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Health plan costs - prescription drugs

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Arkansas PBM Law Preempted by ERISA and Medicare Part D
Price Check on Drug Ads: Would Revealing Costs Help Patients Control Spending?
No Magic Pill to Cure Specialty Drug Costs, But Here Are Some Preventive Measures
[Opinion] The CREATES Act: Stepping Closer to Drug Pricing Justice?
State Policies to Address Prescription Drug Prices
Administration Issues Request for Information on Drug Costs
'Right to Try' Legislation Enacted; No Impact on Benefit Plans Expected
The 'Right to Try' Bill: Beneath the Surface
Benefit Change Could Raise Costs for Patients Getting Drug Copay Assistance
Origins of an Epidemic: Purdue Pharma Knew Its Opioids Were Widely Abused
Costs for Seniors Jump as Generic Drugs Move to Higher Formulary Tiers in Part D Plans
HHS Secretary Outlines Priorities to Implement President's 'Blueprint' to Lower Prescription Drug Prices
Prescription Drug Pricing: A Collection of Policy Briefs and Papers (PDF)
The New Drug Blueprint: What's In It for Employer Plans?
CMS Sends Clear Message to Plans: Stop Hiding Information from Patients
[Opinion] Trump Administration's Rx 'Blueprint' Will Need More Action Steps to Tackle Prices
Fact Sheet: CMS Drug Spending Dashboards
CMS Unveils Enhanced 'Drug Dashboards' to Increase Transparency on Drug Prices
[Opinion] Trump's Drug Pricing Speech Breaks Little New Ground, Largely Spares Industry
HHS to Resurrect Medicare Part B Price Bidding Program
[Official Guidance] Text of Policy Statement and Request for Comments: 'HHS Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs' (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] HHS Publication: 'American Patients First: The Trump Administration Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs' (PDF)
'Eliminating the Middlemen': Trump Takes Aim at PBMs in Drug Pricing Speech
Takeaways from Trump's Plans to Lower Drug Prices
The Role of PBMs in the Rx Drug Supply Chain, and Why It Matters to Employers
The Problem with Prescription Drug Prices
Clawbacks: Recent Litigation Targeting Insurers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers
Case Study: The Dangers of Silent Pharmacy Contract Terms (PDF)
CVS 'Moving Forward' with Aetna Deal, Profit Tops Estimates
How a Drug Company Under Pressure for High Prices Ratchets Up Political Activity
FAQs About Prescription Drug Pricing and Policy (PDF)
The Impact of Prescription Drug Rebates on Health Plans and Consumers (PDF)
Rebates, Coupons, PBMs, and the Cost of the Prescription Drug Benefit
AHIP Sees SCOTUS Ruling as a Win for Generic Drugs
Health Plans and Pharmacy Benefit Managers
Early Results Show Real-Time Data Nudges Prescribers Toward Cheaper Drugs
CVS Rolls Out New Tool to Combat Rising Drug Prices
[Opinion] Pharmacy Associations Urge Senate Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearing on PBMs
Why Health Insurers and PBMs Are Merging
How the Opioid Crisis Has Affected People with Employer Coverage
[Guidance Overview] Ohio Requiring Prescription Drug Transparency for Consumers
Clinical Reviews of Pharmacy Meds Can Help Reign in Cost
CMS Lowers the Cost of Prescription Drugs for Medicare Beneficiaries
Aetna Will Pass Along Discounts as Drug Price Scrutiny Increases
[Opinion] The Real Problem Behind High-Priced Drugs Starts at the Beginning
Cigna-Express Scripts Deal Poses Challenges to Insurers
[Opinion] Myth: Drug Prices Accurately Reflect Their Costs for Development
Arkansas House and Senate Approve Regulation of PBMs
Policy Strategies for Aligning Price and Value for Brand-Name Pharmaceuticals
Promoting Competition to Address Pharmaceutical Prices
Improving the Affordability of Specialty Drugs by Addressing Patients' Out-of-Pocket Spending
Drug Pricing Lawsuit Proceeds Against Cigna as Lawmaker Calls for a Closer Look at Express Scripts Deal
Patients Overpay for Prescriptions 23% of the Time
Overpaying for Prescription Drugs: The Co-pay Clawback Phenomenon
Vertically Integrated Healthcare Is Making a Comeback
Prescription Drug Spending in the U.S. Health Care System (PDF)
Vertical Integration Continues with Cigna/Express Scripts Announcement
[Opinion] CIGNA/Express Scripts Merger: So Much for Price Transparency and Competition
Cigna's Purchase of Express Scripts Intensifies PBM Market Shakeup
Prescription Drug Spending in the U.S.: An Actuarial Perspective (PDF)

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