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[Guidance Overview] CRS Report: Resources for Frequently Asked Questions on the Affordable Care Act (PDF)
[Opinion] Richard Posner, ERISA, and Me (PDF)
The Unique Value of Employer-Sponsored Benefits
CBO Estimates of Federal Subsidies for Health Insurance for People Under Age 65: 2017 to 2027
Impact of Repealing Obamacare Mandate Could Be Softened
[Opinion] Doomsday Will Not Follow Repeal of Obamacare's Individual Mandate
Big Five Health Insurers' Membership and Revenue Trends
House HELP Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on Workplace Leave Policies
Senate Passage of Tax Bill Signals Benefit Changes -- But Which Ones?
Senate Tax Bill Accomplishes Major Obamacare Repeal Goal
The Health Coverage Stakes in the Tax Debate: The Individual Market and Beyond
The Bipartisan Health Care Stabilization Act of 2017 and the Individual Mandate
Navigating the Section 1332 Waiver Process: For States, a Treacherous Road Ahead
Health Insurers to CMS: Your Changes Will Confuse Consumers, Hurt Markets
[Official Guidance] Text of CMS Proposed Key Dates for Calendar Year 2018: QHP Certification in the Federally-Facilitated Exchanges; Rate Review and Risk Adjustment (PDF)
[Opinion] American Academy of Actuaries Comments to CMS on Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2019 (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] HHS Releases Proposed Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2019 (PDF)
[Opinion] Remembering Uwe Reinhardt
Tax Reform: Side-by-Side Comparison of Employee Benefit Provisions of House and Senate Bills
CVS Buyout of Aetna Could Come This Month
[Opinion] American Academy of Actuaries Letter to Senators on Potential Adverse Consequences of Eliminating the ACA's Individual Mandate (PDF)
Senate Finance Committee Releases Text of Committee-Approved Tax Bill
White House Open to Striking Individual Health Coverage Mandate from Tax Bill
[Opinion] ACA: The Health Care Law That Continues to Escape Death
The Employer Penalty, Voluntary Compliance, and the Size Distribution of Firms: Evidence from a Survey of Small Businesses
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Q&As on Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions Under the ACA
Obamacare Insurers Rack Up $12.3 Billion in Losses from Risk Program
Middle-Class Families Confront Soaring Health Insurance Costs
Senate Tax Bill Revisions Kill ACA Individual Mandate, Preserve Current Retirement and NQDC Contributions
Keys to Successful Business and Community Health Collaboration (PDF)
JCT Correction to the Description of the Chairman's Modification to the Chairman's Mark of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
California Fines Anthem $5 Million for Failing to Address Consumer Grievances
ACA Risk Corridors Update: Administration Releases 2016 Amounts, Paving the Way for Litigation Over Amounts Owed
Healthcare Economist Uwe Reinhardt Has Died
Description of the Chairman's Modification to the Chairman's Mark of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
While Litigation Proceeds, Outstanding Risk Corridor Payments Mount
Modeling the Effects of the Individual Mandate on Health Insurance Coverage
Senate GOP Tax Bill to Include Individual Mandate Repeal; Healthcare Groups Urge Congress to Reconsider
[Guidance Overview] Healthcare Reform: Questions and Answers for Employers
President Taps Ex-Pharma Executive Azar as HHS Secretary
How Does Health Care Fare in Congress' Attempts to Simplify the Tax Code?
Secretary Acosta to Testify at Hearing on DOL
[Guidance Overview] IRS Letter 226J: What About the Constitutional Due Process Hurdles to Collecting Employer Shared Responsibility Excise Taxes?
House Tax Bill Clears Committee, Senate Unveils Its Own Bill
Description of the Chairman's Mark of the 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act'
How Many of the Uninsured Can Purchase a Marketplace Plan for Less Than Their Shared Responsibility Penalty?
Hearing Set for EBSA Nominee
[Opinion] Koskinen's Parting Gift from the IRS
CBO to Publish Updated Estimate of Effects of Repealing the Individual Mandate
Some States May Want to Change Obamacare Benefits
[Opinion] American Academy of Actuaries Comment Letter to DOL, HHS and Treasury on Association Health Plans, Short-Term Limited-Duration Insurance, and Use of HRAs (PDF)
Humana Files Suit to Recover Hundreds of Millions in Risk Corridor Payments
ERIC Files Amicus Brief with the Supreme Court in Critical Retiree Health Case
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Good News for 401(k) Plans, Bad News for Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
New York Anti-Subrogation Law Prohibits Offsets for Settlements; Choice-of-Law Provisions May Not Govern Offset and Subrogation Rights
House of Representatives Releases Tax Reform Proposal: The Tax Cuts and Job Act
GOP Tax Bill Outlines Significant Changes for Benefits and Compensation
[Guidance Overview] A Step Toward 'Replace' Without the 'Repeal': The Trump Administration Re-Regulates Obamacare
House Tax Bill Would Scrap Deduction for Medical Expenses
[Opinion] The Ugly Consequences of Single-Payer Health Care

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