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Health plans - fraud

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California Faces Major Reversal If Trump, Congress Scrap Health Law
How to Jump-start Your Corporate Wellness Program
2015 Group Health Plan Checklist
[Guidance Overview] Text of CMS FAQ 2139: Source Documents for Understanding Required Benefits of the State Benchmark Plan
Will You Buy Your Health Insurance at Walmart?
HHS OIG Report Finds More Flaws in Digitizing Patient Files
Using Obamacare as Bait, Scam Artists Target Consumers and Business Owners
[Opinion] It's Fact, Not Anecdote, That Obamacare Is Turning Us Into a Part-Time Nation
Advocacy Group Says ACA Requires Federally-Funded Employers to Provide Pregnancy Coverage for Dependents
DOL Asserts New Power to Seize Assets of Fraudulent Health Care Pools
Health Care CEO Charged With Failure to Pay Premiums
Government Employees in Missouri Indicted for Defrauding Employer-Sponsored Wellness Program
Reducing Wasteful Spending on Health Care
Looking for high quality software for your Welfare Plan Documents?
[Opinion] Fourth Circuit Limits Scope of ERISA Anti-Retaliation Statute
Deloitte's 2012 U.S. Survey of Health Care Consumers
[Opinion] New MEWA Reporting Requirements: An Unlikely Solution to MEWA Fraud
The Proposed MEWA Rules: Cracking Down on Health Insurance Scams
Focus on Health Care Fraud: MEWAs
[Guidance Overview] DOL Press Release Summarizes Proposed EBSA Regs Providing Enhanced Reporting Requirements and Enforcement Authority on Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs)
[Official Guidance] Text of Proposed EBSA Regs Providing Enhanced Reporting Requirements and Enforcement Authority on Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs) (PDF)
[Opinion] To Save on Health Care, First Crack Down on Fraud
'Mini-Med' Health Plan Waivers Top 700, Says HHS
Insurers' Efforts to Prevent Health Care Fraud (PDF)
Health Reform Law Has Far-Reaching Impact on Compliance World
[Guidance Overview] CMS's Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol Process to Self-Disclose Stark Law Violations
[Guidance Overview] CMS Publishes Stark Self-Disclosure Protocol
Employers See Greater Health Care Savings Through Dependent Eligibility Audits
[Guidance Overview] What Does HIPAA Say About Patients Who Want to Hide Information from Their Health Plan?
Removing Ineligible Dependents Could Save Companies Between 4% to 6% of Their Annual Health Care Costs.
Fringe Benefits a 'Key Area' of Upcoming IRS Audits
GAO Proactive Testing of ARRA Tax Credits for COBRA Premium Payments
Companies Crack Down on Defining Dependents in Employee Benefit Plans
[Guidance Overview] The Fraud and Abuse Provisions of the Health Care Reform Act
Rescissions After The PPACA ? A Preview
[Guidance Overview] What's Next for Health Care Fraud Investigations under Health Care Reform?
[Guidance Overview] Health Care Reform Legislation Makes Significant Changes to Fraud and Abuse Laws
[Guidance Overview] Health Care Reform's Fraud-Fighting Provisions Increase the Potential for Liability for All in the Health Care Industry
Health Care Reform Law: Health Care Fraud and Abuse and Program Integrity Provisions
Considering a Health Plan Dependent Eligibility Audit? (PDF)
Making Your Healthcare Plan More Cost-Effective Through a Dependent Audit (PDF)
Health Care Fraud Costs U.S. More Than $60 Billion Annually, According to Justice Department
Using Dependent Eligibility Audits to Keep Health Plans Healthy: A Case Study
[Guidance Overview] 2010 Medicare Premiums, Deductibles and Coinsurance
Pfizer Settles Largest Health Care Fraud Case in History
$5-a-Day Cinergy Health Insurance Piles Up Complaints
[Guidance Overview] Employee Who Signed Up Ineligible Individual for Health Plan Must Repay Benefits
Dependent Audits Surge As Employers Look for Cost-Cutting Alternatives
[Guidance Overview] 9th Circuit Affirms Reimbursement of Benefits for Fraudulent Beneficiary
Health Plans Ramp Up Efforts, Employ New Technologies, to Detect and Thwart Fraud
Blue Cross Accused of Deceptive Practices
California Regulators Shut Down Alleged Health Insurance Scheme
Health Insurers Refuse to Limit Rescission of Coverage
Health Insurers Refuse to Limit Rescission of Coverage
UAW OKs Healthcare Benefits Reduction for GM Retirees; DB Plan to Continue
Employers See Substantial Savings from Dependent Eligibility Audits
Health Care Regulatory Update: 2008 Year in Review
Employers Use Eligibility Audits to Control Health Care Costs
New Jersey Audit of Health Benefits Botched, Unions Charge
Some U.S. Employers Searching for Workers Who Are Collecting Health Benefits for Which They Aren't Eligible

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