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DC Plan Administrator
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DC Plan Administrator

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Retirement Plan Administrator

Group RHI
Defined Contribution Plan Specialist

(Alpharetta GA / AL / NC / Telecommute)
Defined Benefit Plan Administrator

AimPoint Pension
ESOP Administrator

Blue Ridge ESOP Associates
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Pension Systems Administrator
DeMars Pension Consulting Services, Inc.
(Overland Park KS)
Retirement Plan Consultant

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Health plan costs - preventive care

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[Guidance Overview] Fact Sheet: Final Rules on Religious and Moral Exemptions and Accommodation for Coverage of Certain Preventive Services Under the ACA
[Opinion] Aetna Accidentally Invalidates the Wellness Industry's 'Savings' Model
Doubts Surround Effectiveness of Wellness Plans Aimed at Weight Loss
Preventive Services Tracker
When Does a Workplace Wellness Program Become Coercive, Rather Than Voluntary?
Wellness Program Didn't Help Employees Lose Weight
[Guidance Overview] EEOC Issues Long-Awaited Proposed Rule on Employer Wellness Programs
A Randomized Trial of Four Financial-Incentive Programs for Smoking Cessation
Local Conditions Affect Wellness Program Design
Wellness Committees: Four Reasons Why You Can't Afford Not to Have One
UHG Piloting Rewards for Health in App Collaboration
ACA Exchange Plans Miss Compliance with Smoking Cessation
EEOC Votes on Proposed Wellness Rule, as House Hearing Focuses on Bills to Rein in Agency
121 Employee Wellness Program Ideas
[Opinion] Testimony on Behalf of American Benefits Council to House Labor and Workforce Committee Hearing on the 'Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act ' (PDF)
Financial Incentives and Workplace Wellness-Program Participation (PDF)
[Opinion] When It Comes to the Value of Wellness, Ask About Fairness Not Just About Effectiveness
[Opinion] Wellness Industry Leaders Shockingly Admit that Wellness Is Bad for Morale
Program Measurement and Evaluation Guide: Core Metrics for Employee Health Management (PDF)
Senate and House Leaders Introduce Bill Supporting Employee Wellness Programs (PDF)
[Opinion] How Data from Fitness Trackers, Medical Devices Could Affect Health Insurance
Engaging Health Care Consumers: The Lowe's Experience
Actuarial Model for Wellness
Beyond Wellness ROI, Part II: Case Study of a Major Self-Funded Employer
HELP Committee Hearing: Employer Wellness Programs -- Better Health Outcomes and Lower Costs
[Opinion] Moving Beyond Wellness ROI Toward Employment-Based Cultures Of Health: Part I
Striving for 'Well-Being' Amid the Wellness Backlash
[Opinion] The Real Savings in Onsite Wellness Programs
[Guidance Overview] Wellness Programs Feeling Heat as EEOC Increases Its Efforts
[Opinion] The Value of Workplace Health Promotion (Wellness) Programs
Mainstream Wellness Program Challenged in EEOC v. Honeywell
EEOC Challenges Some Employer Wellness Programs
Employees Offered Financial Incentives Were 33 Times More Likely to Participate in Wellness Programs
EEOC Doubles Down, Attacking Employer Wellness Programs
EEOC Loses First Round in Case That May Chill Employer Wellness Programs
Court Denies EEOC Request for TRO in Wellness Lawsuit
[Opinion] American Benefits Council Applauds District Court's Denial of EEOC Petition for Injunction Against Honeywell's Wellness Program
Shocking New Wellness Plan Lawsuit Calls Into Question Typical Plan Design
Latest Employer Wellness Plan to Draw EEOC Fire includes Biometric Screening Requirement
Wellness Programs Violate ADA, Claims EEOC in Lawsuits
To Cut Healthcare Costs, Companies Emphasize Employee Wellness
Wellness Programs Get a Health Check
EEOC Challenges a Second Employer's Wellness Program
Walgreens Raises Wellness Ante
Consumers Don't Trust Insurers or Employers as Source of Health & Wellness
How Workers and Employers Diverge on Wellness Programs
EEOC Challenges Employer's Wellness Program under ADA
Health Care Costs Follow Health Risks and Can Be Mitigated Over Time Through Incentivized Workplace Wellness Programs
Measuring Wellness: From Data to Insights
Wellness Programs and the Challenge of Pinning Down ROI
Are Wearables a Good Fit for Your Wellness Program?
Do Workplace Wellness Programs Work? Usually Not.
Look Beyond ACA Wellness Regs When Designing Your Program: EEOC Sues Employer Under ADA
Large Wellness Penalties Can Trigger Big Problems Under the ADA
Wear This Device So the Boss Knows You're Losing Weight
Bocce, Baseball, Bowling: A Wellness Program That Covers All the Bases
Global Employers Step Up Commitment to Wellness
[Guidance Overview] Wellness Programs After the Affordable Care Act
The Maker of Jumbo Jets Tries a Makeover of ACOs
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