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ACA Back at the High Court -- with Billions for Insurers on the Line
Health Insurance and Mortality: Experimental Evidence from Taxpayer Outreach
Hospitals Sue CMS Citing Price Transparency Final Rule as Anything But Transparent
[Opinion] Making a Killing in American Health Care: a Step-by-Step Guide
HISIM2: CBO's New Health Insurance Simulation Model
Justices to Hear Argument Next Week on ACA Risk Corridors and Implied Repeals
Court Permits Health Plan's Equitable Lien Claim to Proceed Against Participant's Attorneys
Hospital Groups Sue to Block Price Transparency Rule
Hospital Groups File Lawsuit Challenging Price Transparency Rule
Judicial Trend Away from Recognizing Equitable Remedies for Benefit Claims Under ERISA
Pathways to Affordable Health Coverage for Low-Income Workers
DOL Inspector General Semiannual Report to Congress (PDF)
Funding for ACA-Established Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund (PCORTF) Expired in FY2019
How Work, Rewards and Benefits Have Evolved Over the Past Century (PDF)
ACA Round-Up: Latest Enrollment Numbers, New CSR Decision, and More
[Guidance Overview] CMS Finalizes Hospital Price Transparency Rule and Proposes New Transparency Requirements for Health Plans
Trends in Employer Health Care Coverage, 2008-2018
D.C. Circuit Judges Hear Oral Arguments in Association Health Plans Case
The Case of the ACA's Disappearing Taxes
House Energy and Commerce Leaders Want Answers from Ascension and Google on Health Data Sharing Arrangement
Examining Medicare for All, Comparing International Health Care Models
[Guidance Overview] Administration Proposes Transparency Rule for Group Health Plans and Health Insurers
Validity of Association Health Plan Rules Argued at D.C. Court of Appeals
Hospitals Get Ready to Fight CMS in Court Again, This Time Over Transparency
[Guidance Overview] Applicability of Federal Requirements to Selected Health Coverage Arrangements (PDF)
Expanding Payer and Provider Participation in Data Exchange: Options for California (PDF)
Georgia Unveils Bold ACA Waiver Plan
High Hopes for Consistency and Guidance from New DOL Secretary
[Opinion] The Employer-Health Insurance Connection: An 'Accident of History'
Class Certification Denied in ERISA Health Coverage Lawsuit
[Guidance Overview] Georgia Releases Broad 1332 Waiver Application
[Opinion] Factors That Employers Should Consider in Reviewing Any 'Medicare for All' Proposal
[Official Guidance] Text of CMS Basic Health Program Final Regs: Federal Funding Methodology for Program Years 2019 and 2020
Roundup of Selected State Health Developments, Third Quarter 2019
[Opinion] Can States Fill the Gap If the Federal Government Overturns Preexisting Condition Protections?
FAQs: Health Insurance Marketplace and the ACA
Justices Show Supreme Reluctance When They Get ERISA Assignments
Supreme Court to Hear Case on ACA's Risk Corridors
[Opinion] The Health Insurance Tsunami Is Coming -- and It Will End Employer Health Insurance as We Know It
Comparison of Proposals to Control Drug Prices
Ninth Circuit Blocks Administration's Contraceptive Rules
Ninth Circuit Upholds Injunction Blocking Administration's ACA Contraceptives Rules
More States Approve 'Pathway 2' Association Health Plans
Supreme Court to Decide Three Cases on Ability to Sue Under ERISA
[Guidance Overview] Section 1557 Update: The ACA Nondiscrimination Rules
Remembering a True Public Servant: Alan Lebowitz
As Court Case Imperils ACA, Some States Prepare Contingency Plans
Physicians to Congress: Don't Let Surprise Billing Fix Hand Power to Insurers
[Opinion] Air Ambulance Fees: Surprise Billing Policy and the Airline Deregulation Act
[Guidance Overview] Two New Executive Orders Promise to Impact Retirement and Health Plan Guidance
District Court Vacates Parts of ACA Nondiscrimination Rule
Federal District Court Holds No Seventh Amendment Right to Jury Trial for ERISA Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
DOL Shake-Up Touted as a Plus for Industry
What's at Stake in the Current Court Challenge to the ACA?
Municipality's Mandatory Wage and Benefit Ordinance Not Preempted by ERISA
Retroactive Enrollment: A Feasible Way to Bring Auto-Enrollment to the Individual Market
Attorney Fees Under ERISA Section 502(g)(1): An Exception to the American Rule
CMS Releases 2018 Medical Loss Ratio Data
ERISA Arbitration Looks Safer; Ninth Circuit Reverses District Court, Sends Fiduciary Dispute to Arbitration
Plan with VEBA and MEWA Status Required to Pay ACA's Annual Health Insurance Provider Fee
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