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Circuit Courts Grapple With the Permanence of Retiree Health Benefits Under Collective Bargaining Agreements
Second Circuit Holds Employer to Promise of Lifetime Retiree Medical Benefits
Figuring Out the 'Best' Healthcare Option for Early Retirees
Could You Be Supporting a Hidden Retiree Health Plan?
Health Costs in Retirement: 2019 Estimates (PDF)
Legal Protections for State Pension and Retiree Health Benefits
Sens. Cruz, Paul, Lee Reintroduce Retirement Freedom Act
Court Requires Successor Employer to Continue Retiree Health Benefits Provided by Prior Collective Bargaining Agreement
Cities Struggle to Cut Retiree Healthcare Costs
District Court Finds Collective Bargaining Agreement Provides Vested Lifetime Benefits
Sixth Circuit: CBA's General Durational Clause Controls Retiree Health Benefit Vesting Absent Express Contrary Language
Sixth Circuit Overturns District Court Approval of Enhancements to Retiree Health Care Benefits (PDF)
Americans Cite Healthcare Expenses as No. 1 Barrier to Early Retirement
Sixth Circuit Follows Ordinary Principles of Contract Law to Find No Obligation for Lifetime Retiree Healthcare Benefits
Sixth Circuit Rules That Employer Can Terminate Retiree Health Benefits
Another Loss for Retirees: Sixth Circuit Holds No Lifetime Healthcare Coverage
Public Employees Living Longer, Deepening State Pension Crisis
[Opinion] Public Retirees Being Shifted to Private Insurance Exchanges
California Governor Cut Retirement Debt Bigger Than Pensions
Michigan High Court to Rule on Changes to Retiree Health Benefits
Medicare Advantage Plans Shift Their Financial Risk To Doctors
GAO Report: Postal Retiree Health Benefits -- Unsustainable Finances Need to Be Addressed
Determining Whether Prescription Drug Coverage Is Creditable (PDF)
Ninth Circuit Revives Implied Contract Claims Concerning Retiree Heath Care Benefit
[Guidance Overview] FASB Makes Minor Changes to Disclosure Requirements for Sponsors of DB Plans and Other Postretirement Benefits (PDF)
New Jersey Lawmakers Try to Wrangle Pension Problem
[Guidance Overview] Michigan Law Requires More Disclosure from Local Governments
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS PLR 201833014: Amendment of Welfare Benefit Trust to Provide Benefits for Active as Well as Retired Employees Does Not Cause Disallowance of Deduction for Prior Contributions (PDF)
Retiree Health Benefits Education: What Boomers Want and Need
Healthcare Costs and Outliving Savings Dampen Employer Confidence in Employees' Retirement Futures
[Guidance Overview] The New ASOP 6: Implications for OPEB Reporting (PDF)
Health and Welfare Trusts Seek Increased Guidance Regarding Continuation Value (PDF)
Pension/OPEB 2018 Assumption and Disclosure Study, with Analysis of New Accounting Standards Updates (PDF)
Honeywell Cleared of Liability for Retiree Lifetime Health Care
Sixth Circuit: No Lifetime Health Care Benefits for Honeywell Retirees
Successor Not Liable for Misrepresentations by Past Fiduciaries Regarding Retiree Health Care
Retiree Healthcare Back in Focus
Medicare Financial Outlook Worsens
Hacking Longevity: Understanding the Implications of Living to 100
[Guidance Overview] Pension and OPEB Underfunded Status of Michigan Local Government Plans under the 'Protecting Local Government Retirement and Benefits Act' (PDF)
[Opinion] Why Employers Need to Offer Retiree Healthcare Benefits
Facts About Medicare That All Employers Should Know
[Guidance Overview] GASB 74/75: OPEB Expense and Balance Sheet Items (PDF)
The HSA in Your Future: Defined Contribution Retiree Medical
$280k Is What a Couple Retiring This Year Will Need to Cover Health Care
How Fear of Catastrophic Health Care Expenses May Cause Retirees to Inefficiently Self-Insure (PDF)
Whirlpool Retirees Get Union Support in Health Care Dispute
Kraft Heinz Beats Another Lawsuit Over Retiree Health Benefits
Trend Favors Employers in Retiree Medical Litigation
[Opinion] Congressional Letter to CMS Requesting Changes to 2019 Advanced Notice and Call Letter (PDF)
Supreme Court Again Rejects Sixth Circuit Finding of Lifetime Retiree Medical Benefits
Evaluating Options to Finance Retiree Medical Commitments
Supreme Court Orders Sixth Circuit to Clean Up Its Retiree Health Benefits Case Law 'Mess'
Supreme Court Reaffirms Ordinary Principles of Contract Law Apply When Interpreting Collective Bargaining Agreements
Supreme Court Once Again Finds Retiree Health Benefits Are Not Vested
Localities Want to Make Retiree Bills More Affordable, So Why Won't States Let Them?
How Public Sector Employers Can Manage Retiree Health Liabilities (PDF)
Supreme Court: Union Retiree Health Benefits Weren't Vested for Life
Supreme Court Once Again Refuses to Infer Lifetime Retiree Health Benefits
Supreme Court Provides Good News for Sponsors of Union Retiree Medical Benefit Plans
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