative Solution Impaired by Outdated Regs
Super Spending: U.S. Trends in High-Cost Medication Use
Hospitals, Health Insurers Biggest Sources of Rising Health Costs
High Prescription Drug Cost Trends Projected to Be Lower for 2018
Pharmacy Benefit Management of Opioid Prescribing: The Role of Employers and Insurers
Amazon in Talks with PBMs Over Pharma Supply Chain
Prescription Drug Spending in U.S. Among Highest Worldwide
[Official Guidance] Text of CMS Memo: Creation of the 2018 Benefit Year HHS-Operated Risk Adjustment Adult Models -- Draft Prescription Drug (RXCUIs) to HHS Drug Classes (RXCs) Crosswalk (PDF)
Cost Is Top Reason for Not Filling a Medication Prescription
[Opinion] Drawing a Line in the Sand: Employers Must Rethink Pharmacy Benefit Strategies (PDF)
The Price Isn't Right: States' Drug Pricing Transparency Laws
How Price Transparency Can Lower Healthcare Costs
Health Insurers Enter Fray in Drug Price Fight
[Opinion] Curbing Prescription Drug Prices Through the PBM Model
CMS Issues Part D Premiums for 2018
Generic Drug Prices Are Falling, But Are Consumers Benefiting?
Take the Generic Drug -- Unless Insurer Says No
[Official Guidance] Medicare Projects Decrease in Drug Premiums for 2018

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