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International, expatriate issues

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GAO Recommends Changes for U.S. Participants in Foreign Retirement Plans
International Pension Plan Survey 2017
EU Launches New Association to Encourage Cross-Border Pension Arrangements (PDF)
Pensions at a Glance 2017: OECD and G20 Indicators
U.S. Tax Issues for U.S. Expats in U.K. Pension Schemes (PDF)
Canadian Court Rejects Multiemployer Plan's ERISA Controlled-Group Liability Claims (PDF)
Rising Health Care Benefit Costs Show No Sign of Abating Globally
International Pension Plan Survey 2016
[Opinion] IPEBLA Comment Letter to Treasury on FIRPTA Requirements for Exemption for Qualified Foreign Pension Funds (PDF)
Foreign Pension Plan Considerations for U.S. Taxpayers
OECD Advocates Use of Annuity Distributions for DC Plans
EU Workplace Pensions Now Required to Incorporate ESG Issues
The United Kingdom's New Automatic Retirement Savings Program (PDF)
European Pension Regulation Revised, Further Encourages Cross-Border Pensions, Pushes Social Investing (PDF)
[Opinion] U.S. Chamber of Commerce Comment Letter to IRS on Expatriate Health Plans, Expected Benefits, and Limited Duration Insurance
[Opinion] ERIC Comment Letter to IRS on Proposed Regs for Expatriate Health Plans and Other Issues (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Proposed Regs Provide Permanent Relief for Expatriate Health Plans (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] IRS Proposed Rules on ACA and 2014 Expat Law Address Some But Not All Mysteries
Poland Dismantles Private Funds in Pension Revamp
FTSE350 Pension Deficits Rocket to a Record 119 Billion GBP in Wake of Brexit
[Guidance Overview] Agencies Propose ACA Regs on Expatriate Plans and Excepted Benefits
[Guidance Overview] Agencies Issue Proposed Regs on Expatriate Coverage, Excepted Benefits, Lifetime and Annual Limits, and Short-Term, Limited Duration Insurance (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Agencies Release Guidance on Application of ACA Rules to Expatriate Health Plans
[Guidance Overview] Expatriate Health Plan Rules Address ACA Information Reporting, Code Section 162(m)(6), and More
[Official Guidance] Text of Agency Proposed Regs: Expatriate Health Plans, Expatriate Health Plan Issuers, and Qualified Expatriates; Excepted Benefits; Lifetime and Annual Limits; and Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance
Hey American Abroad, Do You Really Want to Make that Pension Contribution?
IRS Clarifies Documentation of FATCA Exemption for Savings Plans
[Guidance Overview] New EU Data Privacy Regulation May Impact U.S. Benefit Plan Administrators (PDF)
Worse Than It Looks: The True Burden and Risks of Federal Employee Pension Plans in Canada (PDF)
A Framework for Multinational Defined Contribution Plan Governance
Tax-Deferred Retirement Saving in Canada (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] New U.S. Model Tax Treaty Makes Pension-Related Changes (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2016-14: Health Insurance Providers Fee; Procedural and Administrative Guidance (PDF)
Employee Stock Plans: Year-End 2015 International Reporting Requirements
Health Costs Soar for Employers Outside the U.S.
Multinationals Grapple with Global vs. Local in DC Plans
Pension Benefits Considerations for Multinational Companies: Cross-Border Issues in the Global Economy (PPT)
[Guidance Overview] IRS Issues Interim Guidance on New Expatriate Law, Invites Comments
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2015-43: Interim Guidance under the Expatriate Health Coverage Clarification Act of 2014 (PDF)
10 Best Practices for Global Defined Contribution Plans (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] It's 2015 -- Are Your Plans Ready for FATCA? (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Expatriate Health Coverage Exemption Enacted in Omnibus Spending Bill (PDF)
$1.5 Trillion Pension System Failing as Aussies Tick Bucket List
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2015-29: Application of ACA Fee on Health Insurance Providers to Expatriate Health Plans (PDF)
Navigating the Complexities of International Emergency Medical Policies
Britain's Top Doctor Says National Health Service May Be Forced to Abandon Free Healthcare for All
IRS Releases 2015 Form 1042-S Instructions
[Guidance Overview] Congress Clarifies Expatriate Health Coverage Exemption
2014 International Pension Plan Survey Report
New IRS Rules for Claiming U.S. Tax Benefit in Canadian Retirement Plans
[Guidance Overview] CRomnibus Provisions Include Expatriate Health Plans / ACA Funding
[Opinion] Are Pensions Systemically Important in Canada?
[Guidance Overview] Expatriate Plans Exempted from Many ACA Provisions
[Guidance Overview] Expat Act Expands Relief from ACA Requirements
U.K. Considers Allowing Retirees to Exchange Monthly Payments for Lump Sum Cash-Out
Employee Stock Plans: Year-End International Reporting Requirements
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS 2015 Draft Instructions for Forms 1099-R and 5498: Distributions from Pensions, Annuities, Retirement or Profit-Sharing Plans, IRAs, Insurance Contracts, etc., and IRA Contribution Information (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Expat Plans Exempt from the ACA -- But It's Not a Free Pass
[Guidance Overview] Spending Law Exempts Certain Expatriate Health Plans from Most ACA Provisions
[Guidance Overview] CRomnibus includes 'Expatriate Health Coverage Clarification Act' (PDF)

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