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Multiemployer plans

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[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Notice of Approval of Alternative Arbitration Procedure: American Arbitration Association
[Opinion] Multiemployer Compromises Needed
Multiemployer Health and Welfare Fund Statistics, Fall 2019 (PDF)
Senate Republicans Release Proposal for Multiemployer Pension Reform
First Circuit Overturns the Sun Capital, But Risks Remain for Private Equity
Sun Capital Reversal Offers Important Takeaways Regarding Portfolio Company Pension Liabilities
Private Equity Funds ERISA Decision Is Reversed
Court Rejects Equitable Exception to MPPAA's 'Pay Now, Dispute Later' Regime
First Circuit Hands Down Significant Private Equity Ruling in Sun Capital Litigation
Side-by-Side Comparison of Proposed Multiemployer Pension Legislation (PDF)
New Sun Capital Ruling: Private Equity Funds Avoid Portfolio Company Pension Liabilities But Caution Still Advised
MARP Withdrawal Liability Rules: Here's What Would Change
Sun Capital Partners Wins Appeal, But Decision May Not Help Private Equity Funds
No Partnership, No Common Control, No Withdrawal Liability: Private Equity Funds Not Liable for Portfolio Company's Multiemployer Plan Withdrawal Liability
Recent Sun Capital Decision Reverses Lower Court's Ruling That Funds Are Liable for a Portfolio Company's Withdrawal Liability
First Circuit Holds Sun Capital Private Equity Funds Not Liable for Withdrawal Liability of Portfolio Company
[Guidance Overview] What Would the Multiemployer Pension Recapitalization and Reform Plan Do?
[Official Guidance] PBGC Publishes Updated ERISA Section 4044/4050 Mortality Tables for 2020 Valuations
Multiemployer Pension Plans Could See Significant Change
Sun Capital Prevails in Withdrawal Liability Dispute, But Pension Risks Remain for Private Equity Funds
New Multiemployer Pension Reform Proposal Released
First Circuit Opinion: Private Equity Partners Not Responsible for Withdrawal Liability (PDF)
PBGC's Good News Could Sour Quickly
Senators Grassley and Alexander Release a Proposal on Multiemployer Pension Plan Reform
Health and Pension Benefits for United Mine Workers of America Retirees: Recent Legislation
[Opinion] Senators Introduce Plan to Shore Up Failing Multiemployer Pension System
White Paper on 'Multiemployer Pension Recapitalization and Reform Plan' (PDF)
Senators Introduce Proposal for Multiemployer Pension Rescue
[Guidance Overview] Reporting 'Orphaned' Participants on Form 5500
[Opinion] PBGC Report Re-Enforces Need for PBIA Passage and Multiemployer Pension Reform
[Guidance Overview] DOL Proposes Expansion of E-Disclosure Safe Harbor for Retirement Plans
[Official Guidance] Text of Treasury Department Letter Approving Sheet Metal Workers Local Pension Fund Application for Reduction of Benefits (PDF)
A Proposal to Strengthen the PBGC's Multiemployer Insurance Program Through a Combination of Premium Increases and Benefit Reductions
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Notice of Proposed Modifications to Annual Reporting (Form 5500 Series)
Top Democrat Floats Pension Fix to White House as Lawmakers Near Final Decision on New NAFTA Vote
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Maximum Monthly Guarantee Tables for 2020 and Prior Years
[Official Guidance] Treasury Department Notice of Multiemployer Pension Plan Application to Reduce Benefits: Carpenters Pension Trust Fund -- Detroit and Vicinity Pension Plan
Defined Benefit Pension Primer: Public, Private Single Employer, Multiemployer, and Church Plans
[Official Guidance] PBGC Announces Premium Rates for Plan Years Beginning in 2020
[Official Guidance] PBGC 2017 Data Tables for Multiemployer and Single-Employer Plans (PDF)
First Crack in the Armor of the Segal Blend?
Third Circuit Addresses Partial Withdrawal Liability Situation
Union Pension Fund to Slash Benefits to Avoid Insolvency
'Segal Blend' Method Still in Question for Withdrawal Liability (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Proposed Regs: Benefit Payments and Allocation of Assets
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Proposed Regs: Lump Sum Payment Assumptions
Withdrawal Liability Developments
'Exit Contribution' an End-Run Around De Minimis Withdrawal Liability
Second Circuit Challenge to Popular Withdrawal Liability Calculation Method Settles
Court Upholds Multiemployer Pension Plan Administrator's 'Reasonable' Interpretation of Plan Language
CBO Report on Potential Effects of H.R. 397, the Rehabilitation for Multiemployer Pensions Act of 2019
Notes from American Academy of Actuaries Meeting with Agencies to Discuss MPRA Application Process and Other Matters Related to Multiemployer Pension Plans (PDF)
Seventh Circuit Holds that a Deceleration of Withdrawal Liability is Unavailable Under ERISA's Common Law
[Official Guidance] Orphan and Inactive Participants in Multiemployer Plans, 2015 Plan Year Reporting (PDF)
Seventh Circuit Holds Accelerated Withdrawal Liability Assessment Cannot be Decelerated
Recovery of Defaulted Withdrawal Liability Payments in the Seventh Circuit: ERISA Means What It Says and Nothing More
Survey of Capital Market Assumptions, 2019 Edition (PDF)
Avoiding Employee Benefits-Related Representations & Warranties Policy Exclusions
Casino Group's Gamble on Partial Withdrawal Liability Hits Jackpot
Rehabilitation for Multiemployer Pension Funds Act of 2019 and Its Potential Impact
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