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ERISA Advisory Council to Meet June 19-21
States' Motion to Intervene Granted in Challenge to ACA's Constitutionality
Federal Subsidies for Health Insurance Coverage for People Under Age 65: 2018 to 2028
[Opinion] The Case Against Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance
The Relationship Between the Minimum Wage, Fringe Benefits, and Worker Welfare
Democratic Attorneys Generals Allowed to Intervene in Individual Mandate Litigation
ACA Section 1557 Litigation Casts Doubt on Status of Current 1557 Regs
Nine States and Counting: The Employers' Burden of the Loss of the Individual Mandate Tax Penalty
CMS Unveils Enhanced 'Drug Dashboards' to Increase Transparency on Drug Prices
How CBO Defines and Estimates Health Insurance Coverage for People Under Age 65
[Opinion] Trump's Drug Pricing Speech Breaks Little New Ground, Largely Spares Industry
[Opinion] Urban Institute Proposes the 'Healthy America Program'
DOL and Treasury Update 2017-2018 Regulatory Agendas for Employee Benefits
[Official Guidance] Text of Policy Statement and Request for Comments: 'HHS Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs' (PDF)
Wisconsin's Reinsurance Waiver Deemed Complete
[Opinion] Fixing Health Insurance: Interview with Mark Pauly
[Guidance Overview] HHS Publication: 'American Patients First: The Trump Administration Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs' (PDF)
'Eliminating the Middlemen': Trump Takes Aim at PBMs in Drug Pricing Speech
Takeaways from Trump's Plans to Lower Drug Prices
[Opinion] American Health Care Quality Will Continue to Erode
[Official Guidance] 2017-2018 IRS Priority Guidance Plan, 3rd Quarter Update (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL Regulatory Agenda, Spring 2018
[Opinion] Letter from Chairman of Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pension Committee to Stakeholders on the Future of Health Insurance Costs (PDF)
[Opinion] Merging Insurers with the Health Care Delivery System
[Opinion] Wellness Programs Don't Work, So Why Is Congress Pressuring Employers?
Federal Requirements on Private Health Insurance Plans (PDF)
[Opinion] Fiduciary Responsibility in Healthcare Plans
CVS 'Moving Forward' with Aetna Deal, Profit Tops Estimates
Health Insurance in 2018 Finds ACA Gains Reversing
How a Drug Company Under Pressure for High Prices Ratchets Up Political Activity
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2018-43: Public Comment Invited on Recommendations for 2018-2019 Priority Guidance Plan (PDF)
FAQs About Prescription Drug Pricing and Policy (PDF)
Lobbyist Attention Spikes on Small Business Health Plans
GAO Report: CMS Innovation Center -- Model Implementation and Center Performance
Peak Health Plan Premiums Give Rise to Activism in Charlottesville, Virginia
Claims Over Cost-Sharing Reductions Can Proceed as a Class Action
New Hardship Exemptions Let Consumers Avoid ACA Penalty for Not Having Health Insurance
Changes to the Essential Health Benefits Standards in the 2019 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters
Achieving Parity in Health Insurance Coverage: 21st Century Cures Act Parity Listening Session
HHS Section 13002 Action Plan for Enhanced Enforcement of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Coverage (PDF)
[Opinion] Radical Incrementalism or System Re-Design: Which Way Forward for U.S. Healthcare?
ACA Round-Up: CMS Letter to Issuers, Information Collection Requests, and GAO Report on Special Enrollment Period Data Needs
California Leads Nation in Pushing Back Against Trump Administration Health Policies
California Proposed Legislation Would Regulate Health Care Rates for Payors and Providers
Secretary Azar Announces Appointment of James Parker as Director of the Office of Health Reform
[Opinion] A Proposed Path Forward for Health Reform in 2018
Midterm Elections Are on the Horizon: What Will That Mean for Retirement and Health Plan Legislation?
Proposals for Insurance Options That Don't Comply with ACA Rules: Trade-Offs in Cost and Regulation
State Attorneys General File Motion to Intervene in Individual Mandate Litigation
CMS Proposes 'Wind Down' Plan for Federal Exchanges
Unpacking the Final 2019 Payment Notice, Part 3
[Opinion] Impact of State and Federal Actions on Health Coverage for Middle-Income Americans
[Guidance Overview] Unpacking the Final 2019 Payment Notice, Part 2
[Guidance Overview] New Guidance on Exemptions from Individual Health Insurance Mandate
Blue Cross Blue Shield Antitrust Suit Moves Forward
Summary of Federal Requirements That Affect Private Health Insurance Plans (PDF)
HHS Moves to Enforce Conscience Rights of Health Care Providers, Plan Sponsors
Will States Step in to Stabilize ACA Marketplaces?
Iowa Is Latest State to Challenge ACA Through Noncompliant Plans
[Opinion] Congress Needs to Rethink the ACA's Single Risk Pool to 'Stabilize' the Individual Market

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