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Health plan costs - prescription drugs

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[Opinion] Pharmacy Spread Pricing Exposed
Specialty Drugs, Biosimilars and Your Health Benefit Plan
Senate Votes 98-2 to Ban Pharmacist Gag Clauses
Justice Department Approves Cigna-Express Scripts Merger
High Drug Prices and Promising Policy Proposals: What the Evidence Says
Leading PBMs Unveil Excluded Drugs
Determining Whether Prescription Drug Coverage Is Creditable (PDF)
Pharma CEO Jacks Drug Price 400%, Citing 'Moral Requirement to Make Money'
Hospital Groups Sue HHS Over Long-Delayed 340B Drug Discount Program Final Rule
CMS Greenlights Indication-Based Formulary Design
Your CFO May Have a Few Questions about High-Cost Claims
Hospital Charges and Reimbursement for Medicines: Analysis of Cost-to-Charge Ratios (PDF)
Senators Clash with Administration on Causes of High Prescription Drug Prices
A Formula for Choosing the Right PBM for Your Benefits
[Opinion] A Six-Step Solution to the PBM Problem
[Opinion] Are Pharmacy Benefit Managers the 'Good Guys' or the 'Bad Guys' of Drug Pricing?
[Guidance Overview] Text of CMS Fact Sheet: Indication-Based Formulary Design Available to Medicare Plan D Sponsors for Contract Year 2020
[Official Guidance] Text of CMS Memo: Indication-Based Formulary Design Available to Medicare Plan D Sponsors for Contract Year 2020 (PDF)
A Formula for Choosing the Right PBM for Your Benefits
2018 State Legislation on High and Rising Drug Prices
[Opinion] Three Essentials for Negotiating Lower Drug Prices
Number of Increases in Drug Prices Drops After Release of Administration's Drug Pricing Blueprint
HHS Secretary Says Agency Can Eliminate Drug Rebates
Ohio Cracks Down on PBM Contracts After Auditors Find $225 Million Spread Pricing in Medicaid
Ohio Tells Medicaid PBMs That 2019 Will Be a Time for Transparent Contracts
NCSL Prescription Drug Policy Resource Center
Administration Sinks Teeth Into Paring Down Drug Prices
Medication Adherence Improves Productivity for Employees with Diabetes and Other Conditions
[Guidance Overview] CMS Takes Action to Lower Drug Prices Paid by Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare and ERISA Preempt Arkansas Pharmacy Benefits Manager Law
Do Drug Discounts Contribute to Rising Prices?
Cost-Saving Strategies: When Employees Fill Prescriptions
The Relationship Between Health Plan Type, Use of Specialty Medications, and Worker Productivity (PDF)
Spending on Prescription Drugs in the U.S.: Where Does All the Money Go?
[Opinion] Only PBMs Benefit from Rebate-driven System
[Opinion] House Committee Letter to FTC Requesting Review of Merger of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PDF)
[Opinion] Addressing the Drug Cost Problem is a Thorny Issue
Pharma's Promises to Curb Drug Prices Have Been Heard Before
Savings Available Under Full Generic Substitution of Multiple Source Brand Drugs in Medicare Part D (PDF)
ERISA and Medicare Part D Preempt Arkansas Law Regulating Pharmacy Benefits Managers
Administration Considering Overhaul to Drug Rebate Safe Harbor Protections
[Opinion] Mercer Comment Letter to HHS on Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs
Novartis Joins Pfizer in Freezing Drug Prices
[Opinion] National Health Law Program Comments on HHS Plan to Lower Drug Prices
Pfizer Backs Down from Drug Price Hike After Pummeling by Trump Administration
HHS Secretary Says Changes Are Coming in Bid to Get a Handle on Drug Prices
Specialty Drug Coverage Varies Across Commercial Health Plans
What Does a Drug Cost? It Depends on Where You Live
[Opinion] When Amazon Sneezes, the Health Insurance Industry Catches a Cold
Pfizer Raises Prices for Dozens of Drugs
Amazon's Attack on the Pharmacy Industry Has Begun
Prescription Drug Costs Retirees Should Expect to Pay
How Employers Are Working to Combat the Opioid Epidemic
Arkansas PBM Law Preempted by ERISA and Medicare Part D
Price Check on Drug Ads: Would Revealing Costs Help Patients Control Spending?
No Magic Pill to Cure Specialty Drug Costs, But Here Are Some Preventive Measures
[Opinion] The CREATES Act: Stepping Closer to Drug Pricing Justice?
State Policies to Address Prescription Drug Prices
Administration Issues Request for Information on Drug Costs
'Right to Try' Legislation Enacted; No Impact on Benefit Plans Expected
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