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Health plans - retiree coverage

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General Electric Escapes Retirees' Health Benefits Lawsuit
[Opinion] Why Employers Need to Offer Retiree Healthcare Benefits
Fourth Circuit Panel Reaffirms Finding That Retiree Benefits Were Not Vested
[Discussion] City-Sponsored Retiree Health Program Reimburses 'Health Care Premiums'
Retiree Health Care Benefits for State Employees in Fiscal Year 2015 (PDF)
Widening Gap in U.S. Life Expectancy Based on Geographic Location
Recent Developments in U.S. Law Affecting Pension and OPEB Claims in Restructurings
[Official Guidance] Text of GASB Implementation Guidance No. 2017-2: Financial Reporting for Postemployment Benefit Plans Other Than Pension Plans
Retirees of Automotive Manufacturer Established Entitlement to Lifetime Health Benefits
Post-Tackett Cases Provide Guidance for Determining Vested Status of Retiree Medical Benefits
Deal Reached to Fund Health Benefits for Retired Miners
Why Would Congress Bail Out Miners' Pensions?
Trio of Retiree Health Benefit Decisions Delivered by 6th Circuit
Nearly 23,000 Coal Miners to Lose Healthcare Benefits
Honeywell Gets Mixed Results in Courts Over Retiree Health Cuts
Older Workers and Retirees: Avoiding HSA Pitfalls
Retiree Benefits: A Tale of Two Cities (States)
Honeywell Loses Round Over Retiree Health Cuts, Moves to Trial
[Guidance Overview] Surplus Assets Locked in 401(h) Accounts: Is There a Key (PDF)
How Much Should a Medicare Beneficiary Save for Health Expenses? Some Couples Need $350,000 (PDF)
How COBRA Intersects with Medicare and Retiree Health Plans
Ford Takes a $2 Billion Charge Due to Pensions, Benefits
Sen. McConnell Introduces Bill to Fund Coal Miner Health Plans
Honeywell Retirees Appeal Dismissal of Claim for Lifetime Health Care Benefits
California State Pension Costs Doubled After Rate Increases
Fortune 1000 Companies: Accounting for Pensions and Other Postretirement Benefits, 2016
District Court Rejects Retirees' Claim for Lifetime Healthcare Benefits
How COBRA Intersects with Medicare and Retiree Health Plans
Honeywell's Retiree Health Cuts Divide Federal Judges
Government Funding Secured with Support for Coal Miners; Comprehensive Health Care Bill Passed (PDF)
California Retiree Health Care Debt Bigger Than Pensions
Canaries in the Coal Mine on Pension Bailouts
The High Cost of Living Longer: Women and Retirement Health Care (PDF)
McConnell Insists on Extending Coal Miners' Health Benefits in Funding Bill
2016 Retirement Confidence Survey of the State and Local Government Workforce (PDF)
Health Reform and Health Insurance Coverage of Early Retirees
[Guidance Overview] CMS Announces 2017 Medicare Parts A & B Premiums and Deductibles
The ACA as Retiree Health Insurance: Implications for Retirement and Social Security Claiming
SEC Comment Letter Trends: Pension and Other Postretirement Benefits (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of GASB Exposure Draft of Proposed Implementation Guide: Financial Reporting for Postemployment Benefit Plans Other Than Pension Plans
[Guidance Overview] Medicare Creditable Coverage Disclosures Due before October 15th
An Overview of the Pension/OPEB Landscape
Medicare Advantage Premiums Remain Stable in 2017; Beneficiaries Have Saved Over $23.5 Billion on Prescription Drugs
Honeywell Not Required to Arbitrate Retiree Health Cuts
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL FAQs for Participants and Beneficiaries Following the Louisiana Storms (PDF)
Coal Miners Advance Lawsuit for Retiree Health Coverage
Bill to Shield Retired Miners Divides Coal-State Republicans
[Guidance Overview] Current Issues Affecting Pension Plan 401(h) Accounts (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] GASB 74/75: Impact on Small Government Employers (PDF)
Using 401(h) Assets to Pay Retiree HRA Claims
Golden Years for Retiree Health Benefits
The Evolving Group Retiree Pharmacy Benefits Landscape
It's Key to Factor in Health Costs When Saving for Retirement
Employers Confident Public Health Insurance Exchanges Will Be an Option for Pre-65 Retiree Coverage Within Two Years
Arbitrator Rules That City's Unilateral Increase in Retiree Health Insurance Premiums Violated Collective Bargaining Agreement (PDF)
Younger Seniors Amass More Costs for End-of-Life Care Than Oldest Americans
Survey Finds Concerns About GASB's OPEB Accounting Changes, Yet Relatively Few Actions Taken to Mitigate the Impact (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] GASB 74/75: Depletion Date Projections by Public Pension Plans (PDF)
[Opinion] Retiree Health Costs: California Gets Some Bad News and Some Not-So-Bad News
Weyerhaeuser Faces ERISA Lawsuit Over Retiree Benefits Cuts

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