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Health plans - design

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[Guidance Overview] CRS Report: Resources for Frequently Asked Questions on the Affordable Care Act (PDF)
[Opinion] The Prescription Drug Supply Chain 'Black Box': How It Works and Why You Should Care (PDF)
CMS Threatens New York Basic Health Program with Big Cut
Americans' Views on Employee Benefits: Results of National Poll
Mega-Deals Show How Insurers Are Taking Over Access to Care
[Opinion] Will the Urge to Merge Help Healthcare?
[Guidance Overview] Health and Welfare Plan Update, December 2017 (PDF)
Plan Your Changes Before Changing Your Health Plan
The Unique Value of Employer-Sponsored Benefits
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2017-74: Section 5000A Guidance for Individuals with No Available Marketplace Bronze-Level Plan (PDF)
CBO Estimates of Federal Subsidies for Health Insurance for People Under Age 65: 2017 to 2027
CVS-Aetna Merger Could Change How Employers Buy Health Benefits
[Opinion] The Decline of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance
Must Group Health Plans Provide Coverage for Dependent's Pregnancy?
Senate Passage of Tax Bill Signals Benefit Changes -- But Which Ones?
Senate Approves Tax Reform Legislation
When Is Your Flexible Benefit Plan Not a 'Bona Fide' Plan for FLSA Purposes? (PDF)
The Next Big Innovation in Health Benefits Design: 'Surgeons of Excellence'
If Your Insurer Covers Few Therapists, Is That Really Mental Health Parity?
Addiction and Mental Health vs. Physical Health: Analyzing Disparities in Network Use and Provider Reimbursement Rates (PDF)
The Health Coverage Stakes in the Tax Debate: The Individual Market and Beyond
The Bipartisan Health Care Stabilization Act of 2017 and the Individual Mandate
Highest Rate of Employers Offering Health Care Benefits Since 2013, Despite Concerns About Looming Changes
Finding the Right Path to Improved Healthcare Cost Control (PDF)
HDHP Enrollment Increases Wellness Program Participation
Massachusetts Bill Aims to Curb Health Care Costs by Regulating Hospital Reimbursement Rates
Navigating the Section 1332 Waiver Process: For States, a Treacherous Road Ahead
Health Insurers to CMS: Your Changes Will Confuse Consumers, Hurt Markets
[Guidance Overview] CMS Posts 2019 Draft Letter to Issuers
[Official Guidance] Text of CMS Draft Bulletin: Proposed Timing of Submission of Rate Filing Justifications for the 2018 Filing Year for Single Risk Pool Coverage Effective on or After January 1, 2019 (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of CMS Proposed Key Dates for Calendar Year 2018: QHP Certification in the Federally-Facilitated Exchanges; Rate Review and Risk Adjustment (PDF)
[Opinion] American Academy of Actuaries Comments to CMS on Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2019 (PDF)
Consumers with High-Deductible Health Plans Could Be Smarter Shoppers
[Guidance Overview] CMS Fact Sheet: Draft Annual Letter to Issuers for 2019
[Official Guidance] Text of CMS Draft 2019 Letter to Issuers in the Federally-Facilitated Exchanges (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] HHS Releases Proposed Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2019 (PDF)
Industry Advocates Offer Checklist to Improve Value-Based Payment Models
As Health Care Changes, Insurers, Hospitals and Drugstores Team Up
Impact of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Summary of HHS' Proposed 2019 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters (PDF)
CMS Updates Medicare Advantage Value-Based Insurance Design Model for 2019
[Opinion] The Biggest Health Issue We Aren't Debating: Unaffordable, High Deductibles
Tax Reform: Side-by-Side Comparison of Employee Benefit Provisions of House and Senate Bills
CVS Buyout of Aetna Could Come This Month
Most Americans Don't Have Long-Term Care Insurance
Tax Reform Legislation Moves Through the House and Senate (PDF)
[Opinion] In Defense of High-Deductible Health Plans
Employers Working to Keep Health Costs for Employees Down
[Opinion] ACA: The Health Care Law That Continues to Escape Death
The Employer Penalty, Voluntary Compliance, and the Size Distribution of Firms: Evidence from a Survey of Small Businesses
[Guidance Overview] IRS Releases Guidance on QSEHRAs
Insurer Participation in the 2018 Individual Marketplace (PPT)
Fifth Annual Transamerica Survey: Employers Hold Steady in Time of Uncertainty (PDF)
2017 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey
Improving Health Plan Quality, Satisfaction, and Lowering Costs: What's in Your Five-Year Plan?
Senate Tax Bill Revisions Kill ACA Individual Mandate, Preserve Current Retirement and NQDC Contributions
Keys to Successful Business and Community Health Collaboration (PDF)
Influence of Incentives and Incentive Design on Employee Participation and Satisfaction
California Fines Anthem $5 Million for Failing to Address Consumer Grievances
Embedded Deductibles and Out-of-Pocket Maximums Can Present Compliance Challenges

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